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Get Crafty with My Disguise a Gingerbread Man Project

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Get ready to help the gingerbread man hide with the very best disguise a gingerbread man project ever! Your preschool and kindergarten students will have tons of fun bringing their own creative gingerbread disguise ideas to life this season.

I love reading books about the gingerbread man aloud to my students and encouraging them to think about what they would do if they were the gingerbread man.

Would they run or hide?

Would a gingerbread disguise make it easier to escape?

What’s the best disguise you can come up with to help you hide?

With this printable gingerbread disguise project activity, your students can have fun crafting their own gingerbread disguise ideas. They’ll be practicing fine motor skills like cutting and pasting, thinking creatively, and developing critical thinking skills along the way.

Plus, this gingerbread disguise project is a super fun way to encourage early creative writing skills and handwriting practice this Christmas season!

disguise a gingerbread man

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How Can You Disguise a Gingerbread Man?

So how can you disguise a gingerbread man this Christmas? There are a million ideas! What if the gingerbread cookie dressed up like Santa? No one would want to eat Santa!

What if your gingerbread man had a creative disguise like a magical unicorn or a superhero? What if your gingerbread disguise was something spooky like a ghost or zombie cookie? 

Preschool and kindergarten students can have lots of fun imagining a variety of scenarios, and thinking of new and creative disguises! Then, they can share their ideas on my printable gingerbread disguise project pages.

What’s Included in My Printable Gingerbread Disguise Project

In my printable Gingerbread Disguise Project bundle, you’ll get 20 pages of project activities and bulletin board ideas.

These gingerbread man template printables make it easy to create the perfect disguise for your gingerbread man without lots of expensive craft supplies or prep time.

Cut and Paste Disguises

I’ve included 7 different cut-and-paste gingerbread disguises you can use with this fun activity. These are excellent for creating adorable holiday bulletin boards or adding to your classroom literacy center as a fun storytime activity. 

disguise a gingerbread craft

Gingerbread disguise crafts that use printable templates like these make it easy for reluctant students to engage in the fun and learning with fine motor skills practice, opportunities to practice following step-by-step instructions, and holiday writing prompts!

Some of the printable gingerbread disguises include elves, Santa, reindeer, gift boxes, and Frosty the Snowman. 

There are so many fun and creative ways to disguise a gingerbread man! I know your students will have the best-dressed cookie characters in the whole school!

Disguise a Gingerbread Writing Template

One of my favorite aspects of this gingerbread disguise project is that it’s a fun craft project to encourage creative writing and handwriting practice with early learners this holiday season. My printable gingerbread disguise project comes with 3 gingerbread writing page templates. 

gingerbread disguise ideas

It’s an easy way for teachers to encourage students to share their ideas, express themselves through writing, and practice handwriting while disguising a gingerbread man.

Teachers can use writing prompts and ask questions to encourage their students to think outside the box. For example, what would happen if you disguise a gingerbread man to look like a football player? What about a little old lady?

Wanted Posters

I love these “wanted poster” printables because they’re so much fun! Engage your students in creating absolutely adorable gingerbread man wanted posters to put up around the classroom or take home as keepsakes for the whole family.

gingerbread disguise project

Gingerbread in Disguise Emergent Reader

Encouraging emergent literacy skills in your preschool and kindergarten students is an important first step to creating fluent readers and writers.

I’ve included a fun printable emergent reader book about how to disguise a gingerbread man that you can use with your students in the classroom or send home for extra practice with family and friends at the most wonderful time of year. 

disguise a gingerbread man

More Gingerbread Crafts and Activities for Kids

If you love this gingerbread craft idea as much as I do, don’t miss more fun gingerbread man crafts and activities you can do with your preschoolers. Discover more of my favorite printable gingerbread themed activities and worksheets for your little learners below.

Gingerbread Sequence Activity 

gingerbread man craft

Gingerbread Cookie Science Experiment

gingerbread cookie science experiment

Reading aloud to preschool and kindergarten students is another fun way to encourage early literacy. It’s also a great way to help your students fall in love with books. The classic gingerbread man tale is a wonderful way to introduce your early learners to sequencing and begin explaining various elements of a story.

Here are some of my favorite gingerbread classics to read aloud:

The Gingerbread Man by Jim Aylesworth

How to Catch a Gingerbread Man by Adam Wallace

The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School by Laura Murray

Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story by Edward Hemingway

The Library Gingerbread Man by Dottie Enderle

How will you add this gingerbread man disguise project to your holiday lesson plans? Do you have any crafty disguises for your gingerbread men or holiday projects you love to do with your students?

Share your best disguise a gingerbread man activity ideas and independent work assignments in the comments. I can’t wait to read about your favorite gingerbread project ideas and hands-on learning activities!

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