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Jenga Math

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Jenga has been a hit in my classroom for years now. It’s the one game my students NEVER get tired of playing. I’ve created a Jenga math review set that goes over TONS of different math skills needed in a primary classroom such as: Fractions, Shapes, Addition, Subtraction, Place Value, Time, Money, Skip Counting, Comparing Numbers, Ordering Numbers, and Word Problems. 

What’s Included:

This math resource comes with the recording sheet, playing cards with pre-made Jenga questions for students, and an answer sheet! In order for this to work flawlessly, I suggest purchasing THIS colored Jenga block set from Amazon. Simply print, cut, and laminate the cards and throw them in a tub with these rainbow Jenga blocks for hours of engaging math time.
For a set of this Jenga math game with a wide range of math skills pre-made on playing cards CLICK HERE! This covers fractions, shapes, addition, subtraction, place value, time, money, skip counting, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, and word problems. 

It Gets Better

What I love most about this game is that it is easily interchangeable. With the purchase of one Jenga set and my editable card set, you will have a years worth of games available at your finger tips! For your copy of this blank, EDITABLE Jenga card set click HERE!

Math Jenga Instructions

1. Build the Jenga math tower with the colored Jenga blocks.
2. Sort the math game cards face down into piles by color. Each player should have a game board (recording sheet) or a white board to solve the problems on.
3. Roll the colored dice.
4. Choose a card from the colored pile that you roll.
5. EVERYONE solves the math problem. If the person who rolled the dice gets the answer correct, they can take out of the same colored blocks from the Jenga tower. If the person is incorrect, no block is removed.
6. Carefully place the block on top of the tower.
7. It’s now a new persons turn. The game continues until the Jenga tower falls down.

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