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Printable Scarecrow Shape Craft Activities for Kids

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I can’t wait to share my printable scarecrow crafts with you! A low-prep scarecrow shape craft is a fun way to practice shape recognition and develop critical fine motor skills with your preschool students this fall. You can even add my printable scarecrow shape activity to your classroom’s math center for added practice all season long.

I love the idea for a scarecrow themed lesson plan for fall. Thematic units help engage preschool students as they work to master important early math and literacy concepts.

Plus, themed lessons are a wonderful way to take advantage of your little learner’s natural curiosity about the season.

Ready to discover my easy printable scarecrow shape craft for yourself? Keep reading to get the scoop on these scarecrow shape activity ideas and more fun scarecrow crafts you can do in the classroom and at home with your preschoolers.

scarecrow shape craft

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How To Make Your Own Scarecrow Shape Craft

Are you searching for a last-minute fall crafts and activities you can do with your preschool learners? Then, you won’t want to miss my printable scarecrow crafts! Simple paper crafts like these are easy for kids to recreate and don’t require lots of advanced prep from teachers.

This scarecrow shape craft asks preschoolers to identify two-dimensional shapes and use them to create their very own scarecrow friend.

Your students will use circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares to build an adorable fall scarecrow you can use in all kinds of fun ways.

scarecrow shape craft

This scarecrow shape activity is also a great way for preschool students to practice critical fine motor skills. These are the motor movements they’ll need to master for handwriting and a variety of life skills like buttoning, zipping, and tying shoes. Plus, these scarecrow crafts are so much fun to make!

To add this scarecrow shape craft to your upcoming fall lesson plans, just grab my printable scarecrow shape activity template and print.

You can use colored paper or add extra fine motor skills practice by having your preschoolers color their own pieces for even more creative fun! Then, add cutting and pasting practice as preschool students piece together their very own scarecrow friends. 

Easy Scarecrow Shape Activity Printable

I’ve got two of these fun scarecrow crafts! With not just one, but two scarecrow shape activity pages, your students can get all kinds of fun shape practice and fine motor skill building too. 

scarecrow shape craft

Each scarecrow craft template comes with a printable scarecrow shape activity page where students can identify, count, and record the shapes they have used to make their very own scarecrow crafts. 

You can facilitate more learning by asking students questions about their scarecrows. Record the numbers of triangles, circles, and rectangles to teach students about collecting data, sorting, and graphing numbers together as a class. 

Scarecrow Themed Lesson Plan for Preschoolers

You can also use these scarecrow crafts as part of a scarecrow themed lesson plan for preschoolers. There are so many benefits to thematic units for preschool learners! Scarecrows make a super fun fall theme for lessons this October or November.

Discover some of my favorite scarecrow crafts, book suggestions, and activities below.

History of Scarecrows

Did you know that Ancient Egyptians used scarecrows? 3,000 years ago they hung tunics on reeds to scare quail away from crops along the Nile River.

In Ancient Greece, wooden statues were used in fields to frighten away birds. In Japan, scarecrows called “Kuebiko” were used to keep sparrows away from the rice as early as the 8th century. 

Scarecrows have a long history. Learning about how they have been used in different places around the world throughout time is a fun way to introduce history and geography to your preschool classroom this fall.

Scarecrow Science

Scarecrows are a great way to introduce STEM principles to your preschool students too. You can incorporate biology lessons by learning about the birds that scarecrows are meant to deter.

Balancing scarecrows could be a fun lesson in physics for preschoolers too. 

After you build these cute scarecrow shape crafts, try making your own scarecrow together as a class outside. Learning to build a scarecrow is filled with real-world lessons in engineering and physics!

Books about Scarecrows

There are lots of awesome books to read about scarecrows too. Reading aloud to preschoolers can help bring these scarecrow crafts to life and incorporate literacy skills into your lesson plans too.

Check out some of my favorite scarecrow books below.

The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry

The Scarecrow’s Hat by Ken Brown

Hopefully the Scarecrow by Michelle Houts

More Scarecrow Crafts and Activities for Kids

There are so many fun scarecrow crafts and activity ideas kids can enjoy this fall! Discover more of my favorite scarecrow printables and activities below.

Free Printable Scarecrow Counting Activity for Kids

scarecrow activity for kids

Cut and Paste Halloween Scarecrow Craft

Halloween crafts for kids to make this fall

What’s your favorite scarecrow shape activity idea? How will you use these scarecrow shape craft printables in your fall lesson plans? Share your favorite ideas and activities in the comments. I can’t wait to read about them!

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