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space crafts for kids

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Looking for Space Crafts for Kids?

If you have your own little astronaut space explorer at home then they will love each one of these space crafts for kids! These easy and fun outer space crafts are perfect for space unit studies or just for fun! They also make great space decorations and crafts for the classroom or to do at home!

space crafts for kids

Printable Space Crafts for Kids

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite space themed crafts for kids to make as they learn about outer space and our solar system.

#1 Astronaut Craft

Turn your future astronomer into an astronaut with this adorable astronaut craft. Grab my astronaut printable, a picture of your little learner, and a paper plate to bring this space craft to life.

preschool space craft

#2 Alien Crafts for Preschoolers

Kids are fascinated with aliens. Every year during our space theme, you hear whispers asking Are aliens real? What do aliens look like? Give your students the answers to their wildest dreams by creating these adorable alien crafts for kids.

space crafts for kids

Create an adorable alien craft, a UFO craft, a space shuttle craft, and a boy and girl astronaut craft for kids with this adorable space bundle.

Easy Space Crafts for Kids

#3 Soda Bottle Rocket Kids Craft from In the Playroom

Have you ever wondered how to make a spaceship craft? Using just basic supplies in the craft cupboard, you don’t need anything fancy at all for this rocket ship craft! But If you have silver and gold star stickers, those would be fun to add to the rocket design too.

#4 Solar System Craft from Books and Giggles

This solar system craft for kids is a fun, interactive way to teach children that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun.

#5 Paper Plate Flying Saucer Craft

Boys and girls alike will love making this fun UFO from paper plates and craft jewels. This is a great project to create when learning about flying saucers, our planets, and aliens in a fun space theme.

UFO craft for kids
Paper Plate Flying Saucer Craft from Crafts by Amanda

#6 Rocket Puppet Craft

If your children or students can’t get enough of space, they’ll want to make this rocket puppet template. It’s a fun rocket activity for kids that’s simple to make and exciting to play with.

rocket puppet template
Rocket Puppet Craft from Simple Everyday Mom

#7 Space Theme Wreath

This space themed wreath is tons of fun to make and have around the house. This is a great addition to any space themed activity you might be doing. Plus, this space craft looks adorable hung up!

space wreath craft
Space Theme Wreath from 3 Dinosaurs

#8 Solar System Planet Craft

My favorite thing about torn paper crafts is that it works on fine motor skills while creating art.  These torn paper planets look so creative and are a blast to make.

solar system craft
Solar System Craft from 3 Dinosaurs

#9 DIY Rocket Bookmark

Reading takes you places and now you can take that trip on a rocket! Make this bright and colorful rocket corner bookmark with the supplies you already have.

rocket ship bookmark
DIY Rocket Corner Bookmark from Artsy Craftsy Mom

#10 Coffee Filter Solar Eclipse Craft from Look We’re Learning

This easy coffee filter craft is a great activity to share as part of a solar system unit study or as a fun summer craft!

#11 3D Rocket Template Printable Craft

This is a fun rocket activity for kids that has a cool 3 dimension feel to it! If your kids love paper crafts, they’ll have a blast making this one.

3d rocket craft
3D Rocket Template Printable Craft from Simple Everyday Mom

#12 Pipe Cleaner Constellations from STEAM Powered Family

Challenge kids to study the stars, learn about the constellations, then create their very own models inspired by their favorite stars. Pipe Cleaner Constellations is a fantastic project for kids of all ages who love the stars and as part of a Space STEAM Activities study.

#13 Outer Space Craft from Mama of Minis

This space craft for kids is a fun and easy craft perfect for all ages. It is a simple craft in which kids can create a beautiful swirled galaxy painting using marbles and paint.

#14 DIY Space Rocket Pencil Toppers

Grab this step by step tutorial for super cute and easy space rocket DIY pencil toppers. These are not only fantastic pencil toppers for kids to make but this rocket ship craft is a great way to get little ones interested in writing, mark making, and drawing when learning to write their name.

space shuttle craft
DIY Space Rocket Pencil Toppers from The Inspiration Edit

#15 Space Shuttle Paper Craft

Do your kids dream about being an astronaut? Take some time to get creative and learn at the same time with this easy space shuttle paper craft!

space shuttle craft
Space Shuttle Paper Craft from Frosting and Glue

#16 Paper Plate Space Craft

If you’re looking for an easy space craft for kids then look no further! This super simple and easy space rocket craft uses only a few supplies and can be whipped up in no time!

outer space crafts for kids
Paper Plate Space Craft from Craft Play Learn

#17 Paper Roll Rocket Craft

This is a simple project that you can make with the kids in just a few minutes. And, if you’re studying space over the summer, it’d be a perfect fit for a solar system unit study!

easy paper rocket craft
Paper Roll Rocket Craft from Look We’re Learning

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my roundup of the best space crafts for kids. Which was your favorite outer space craft? Was it the rocket ship craft for kids? Or maybe my adorable alien crafts? Let me know in the comment section below.

If you’re looking for more themed craft ideas for kids to create, check these out:

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