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All About Me Preschool Activities

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Get ready for a unit that’s perfect for back to school! This all about me preschool unit is a super fun way to get to know your students and get them engaged right off the bat. I’ve put together the perfect lesson plan for your first week of school with 15 ideas and activities your preschoolers will love.

It’s filled with fun all about me preschool books, math activities, language arts ideas, and more. Plus, I’ve added in my favorite all about me preschool songs and games too. Keep reading to discover all the fun ideas and activities in this all about me preschool lesson plan. 

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Questions to Ask Your Students

These all about me preschool activities will help you to learn more about your students. It’s a great way to engage shy students and get to know more about the little personalities you’ll be teaching this year. Plus, it’s a great way to begin teaching your students that everyone is unique and special in their own way.

You can begin by asking your students all about me questions. These questions can be silly too! Here are some of my favorite all about me preschool questions to ask:

How tall are you? 

You can use this question to begin a fun introduction to measurement by measuring the whole class to see how tall each student is. Then, check out the Measuring Body Parts Math Activity in my All About Me preschool themed lesson bundle.

all about me preschool activity to practice measuring

This activity is a fun way to have your students continue practicing measuring in all about me center.

How do you feel today?

Asking this question can help your preschoolers build important social emotional learning and awareness skills. I’ve added fun Social Emotional Learning Playdough Mat sets to this lesson plan bundle.

Pair this feeling playdough mat with a feelings chart for kids. That way, your preschoolers can practice identifying and verbalizing their emotions while building finger strength for handwriting as they manipulate the dough too.

all about me preschool activities for social emotional learning

What’s your favorite food?

Preschoolers love talking about food! Asking this question can help you learn things about your students and get shy kids talking and excited about learning this school year. Having kids draw their favorite foods is another super fun way to add in some fine motor skills practice with your preschool students.

What do you like about you?

I think this is an important question to ask kids of all ages. It helps them to focus on the things they like about themselves, rather than being critical. It’s an easy way to help your preschoolers develop self-confidence. Plus, it ties in nicely with the fifth book in this All About Me lesson bundle: I Like Me! by Nancy Carlson. 

All About Me Center Ideas

Setting up centers for dramatic play is another fun way kids can explore and learn about themselves. Plus, it will help you to learn things about your students too. 

Dramatic play centers help kids experiment with a variety of social and emotional roles. Plus, it gives them an opportunity to understand the experiences of others and develop empathy. Check out these fun All About Me center ideas for your preschool classroom:

House Building Center

Encourage your preschool students to build their own house out of blocks or build their dream house. It’s a fun way for kids to build motor skills, practice cooperation, and explore STEM skills too. Plus, blocks are a fantastic way to help preschoolers practice concentration in the classroom.

Included in this All About Me 15 lesson bundle for preschool, you’ll find some activities that are perfect for centers! Check these out:

Body Parts Match

While you’re measuring your preschoolers, this center can provide lots of fun learning too. Plus, it’s a great tool to help your students practice concentration, problem-solving, and memory skills in a fun and engaging way. 

Your little ones will love working on one to one correspondence by matching the pictures of the body parts to the right spots on the mat.

Lung Model

While learning “all about me,” it’s a great time to teach preschoolers a bit more about the human body. They can begin to learn how their organs function. In this fun activity, kids can learn about our lungs and explore how we breathe by making a functioning lung.

preschool lung model all about me craft

If you want to dive deeper into the human body, I highly recommend this interactive human organ activity. It’s made of felt and velcro, which makes removing pieces and matching them to the right spot a breeze. It also can be used as an apron for students to wear as they explain the parts of the human body.

Books All About Me 

I love using read alouds in my preschool classroom. Reading aloud to preschoolers is the best way to encourage your students to fall in love with books and develop an interest in reading at an early age.

By sharing books with your preschoolers, you’re helping them develop language skills, expand their vocabulary, and build phonemic awareness too.

This All About Me preschool bundle is filled with read alouds and reading activities to help your preschoolers practice identifying letters, beginning sounds, syllables, easy readers, and name activities for handwriting practice. The all about me books in this preschool bundle are so much fun to read aloud with your students.

Here’s what’s included:

Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods that Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis

This book is filled with playful rhymes that make learning about feelings lots of fun with your preschoolers this year. It’s a great way to practice rhyming skills, learn to talk about emotions, and explore some fun and “silly” ways to express how you’re feeling.

Parts by Tedd Arnold

The illustrations in this rhyming book will have your preschoolers laughing out loud! It’s filled with all kinds of silly scenarios experienced by a boy who learns something new about his body every day. Your whole class will be giggling over this one and learning a lot about the human body too.

Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney

Need a fun way to introduce maps to your preschoolers? This adorable book will help them understand how we use maps while learning all about different kinds of maps and how they’re used. 

My Neighborhood: Places and Faces by Lisa Bullard

In this All About Me preschool bundle, I’ve included a math activity that goes really well with this read aloud. Get ready to learn about neighborhoods in this cute read aloud. Then, have your preschoolers build their own shape neighborhoods for even more learning fun!

I Like Me! by Nancy Carlson

Your preschoolers will learn to love all the wonderful things that make them unique as they follow Nancy Carlson’s adorable pig character through this read aloud where she shares all the things she likes about herself. It’s a great way to get preschoolers talking about all the things they like about themselves too. 

All About Me Worksheets and Printables

There are so many great all about me printables in this preschool lesson bundle! I can’t wait to share my favorites with you. These printable activities require very little preparation and bring a whole lot of fun to your classroom. Check out my favorite all about me preschool worksheets and printables:

I Spy Beginning Sounds

Learning to discriminate between sounds is an important early literacy skills for preschoolers. It’s one of the first steps before learning to read and write. You can help your preschool learners master beginning sounds orally and using fun activities. 

One of my favorite ways is with a picture sort activity. The All About Me preschool lesson bundle includes a fun beginning sounds picture sort with sensory elements that I know your preschoolers are going to love! 

I spy beginning sounds all about me sensory activity for preschool

Kids can search for the hidden “beginning sound” letter in the sensory bin and match it to the picture on this fun All About Me preschool worksheet to help them practice this important early literacy skill in a fun and engaging way.

Build a Family Math Activity

counting my family all about me activities

My preschoolers get really excited about the people counters I use in this fun All About Me preschool activity. You can get these All About Me family counters from Amazon to take this activity to the next level of fun.

Then, get ready to have some fun practicing grouping, one to one correspondence, adding, and counting skills with your preschoolers using these printable numbered houses. 

My Shape Neighborhood

Learning to identify shapes is an important early math skills for preschoolers. Get ready for some early geometry with a fun printable matching activity that will help your preschoolers build memory skills and practice early math concepts too.

Just print, cut, and laminate this shape neighborhood activity for your preschoolers to use at home or in the classroom this year.

all about me fun shape activities

5 Senses Preschool Activities

If you want to incorporate the 5 senses into your all about me theme, this activity is perfect for you.

5 senses preschool activities

Fill construction paper rolls with different items and completely cover them. Your preschool students will love shaking each one and using their sense of hearing to guess what each object is.

Be sure to pair this easy 5 senses activity with this five senses preschool craft for added fun and learning in your all about me theme!

Fun all about me crafts

These All About Me preschool crafts are tons of fun for early learners. Coloring, drawing self portraits, molding playdough, and exploring their own creativity are all fun and exciting ways to learn in the preschool classroom.

In addition to being lots of fun, all about me crafts help preschoolers develop important cognitive, physical, and social skills. Plus, crafts can help reinforce the lessons you’re learning in your preschool classroom in an exciting way.

Check out the cute arts and crafts in this fun All About Me preschool lesson plan:

My Self Portrait Craft

This self portrait craft is the perfect All About Me preschool art activity. It’s a great opportunity to get your students thinking about their eyes, nose, ears, and mouth before learning about the 5 senses. Plus, it will help preschool learners begin to think about how all these body parts work together. 

my self portrait craft for preschool

Self portraits are a fun way to let your preschoolers really explore their own creativity and unique perspective! You can use self portraits to talk about shapes too. Triangles for noses, circles for eyes, etc. Learning to draw basic body parts with shapes helps kids to see that math is everywhere.

All About Me Name Craft

Isn’t this all about me name craft adorable? It’s the perfect way to practice names in the beginning of the year and looks precious hanging up on a hallway bulletin board.

all about me name craft

Fingerprint Graph

Combine math and art again with an exciting graphing activity all about fingerprints. While you’re doing this activity, be sure to teach your preschoolers how unique our fingerprints are by pointing out the differences and similarities. Everyone has their own individual and unique fingerprint! 

My Emotions Playdough Mats

Another fun way to help preschoolers build social emotional skills while learning about themselves this year is by using the fun emotion playdough mats I showed you earlier. As preschoolers use the dough to express their feelings, they’ll also get an opportunity to express themselves through art by molding their own faces with playdough or modeling clay.

all about me preschool activities for social emotional learning

All about me songs

I love using music in the classroom. Songs provide great pneumonic devices for learning all kinds of important information and they’re a ton of fun for your preschoolers too.

Music creates all kinds of fantastic early learning opportunities! Your preschoolers can build social emotional awareness, motor skills, expand their vocabulary, practice rhyming, and develop coordination with these All About Me preschool songs. Check out some of my favorites:

Do You Like…? by Super Simple Songs

My preschoolers absolutely love this fun song! It’s a great way for preschoolers to learn about opposites and each other as they explore which foods and drinks they like. Then, mix up the ingredients for fun new combinations that may or may not be delicious.

This Is Me! by ELF Learning

This cute preschool song from ELF Learning is a fun way to build gross motor skills while teaching your preschoolers to identify body parts and encouraging healthy physical activity too. This fast paced song is sure to inspire giggles as your preschoolers quickly move to touch all the parts of their face while singing this cute preschool All About Me song.

Plus, it ties in nicely with these human body 3 part cards.

What I Am by Will.I.Am (Sesame Street)

For a preschool song you won’t get tired of listening to, check out this inspiring pop song Will.I.Am sang for Sesame Street. Your preschoolers will learn to appreciate all the special and unique things about themselves with this catchy tune featuring their favorite Sesame Street characters as back up singers.

I’m so excited about all the fun you’re going to have in your preschool classroom this year with this All About Me preschool lesson plan. With 15 fun activities included in this bundle, plus all the extras I’ve shared with you here, I just know your first week of school will be filled with all kinds of learning fun! 

In Conclusion

What’s your All About Me lesson plan? I bet you’re filled with ideas too! Share your favorite preschool book suggestions, finger plays, and crafts in the comment section. I can’t wait to read them and try a few with my own preschool students this school year, so don’t forget to share.

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