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Great Shape Activities for Dental Health Month

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There are so many fun ways to teach dental health awareness to your preschool students this February! Incorporating healthy teeth activities like my printable shape activities for Dental Health Month is an easy way to get kids excited about oral hygiene this month. 

Build dental health awareness in your classroom with healthy teeth activities that incorporate literacy lessons, early math concepts, and motor skills practice. My printable shape activities make it easy for teachers and parents to learn about important math concepts and great oral hygiene without lots of prep time.

Ready to discover my favorite great shape activities for Dental Health Month including printable healthy teeth activities to add to your classroom centers or send home for extra practice? Keep reading to get the scoop on these great healthy teeth activities!

shape activities for Dental Health Month

Preschool Dental Activities for Math Practice

Adding preschool dental activities to your lesson plans is an engaging and interactive way to promote dental health awareness while practicing math skills in the classroom. With fun and educational games that incorporate healthy teeth activities, teachers can create a learning experience for young children that ties subjects together and makes everything more exciting!

Incorporating early math skills like sorting, counting, and identifying shapes in your Dental Health Month activities gives kids lots of ways to practice important concepts while building a foundation for healthy habits. Combining Dental Health Month activities and math practice is also an excellent way to increase retention and encourage them to brush and floss at the same time!

Printable Healthy Teeth Activities for Shape Learning Fun

I’ve got lots of great shape activities for Dental Health Month that parents and teachers can use to practice shape identification and shape sorting with their preschool learners. My printable healthy teeth shape sort is an easy way to add shape practice to teeth themed lessons and activities this February.

shape activities for dental health month

This printable Healthy Teeth Shapes Activity comes with printable shape cards that feature shapes your preschoolers are familiar with like toothpaste tubes and floss. Each shape card focuses on identifying the shapes they see around them each day while incorporating tools we use for oral care. 

Teachers can hide these shape cards around the room for students to find or bury them in a Dental Health Month themed sensory bin. Sensory bins give kids a hands-on multisensory learning experience that’s excellent for cognitive development. Hiding pictures around the room encourages students to get up out of their seats, engage in healthy physical activity, and strengthen the mind-body connection. 

As students locate the hidden healthy teeth shapes, they can identify them and color the right shapes on their healthy teeth worksheet. These hands-on math practice activities make learning math concepts and exploring dental health so much fun for kids of all ages, but especially young children.

More Printable Shape Activities for Preschoolers

Engaging preschoolers in shape activities isn’t just fun, it’s an excellent way to enhance their academic development. These shape activities for Dental Health Month offer lots of benefits for preschool students both in the classroom and at home. 

Shape activities enhance cognitive skills by helping students learn to identify different shapes and explore them firsthand. My printable shape activities encourage kids to build spatial awareness and practice problem-solving skills as they build crafts with basic shapes and hunt for different shapes around the room. 

Activities that incorporate matching, sorting, and categorizing shapes encourage logical thinking and the development of early mathematical concepts. Plus, they’re excellent for language development too. Preschoolers won’t just be learning to identify shapes, they’ll be learning to describe them and communicate with shape words, building stronger vocabularies. 

I’ve got lots of great shape activities for promoting fine motor skills too. As preschoolers manipulate and arrange the shapes in these printable activities and crafts, they’ll be strengthening their hand-eye coordination and dexterity while having fun!

Shape Activities for Preschoolers to Do at Home

8 Shape Activities for Preschoolers

Shape Snowman Activities for Kids

These interactive and playful shape learning and happy teeth activities are perfect for helping your preschoolers build a strong foundation for academic success. Share some of your favorite shape activities for Dental Health Month in the comments. 

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