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25 Easy Winter Crafts for Preschoolers

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When the weather outside is frightful, get cozy and crafty with the kids. We’ve rounded up 25 fun winter crafts for preschoolers that your little ones are going to love. They’re super simple, relatively quick, and totally adorable.

Not only are these crafts a great way to spend time together when you’re indoors, but crafting allows kids to work on fine motor development by using the muscles in their hands, fingers, and wrists. That’ll be important when they start writing!

Most of these projects require just a few craft supplies, so they’re perfect for days when you’re stuck at home. From arctic animals to snowflakes, you’re sure to find plenty of inspiration to make cold, dreary days seem a lot more fun.

And if you’re looking for snowman crafts, we have a big list of those too! The ideas include our fun paper plate snowman and lots of other snowman craft ideas that are fun all winter long.

collage of preschool winter crafts

Fun Winter Craft Ideas from The Primary Parade

We have some fabulous crafts for the preschool classroom, but they’re just as fun to make at home. From arctic animals to snowballs, young children will love these winter projects!

Snow Name Craft

Here’s another name activity that’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. This time, you’re adding each letter of the child’s first and last name to paper snowballs.

This will help kids with learning letter identification as well as the sequencing of the letters of their names. Enjoy this cute winter craft for kids.

snow name craft

Arctic Animal Crafts

Grab this fun printable pack of crafts from our shop! We’ve included templates for a walrus, polar bear, penguin, moose, arctic wolf, and arctic seal. Winter is the perfect time to learn about these cold weather animals.

arctic animal crafts for kids

Groundhog Day Craft

Don’t forget about Groundhog Day! While rather unscientific, it is a lot of fun to watch groundhogs every February determine if we’ll have six more weeks of winter.

Use this cute Groundhog Day winter craft to teach children about this fun and quirky tradition.

groundhogs day activities for preschool

Winter Name Craft

Help children learn to spell their names with these beautiful snow globes. Each letter of the name is a small snowball that goes over the top of the peaceful-looking winter scene.

winter name crafts for kids

Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

Looking for easy crafts that won’t take a lot of time? Here are plenty of simple winter craft ideas to keep kids busy and engaged in creative activities during the months when we spend most of our time indoors.

Winter Hats

Easy Peasy and Fun’s winter hat craft is perfect for celebrating all the cold, snowy weather the winter brings. Color the hat, add cotton to the top and the trim, and string them all up together to make a colorful banner.

winter hats craft

Popcorn Winter Trees

Kids can enjoy a snack while making this snow-covered winter tree craft from A Dab of Glue Will Do. If you don’t want to use popcorn, try pieces of cotton, tissue paper, or white pom-poms.

popcorn winter tree

Sparkly Winter Process Art

How about an open-ended art project for your preschoolers? This activity from Stay at Home Educator is as sparkly as it is fun. Provide different shades of blue for painting, some glue, and plenty of Epsom salts to sprinkle over the painting to make it look like glittery snow.

sparkly winter process art

Winter Bubble Wrap Tree

Save the bubble wrap from all the packages you’re getting through the winter season to use in your art projects. With some white paint and bubble wrap to dab it on the page, little ones can create a snow-covered tree in no time.

winter bubble wrap tree

Paper Strip Cardinal

There’s something magical about seeing a bright red cardinal against a white blanket of snow outside. Now you can recreate that image indoors using paper, scissors, and glue!

This cardinal made using strips of paper is easy, quick, and perfect for hanging in your windows to display this winter.

paper strip cardinal craft

Snowy Owl Painting

Try this snowy owl craft while learning about arctic animals. This polar bird is majestic and beautiful—and it’s surprisingly easy to recreate using using a shower loofah! Don’t forget the owl’s bright yellow eyes.

snowy owl painting

Handprint Polar Bear

Simple Everyday Mom has a cute polar bear craft made using your child’s handprint. It’s such a cute and sweet decoration and will be a wonderful reminder of how small those hands really are. Add it to the scrapbook after you’re finished displaying it!

handprint polar bear craft

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Use Red Ted Art’s technique for making gorgeous paper snowflakes that you’ll want to leave in your window all winter long. With food dye and water, the coffee filters are first dyed and dried before using scissors to snip out the classic snowflake shapes.

coffee filter snowflakes

Shape Polar Bear Craft

Learn about common shapes — circles, ovals, triangles, rectangles, and hexagons — with an adorable polar bear craft. This creative activity is perfect for preschoolers practicing shape recognition.

Who knew you could create a bear out of so many shapes? Need even more Winter shape crafts? Check out a few of my favorite ways to craft with shapes this December.

shape polar bear craft

Handprint Arctic Fox

Who can resist an adorable arctic fox? What a fun animal to study during the winter months!

To make this craft from Our Kid Things, children will use their fine motor skills to trace and cut out their handprints. The face and ears are simple triangle shapes, and then you just need to add googly eyes and a black nose to finish the cute fox.

handprint arctic fox craft

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Gather some popsicle sticks, paint, glue, and sparkly accessories to make sparkly popsicle stick snowflakes. Add shiny buttons, colorful sequins, or sparkly glitter to make your snowflakes shimmer.

popsicle stick snowflakes

Penguin Chick Puppet

This cute hatching penguin craft is the epitome of adorableness! Plus, it’s interactive, making it even more fun for kids.

Once they’ve painted, cut, and assembled their penguins, they can use the sticks to move the penguin up and down in the egg shell to look like it’s hatching.

hatching penguin craft

Cutest Preschool Winter Crafts

Paper Plate Snowflakes

If your preschooler isn’t yet comfortable with scissors, try making these paper plate snowflakes from Handmade Charlotte instead. There’s no cutting required here.

You’ll paint snowflake designs in the center of the plate (provide a design for tracing if needed), and then sprinkle some glitter on to add sparkle.

paper plate snowflakes

Winter Mittens

Try this winter mittens craft from Fireflies and Mud Pies if you’re going for the cozy theme. Use the printable template, and let the kids paint or color the mittens their favorite colors.

Decorate them with stickers, sequins, buttons, or any other accessories you have on hand.

winter mittens craft

Simple Shape Penguin

Try making cute penguins out of simple shapes. Frugal Mom Eh shows us how to make penguin crafts using circles, semi-circles, and triangles.

Kids can trace the circles using small bowls or plates, making it easy to get a nearly perfect shape.

simple shape penguin craft

Torn Paper Penguin

Speaking of penguins, here’s another idea that lets kids practice their fine motor skills to tear paper. Fill in the oval with torn pieces of black construction paper, and add a white belly to the middle.

The eyes, feet, beak, and wings are part of the template, so you need only cut them out and glue them on. Easy!

torn paper penguin

Hot Cocoa Craft

Feel a little cozier on a cold day by sipping on hot chocolate while you make this simple cut-and-paste hot cocoa craft from Simple Mom Project. Print the template on white card stock for a colorable version, or trace the pieces onto colored paper for a crafty version.

hot chocolate craft

Winter Animals Paper Chain

Link up adorable animal friends including the fox, penguin, and polar bear. Artsy Momma’s tutorial is easy to follow and can be adapted for kids of all ages. It’s a fun craft for a unit on arctic animals.

winter animals paper chain

Paper Roll Penguin

Follow the instructions from Easy Peasy and Fun to make a paper roll penguin that’s as simple as it is adorable. Wrap the tube in black paper (or paint it black), and then add a white face and tummy, eyes, a beak, wings, and feet. It’ll look so sweet on your desk or shelf this winter.

paper roll penguin

Igloo Craft

Study how an igloo keeps you warm while making an igloo craft that’ll provide hours of fun for kids. Once it’s assembled and covered in cotton balls, children can put their mini figures inside.

igloo craft

Wine Cork Penguins

Save your wine corks this holiday season to make crafty projects with the kids. Surviving a Teacher’s Salary shows us how to make a charming penguin using only wine corks, paint, felt, and googly eyes.

They’ll make wonderful desk buddies for winter.

wine cork penguins

Pin this list of winter crafts for preschoolers for a snowy day when you need a fun and quick project to entertain the kids!

pin collage of winter crafts for preschoolers

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