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Eric Carle crafts for Preschool

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Looking for Eric Carle crafts for preschool?

Eric Carle is often a child’s first introduction to art. His colorful illustrations inspire and delight children all over the world. The stories of characters like the very hungry caterpillar bring to mind fond memories for kids and adults too.

This summer, explore Eric Carle crafts for preschoolers as a part of your lessons. These bright and colorful crafts will help bring the stories to life for your preschoolers. Plus, they make learning important reading and math skills lots of fun. 

Eric Carle crafts for preschool

Keep reading to discover my favorite Eric Carle crafts for preschoolers to do with books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, From Head to Toe, and The Very Busy Spider.

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eric carle crafts for kids
Bulletin board of Eric Carle crafts for preschool by Another Day in Prek

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts

Did you know The Very Hungry Caterpillar is Eric Carle’s best selling book? It’s easy to see why. This adorable picture book is a great way to practice sequencing with your preschoolers. 

Plus, you can use this book to introduce your preschool learners to life cycles and metamorphosis too. Check out some of my favorite Eric Carle crafts for preschoolers all about the world’s hungriest caterpillar below.

Caterpillar Egg Carton craft

This Very Hungry Caterpillar activity with an egg carton from Two Pink Peonies is such a fun craft to do with toddlers or preschoolers. Just cut your egg carton in half and get to crafting to make this adorable caterpillar craft for kids.

the very hungry caterpillar egg carton craft

Cupcake Liner Caterpillar Craft

This cute colorful Eric Carle craft for preschoolers uses cupcake liners to create your very own caterpillar craft friends from Artsy Craftsy Mom. Your kids can make them as long as they like to illustrate their own very hungry caterpillar creations.

Fingerprint Caterpillar craft

This Very Hungry Caterpillar activity for kids from Mama of Minis includes an adorable finger painted caterpillar craft to create after reading Eric Carle’s best selling children’s book.

Very Hungry Caterpillar craft

As you’re learning about lifecycles in the outside world, you can also check out these tiny seed activities for your next plant theme.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do you See? Crafts

There are so many benefits to reading Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? For example, the repetition in this classic is perfect for building early literacy skills. Plus, it easily appeals to many different ages. 

Want to enjoy this classic Eric Carle picture book with your preschoolers? Check out my favorite brown bear crafts to make the book come to life for your early learners this year.

Brown Bear Pom Pom Art

Preschoolers are oftentimes still learning to hold a pencil properly, so wielding a paintbrush can be tricky. That’s part of why I love arts and crafts which use other means of “painting” like this brown bear Eric Carle craft for preschoolers from ABCDeeLearning

eric carle crafts for preschoolers

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Eric Carle Craft

This Brown Bear, Brown Bear art project from Deep Space Sparkle is the perfect way to explore collage, painting, and creativity with your preschoolers. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear Sensory Book

Take an absolutely favorite book and create these adorable DIY Sensory Board Books with your kids using different textures of fabric from your favorite local store.

brown bear brown bear craft

Sequencing Stick Craft

A handy sequencing stick craft from School Time Snippets is the perfect way to explore sequencing with your preschoolers. Plus, it’s a fun way to help ensure they retain this adorable Eric Carle book.

From Head To Toe Crafts

From Head To Toe is such a fun Eric Carle book to share with your children! It’s filled with interactive elements your preschoolers can participate in as you read aloud. Plus, it’s a great way to get them up and moving this school year.

Want to share this adorable animal themed book from Eric Carle with your preschoolers? Don’t miss my favorite crafts to do before or after you read and act out this classic.

Homemade Puzzle Eric Carle Crafts

These beautiful puzzles are perfect for preschoolers! First, create your own unique Eric Carle craft with Red Ted Art. Then, turn them into puzzles to help your preschoolers build spatial awareness and problem solving skills.

Eric Carle Crafts Collage

Need a little Eric Carle inspiration in your preschool arts and crafts this year? You’ll love this tissue paper collage from Inspiration Laboratories. They’re a great addition to any Eric Carle story time this year.

eric carle preschool crafts

Head To Toe Story Stick

Make your very own story stick from Read It Once Again to help your preschoolers build important early literacy skills in the classroom and at home. This helpful Eric Carle craft for kids builds reading comprehension and practices story sequencing too.

Have You Seen My Cat? Eric Carle Crafts

This adorable Eric Carle picture book follows a little boy searching for his pet cat. Along the way, preschoolers will learn to pick out differences and similarities as they discover what makes this particular cat special. Check out my favorite crafts to go with your preschool story time.

Paper Plate Have you seen my cat craft? Craft

Here’s a fun Have You Seen My Cat? book craft from Moms Who Save. You’ll only need some basic craft supplies and white paper plates to create this cat in Eric Carle’s well-known style.

eric carle craft

Standing Paper Cat Craft

This cute paper cat craft from Teach Easy Resources will help your preschoolers practice cutting and pasting. Plus, they can get creative decorating their very own paper cat friends with markers, paint, and stickers too.

Cat Headband Eric Carle Craft

A cat headband craft from Simple Everyday Mom is wearable art your preschoolers will love creating. Plus, you can use it to help practice reading comprehension skills by acting out this Eric Carle classic with your preschoolers.

Have you seen my cat craft

The Very Busy Spider Crafts

With fantastic moral lessons about the value of work and dedication, The Very Busy Spider is a modern classic for preschoolers that features beautiful art. Check out some of our favorite spider themed crafts to explore with your preschoolers as you read.

Paper Plate Spider WEb Craft

Do your preschoolers love lacing activities? They’re excellent for building fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. Try this spider web lacing craft for preschoolers from The Crafting Chicks to help your preschoolers remember this cute Eric Carle tale.

the very busy spider craft

The Very Busy Spider Craft

All you’ll need for these adorable process art spiders from Oh Creative Day is cardboard, googly eyes, and collage paper. I love projects like these because preschoolers can get really creative without a predetermined end result.

the very busy spider craft

Very Busy Spider Eric Carle Crafts

This easy cut and paste spider craft from Artolazzi is an easy activity your preschoolers will love! Plus, it makes for a super cute bulletin board in your classroom during your Eric Carle lessons this month.

In Conclusion

There are so many more fun Eric Carle books to read aloud and explore with your preschoolers this year. Did you find one to share with your preschool learners? Share your favorite Eric Carle book to read aloud to preschoolers in the comments.

book character crafts

Don’t forget to also check out some of my other favorite book character crafts for kids to create during the school year.

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