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Healthy Teeth Coloring Pages for Kids

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Learn about dental health with my healthy teeth coloring pages for kids. These printable dental health coloring pages are one of many easy preschool dental health activities you can add to your lesson plans this February as we celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month. 

These color-by-number dental coloring pages are an easy no-prep way to practice fine motor skills, number identification, and color words with your preschool and kindergarten students. They’re also a whole lot of fun!

You can add these printable healthy teeth coloring pages to oral hygiene lessons, use them as activities after circle time chats for Dental Health Month, or send them home for extra practice with parents and friends. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use these color-by-number dental health coloring pages in your classroom.

healthy teeth coloring pages

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Color-by-Number Healthy Teeth Coloring Pages

Every page features fun dental health elements like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and teeth. There’s even an adorable “tooth fairy” coloring page kids will love! These dental health coloring pages are great for building fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, practicing concentration, and learning about colors and numbers with young children. 

dental coloring pages

As kids reveal the hidden teeth and toothbrushes on these color-by-number pages, they’ll be learning about problem-solving, critical thinking, and so much more! These color-by-number pages make learning about oral hygiene fun and exciting for kids. As you explain proper brushing, the importance of regular dental checkups, and how to floss, keep little hands busy with these easy printable color-by-number oral hygiene activities. 

By incorporating fun and interactive elements into your child’s dental health education, color-by-number pages like these make it easy for children to grasp the concept and establish a foundation for great dental health. In this bundle of healthy teeth coloring pages, your students will get to color a toothbrush, teeth, toothpaste, and the tooth fairy. 

Books to Read Aloud for Dental Health Month

Books are powerful tools for teaching kids about dental health in a fun and engaging way. Great picture books with vibrant illustrations can capture our students’ attention and help them retain information. For Dental Health Month, we can use stories to highlight the importance of caring for our teeth and visiting the dentist. Check out some of the awesome books you can read aloud with your preschool and kindergarten students during circle time to help them learn more about dental health this February.

Sugar Bugs by Erica Weisz

Help the Lion Brush His Teeth by Sophie Schoenwald

How to Catch the Tooth Fairy by Adam Wallace

Brush Your Teeth Please by Leslie Mcguire

Curious George Visits the Dentist by Margret Rey

Adopt a Class Pet: The Toothbrush Buddy 

Modeling great oral hygiene is one of the best ways to encourage preschool and kindergarten students to practice healthy habits. The Toothbrush Buddy from Star Smilez is a big help when it comes to modeling proper brushing and flossing for young children. Choose an alligator, a fish, a lion, or a dragon friend. 

Each stuffed animal buddy comes with a mouth full of teeth that open and close and their very own toothbrush. These stuffed buddies are an easy way to help kids get more comfortable with visiting the dentist, brushing their teeth, and flossing. Teachers and parents can use them for all kinds of oral hygiene activities during Dental Health Month!

The toothbrush buddy also comes with a downloadable educational kit you can use in conjunction with my printable healthy teeth coloring pages for more learning fun. It’s an excellent resource for teachers and parents.

More Printable Healthy Teeth Activities for Kids

There are all kinds of engaging and educational activities you can explore here at The Primary Parade! I have a collection of printable healthy teeth activities for preschool and kindergarten students. As you teach your students about dental health this February, encourage their creativity, build fine motor skills, and focus on early academic concepts with fun oral hygiene activities using my worksheets and printables. 

playdough crafts for dental health
shape activities for dental health month

Dental Health Playdough Mats

Healthy Teeth Shape Match

dental health awareness
preschool dental health game

Missing Teeth Number Hunt

Teeth Counting Activity

These printables are valuable resources that can help parents and teachers teach essential lessons about brushing teeth, flossing, and visiting the dentist. Plus, they make dental education entertaining and memorable. 

How will you use these dental health coloring pages to teach your little learners about healthy teeth this February? Tell me all about it in the comments. I can’t wait to read your great ideas!

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