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Puppet Crafts for Kids

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With so many different things to do with them, these puppet crafts for kids are a great way for kids to create their own characters and then use them to make their own show! With finger puppets, paper bag puppets and so many more, kids will have so much to choose from!

puppet crafts for kids

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What can I make a puppet out of?

Creating puppets isn’t just a simple craft for preschoolers, it’s fun for all ages! Especially when you can create fun DIY puppets from materials you already have on hand. Here are some of my favorite materials to use when making puppets at home.

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Googly eyes
  • Toilet Paper rolls
  • Pom Poms
  • Egg cartons
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Felt
  • Clothes Pins

How do you make a puppet for kids?

How do you make a simple puppet at home? What can I make a puppet out of? These are probably the types of questions going through your mind.

If you’re wondering how to make a puppet for kids, I’ve got you covered! I have pulled together preschool puppet crafts for families and classrooms to encourage lots of fun and imagination all year long. Plus, many of these activities are free puppet crafts you can make with materials you probably already have on hand. 

Keep reading to discover my list of 15 puppet crafts for kids to create and make. Many of these diy puppet crafts are perfect for use in the classroom too. You’ll discover a world of fun, creativity, and early learning as you imagine, create, and build these puppet craft activities.

Easy Puppy Crafts for Kids

#1 Paper Bag Pirate Puppet

It’s time to make this cute paper bag pirate puppet and create your very own puppet show. Make this ornery little sailor craft and create a few more seamen (or even a parrot) to round out the crew!

paper bag pirate puppet crafts for kids
Paper bag pirate puppet from Crafts by Amanda

#2 Paper Pterodactyl Puppet by The Craft Train

Here is a fun and easy paper pterodactyl puppet craft for kids. The template to make this paper puppet is free! While you’re at it, be sure to check out my dinosaur activities post for more fun dinosaur activities and crafts.

#3 Elephant Paper Bag Puppet

Not only will kids enjoy making these cute paper bag puppets, but they will also work on skills like cutting and fine motor control all while having fun!

elephant paper bag puppet crafts for kids
Elephant Paper Bag Puppet by Simple Everyday Mom

Need more animal activities and craft ideas? Be sure to check out my all about animals post for more ideas and free printables!

#4 Clothespin Paper Puppets from Moms and Crafters

Make these sweet, colorful, and quirky paper puppets using clothespins. Besides choosing which colors you make these paper puppets, you can also pick the wildest hair colors, add accessories like googly eyes and small pom pom noses… the possibilities are endless!

#5 Paper Dog Hand Puppet

This makes a super easy and accessible dog craft for all. And of course these Paper Dog Puppets are fun!! Make all sorts of different Dog Breeds while you are at it!

dog hand puppet crafts for kids
Paper Dog Hand Puppet from Red Ted Art

#6 Five Little Ducks Finger Puppets by Teach Me Mommy

The five little ducks is a favorite preschool song for my students. Why not create a puppet to go along with this cute circle time song? Use circle cut outs from corrugated cardboard for the ducks finger puppets. Together with googly eyes, craft foam triangle beaks and feathers you will create a cute puppet craft for kids.

#7 Paper Bag Monster Puppet

If your kids love monsters, they will go wild for this cute Paper Bag Monster Puppet! It’s perfect for a fun afternoon project together. With these easy-to-follow instructions, you can start creating and playing with your kids in no time!

paper bag monster puppet
Paper Bag Monster Puppet from Frosting and Glue

#8 DIY Bunny Puppet by Mommy Evolution

Get your kids imaginations and the fun going with a homemade bunny puppet. You can easily pull these together. Or better yet, you can make these with the kids and make it a bonding activity with them. This adorable Easter puppet is perfect for your upcoming Spring craft night!

More Preschool Puppet Crafts

#9 Minion Finger Puppet Crafts for Kids

Little yellow bunny Minions are super silly and funny, just like kids! These little finger puppets DIY is the perfect Minion craft to play with.

minion craft and puppet
Minion Finger Puppets from Sustain my Craft Habit

#10 Easy Mitten Puppets from Crafts by Amanda

Winter is over, and chances are you have several mittens that are no longer pairs. It happens every year, but instead of tossing those mittens, make some really fun puppets that take almost no time to make. Wouldn’t that be such a fun Christmas craft idea this holiday season?

#11 Chompin’ Foam Shark Puppet

If your kids love sharks then they will love making their own Chompin’ Foam Shark Puppets! This is such a cute ocean craft puppet for kids.

shark puppet craft for kids
Chompin’ Foam Shark Puppet by The Soccer Mom Blog

#12 Paper Snail Puppets Craft by Two Kids and a Coupon

This cute paper snail puppet craft is the perfect project for indoor playtime. With only a few supplies, this easy craft can be easily made with items you probably already have at home in your craft bucket.

#13 DIY Hand puppet Crafts for Kids

Do your kids like to play with puppets? How about making their own puppet? Well, this is a cute DIY hand puppet and it is easy to make!

diy hand puppet crafts for kids
DIY Hand Puppet by Couponing for Freebies

#14 The Lorax Truffula Tree Finger Puppets by The Typical Mom

Do you want to make a cute Dr. Seuss The Lorax Truffula tree finger puppet? It’s a cheap craft made out of toilet paper rolls and really fun to make during a Dr. Seuss birthday party or as a Read Across America activity.

#15 Unicorn Paper Bag Puppet Crafts for Kids

This unicorn paper bag puppet craft is a little girl’s dream craft! It’s loaded with pink, has cute little stars and is so sweet!

paper bag unicorn puppet craft
Unicorn Paper Bag Puppet Craft by the Simple Everyday Mom

In Conclusion

I hope these simple puppet crafts for kids were exactly what you were looking for. Tell me, what was your favorite handmade puppet out of them all? Let me know in the comments which puppet your kids will be creating for your next craft night.

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