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Free Color-by-Number Pages for Earth Day

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Earth Day is an important holiday for teaching our children about how they can participate in protecting the environment. This year, let’s inspire our students to become environmental stewards with a fun celebration of Earth Day for children! 

I’ve got lots of fun Earth Day activities, including free color-by-number Earth Day pages to help teach children of all ages about their environmental responsibility while having fun coloring pictures featuring recycling symbols, hearts, and globes. Plus, I’ll share my favorite Earth Day books to read aloud with little learners including books about famous environmentalists like Rachel Carson. 

Ready to discover all kinds of Earth Day fun for children and grab your free color-by-number Earth Day printables? Then let’s get started planning an environmental education day together!

earth day for children

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Lessons About Earth Day for Children

Earth Day is a special holiday that’s celebrated all over the world! Each year, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22 to encourage environmental awareness and teach kids about all the ways they can help keep our planet healthy. We can help encourage children to continue the tradition by celebrating at home and in the classroom with lessons about Earth Day for children.

This April, let’s teach our students how to care for the planet with engaging activities, beautiful books, and free color-by-number Earth Day worksheets they will love.  There are so many activities you can do for Earth Day with kids! Discover some of my favorite ideas below, including free color-by-number printables you won’t want to miss.

Activities You Can Do for Earth Day

There are so many fun and engaging activities you can do for Earth Day! Some of my favorites include reading beautiful books about Earth Day and some of the people who have worked to help protect our planet. 

No prep printable worksheets like my Earth Day color-by-number pages make it easy to mark the holiday in your classroom without having to plan an extra lesson. Plus, they’re a great way to keep little hands busy while you read one of my favorite Earth Day books or watch an interesting video about protecting the planet with kids.

Earth Day Books

Spring After Spring: How Rachel Carson Inspired the Environmental Movement by Stephanie Roth Sisson

Berry Song (Caldecott Honor Book) by Michaela Goade

Harlem Grown: How One Big Idea Transformed a Neighborhood by Tony Hillery and Jessie Hartland

Listen to the Language of the Trees: A Story of How Forests Communicate Underground by Tera Kelley

Everyday is Earth Day by James McDonald

Videos to Watch for Earth Day

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day! How to Take Care of the Environment from Kids Academy

Happy Earth Day! From SciShow Kids

What Is Plastic Pollution? From Peekaboo Kidz

Free Color-by-Number Earth Day Activities

Free color-by-number Earth Day pages are a fantastic way to engage children in fun and encourage education at the same time. Help your kids get excited about environmental stewardship and recycling with these Free Earth Day Color-by-Number Pages

Earth Day for children

These worksheets feature recycling symbols, globes, hearts, and other popular Earth Day symbols to get kids excited about the holiday as they color each numbered section. Children will use number identification to fill in each section, building fine motor skills, concentration, and learning color words as they create a beautiful Earth Day image for the holiday.

In addition to being fun, these free color-by-number pages will help kids learn to color within the lines, develop finger strength and dexterity, and build hand-eye coordination. Plus, the Earth Day theme on each page will help bring awareness to the need for environmental protection and encourage kids to get involved however they can. Coloring these pages together is a great way to begin a conversation about recycling, conservation, and biodiversity, encouraging your child to explore how they can help.

The best thing about these color-by-number activities is that they’re available for free and don’t require lots of materials or prep from teachers and parents. These free color-by-number Earth Day pages are accessible, easy to use, and easy to enjoy in the classroom, at home, and on the go too! Don’t miss the chance to grab these free printable activities and celebrate Earth Day for children this April!

More Printable Earth Day Fun for Children

Need more printable Earth Day fun for children of all ages? Don’t miss My Favorite Preschool Earth Day Activities including crafts, virtual celebrations, and hands-on learning activities!

Then, share your favorite resources and tools to help celebrate Earth Day for children. I can’t wait to read about your favorite Earth Day books, activities, and ideas in the comments!

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