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Fun Dental Health Activities for Preschool Kids

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This February, explore National Children’s Dental Health Month with fun and engaging preschool dental activities in the classroom. Learning about teeth and dentists is a great place to begin educating your preschoolers about oral hygiene and community helpers.

It’s important to instill good dental habits at an early age. Preschool dental health activities are a great way to get young children excited about flossing, brushing their teeth, and visiting the dentist. Many of these printable activities can be used to encourage healthy teeth at home as well as in the classroom. 

Keep reading to get the scoop on my favorite interactive healthy teeth activities and dental health crafts for teaching preschoolers this February. You won’t want to miss these fun preschool dental activities!

preschool dental health activities

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Playdough Dental Health Month Activities

Parents and teachers can get kids excited about oral hygiene with hands-on Dental Health Month activities. My printable Dental Health Playdough Mats are a great place to begin! These colorful mats feature outlines for common items like floss, a toothbrush, a tooth outline, toothpaste, and more. These colorful outlines will encourage preschoolers to create oral health related items while developing excellent fine motor skills. 

preschool dental activities

As preschoolers mold and shape the dough to fit the outlines, they’ll be building strong finger muscles and hand-eye coordination. Preschool dental health activities like these are also a wonderful sensory activity for teaching preschool students all about dental health! You can introduce basic dental care through play. It’s a great way to increase retention and help kids get excited about brushing their teeth or visiting the dentist. 

Plus, these playdough mats create lots of fun opportunities for social interaction and cooperative play in the classroom. Add them to your preschool science center to encourage discussions about brushing teeth and keeping a healthy smile.

Healthy Teeth Coloring Pages

My printable healthy teeth coloring pages are one of many easy preschool dental activities you can add to your lesson plans for National Children’s Dental Health Month. They also make a great reinforcement activity you can send home for kids to practice all they’ve learned. These specially designed coloring activities aren’t just a great way to promote awareness about healthy teeth, they’re also lots of fun! 

dental health month activities

My Healthy Teeth Color-by-Number Pages are a fun way for kids to learn about a variety of dental health tools like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss. They’re also great for building fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and practicing colors and numbers with preschool learners. 

These color-by-number pages make learning about oral hygiene a joy-filled experience, as kids explore the fascinating world of dental care. Teachers and parents can use these coloring pages to begin lessons about brushing and flossing or to talk about the importance of regular dental checkups with preschoolers. 

There’s even a color-by-number tooth fairy page! The tooth fairy is a magical way to introduce preschoolers to dental health. Emphasize the importance of practicing good oral hygiene with the tradition of the tooth fairy to encourage healthy teeth for years with preschool dental health activities like these. 

By incorporating fun and interactive elements into dental health education, color-by-number pages make it easy for children to grasp the concepts and establish a foundation for healthy smiles. So, let the colors flow and smiles shine as we celebrate Dental Health Month with creativity and learning!

Preschool Dental Activities for Math Practice

I’ve got lots of preschool dental activities teachers and parents can use to practice early math skills with little learners. My printable Dental Health Month color-by-number pages are a great place to begin practicing number identification with your preschoolers. Then, explore shapes and counting with my Healthy Teeth Shapes Activity and a printable tooth number hunt activity.

Shape Activities for Dental Health Awareness

My printable Healthy Teeth Shape Match activity comes with lots of printable shape cards containing shapes kids see every day like a rectangular toothpaste tube. You can hide these shapes around the room or in a Dental Health Month sensory bin. Then, preschoolers can have fun locating the healthy teeth shapes, identifying the shapes, and coloring the corresponding shapes on their healthy teeth worksheet. 

shape activities for dental health awareness

Dental Health Gross Motor Activity

Then, get kids up and moving again with my exciting Missing Teeth Number Hunt. Using this printable worksheet, preschool students hunt for 21 teeth cards.

dental health gross motor activity

As they find each card, they will count the teeth and color the corresponding number on their worksheet. These hands-on math practice dental activities make learning math concepts and exploring dental health lots of fun for kids. 

Preschool Dental Health Game

Need any easy math game to work on multiple skills at once this February? Try one of my favorite preschool dental health activities and improve your students abilities to use ten frames and tallies.

This dental themed center is simple and is a fun twist on the classic game of memory. Simply match the ten frame toothbrushes to the correct number of cavities on the ten frame mouths. The person with the most matches at the end of the game wins!

preschool dental health game

Clean Teeth Dental Health Month Activities

Clean Teeth Dental Health Month activities encourage preschoolers to take care of their teeth with good dental hygiene and a diet of healthy foods. Learning about National Children’s Dental Health Month is a fun and engaging preschool theme that will teach healthy habits and incorporate lots of numeracy and literacy activities for your preschool students this February.

easy dental health month activities

I’ve got the perfect Clean Teeth Activity for your preschool math center! This activity is made up of printable cards featuring a mouth filled with healthy teeth and instructions. This Dental Health Month activity encourages kids to add and subtract by cleaning teeth and giving them cavities. 

Writing Prompts for National Children’s Dental Health Month 

See just how much your preschoolers have learned about the importance of dental health with writing prompts for National Children’s Dental Health Month. This February writing prompt about preschool dental health activities contain fun ideas for kids to write about and lined pages for them to practice handwriting.

dental health writing prompts

From tracing sight words to writing about the ways they care for their teeth, these pre-k pages will encourage your students to share how they will care for their baby teeth and permanent teeth.

National Children’s Dental Health Month Books

National Children’s Dental Health Month books are the perfect addition to your February circle time activities. Dental health books about healthy teeth, the tooth fairy, and dentists can help alleviate fears about cavities and the dentist. Plus, they make a great introduction to dental health theme activities in the preschool classroom. Check out some of my favorite books for young students below:

How to Catch the Tooth Fairy by Adam Wallace

My Friend Toothy by Stacy Laviolette

Just Going to the Dentist by Mercer Mayer

Preschool Dental Health Crafts

I love using crafts in my preschool classroom! Here are some fun ideas for preschool Dental Health Month crafts you can do with your preschool students for learning fun during your dental health unit.

How to Brush Your Teeth Craft

Review the steps of good dental health with these cut and paste Dental Health Month crafts for kids. You’ll get easy to use printable templates, perfect for little hands to create and learn this February.

preschool dental health crafts

Marshmallow Toothbrush Craft

You’ll need mini marshmallows, construction paper, glue, and markers to make this toothbrush craft. Have preschoolers cut a toothbrush shape from construction paper or prepare one in advance. Then, kids can attach mini marshmallows to form the bristles on the toothbrush and use markers to color the handle and personalize their toothbrush craft. 

Shaving Cream Toothpaste Art

Shaving cream is so much sensory fun for preschoolers! This process art project uses shaving cream, construction paper, and food coloring to make “toothpaste” art. Mix food coloring with the shaving cream to form the faux toothpaste paint and then get creative!

Do you have any favorite preschool dental health activities or preschool dental health crafts I didn’t mention? Share your favorite National Children’s Dental Health Month activities and ideas in the comments. I can’t wait to read them and try a few of your favorites with my students too!

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