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Simple Alphabet Letter Crafts and Printables for Kids

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Teaching the alphabet gets easy and more fun with my favorite letter crafts. These simple alphabet crafts make it easy for preschoolers and kindergarten students to practice learning letters and have fun at the same time! 

Learning the alphabet is a critical skill, but getting started teaching letters can sometimes be challenging. The good news is that there are lots of great ways to get started. For example, you could adopt a popular letter of the week theme complete with letter of the week crafts that focus on uppercase and lowercase letters.

My letter crafts and letter recognition activities will make it easy for your early learners to practice the letters of the alphabet in the classroom and at home. Plus, I’ll share my favorite themed snack ideas for every letter to reinforce your lessons!

Letter of the Week Crafts and Lessons

Recently, teaching with a letter of the week theme has lost some of its appeal.

I still really like the way a letter of the week theme breaks up the letters and gives students time to study each letter and letter sounds independently. However, there are some letters with multiple sounds that are more challenging and they might need more focused educational activities.

Kids learn at their own pace through repeated exposure so you’ll definitely want to spend lots of time reviewing each letter throughout the week. The letter crafts and activities in my printable bundles can help you spend extra time practicing letters in a way that’s fun and engaging for students.

Discover my Fun and Playful Alphabet Activities for ideas you can add to your letter of the week crafts this school year. 

Another thing to consider is that you might want to start by teaching your students the letters in their own names first. Learning to spell and write your name is an important first step in the alphabet learning process.

letter recognition activities

Check out my Name Crafts and Name Activities for engaging ways to incorporate name practice into your lesson plans.

Fun Animal Alphabet Books

I love using animals to teach alphabet letters. There’s an animal for every letter of the alphabet! Reading storybooks aloud to preschool and kindergarten students is a great way to reinforce alphabet letters you’re learning in the classroom. 

Here are some of my favorite alphabet books about animals to add to your read aloud list for the school year:

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My Alphabet Animals by Betsie Lewis

Amazing Animal Alphabet by Brian Wildsmith

The Surfing Animals Alphabet by James Redmayne

ABC Dance by Sabrina Moyle

Animal Alphabet Book by Joshua George

They Yucky Reptile Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta

Underwater Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta

K is for Kissing a Cool Kangaroo by Giles Andreae

African Animal Alphabet by Beverly Joubert

The Furry Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta

Gather your students around to read these silly and colorful alphabet books together in the classroom or at home. It’s an easy way to begin learning alphabet letters together.

Then, get ready for hands-on letter learning fun with simple alphabet crafts here at The Primary Parade

Simple Alphabet Crafts and Printables

Looking for a fun way to practice every letter of the alphabet with your preschool children?

Break out the construction paper, scissors, and glue sticks! My fun alphabet craft printables are filled with ways to help your students learn lowercase and uppercase letters while building critical fine motor skills too.

Engaging Lowercase Letter Crafts

ABC crafts of lowercase letters are a great way to get kids engaged and ready to learn their alphabet letters!

letter crafts

These Lowercase Letter Crafts would also be an easy way to get young kids to help you build some cute alphabet craft bulletin boards this school year. Plus, they’re the perfect addition to your ABC lesson plans too.

Easy Letter Crafts for Capital Letters

These simple alphabet crafts come with specific directions and easy-to-use templates for uppercase letters A to Z. My Uppercase Letter Crafts are a great idea for practicing letters while building scissors skills and other important fine motor skills.

alphabet letter crafts

Plus, you can use these fun letter crafts as templates for all kinds of fun craft ideas for your little learners this year.

Themed Snacks for Letter Crafts

Cute letter crafts aren’t the only way to practice learning the alphabet. Themed snacks aren’t just adorable and tasty, they’re also a great way to reinforce lessons in your preschool or kindergarten classroom while providing a multisensory learning experience. Discover some of my favorite ABC themed snacks below.

alphabet snacks for kids

A: animal crackers

B: bananas

C: cookies

D: donuts

E: elephant ear

F: fruit snacks

G: graham crackers

H: hummus

I: ice cream

J: jam

K: kale chips

L: laughing cow cheese

M: mandarins

N: nachos

O: oatmeal cookies

P: popcorn

Q: queso

R: raisins

S: strawberries

T: taffy

U: udon noodles

V: veggie chips

W: watermelon

X: xocolatl

Y: yogurt

Z: zebra cakes

Printable Letter Recognition Activities

Looking for even more printable letter recognition activities to add to your alphabet lesson plans? I’ve got all kinds of alphabet fun and printable activities to discover! Check out some of my favorite upper case and lower case letter activities and worksheets to get another great activity idea for your students this year.

Interactive Alphabet Notebook

Alphabet Color by Letter Pages

The Best Alphabet Printables

Rainbow Write the Alphabet

Alphabet Tracing Worksheets

Do you have a favorite way to practice learning the letters of the alphabet that I forgot to mention? Share your favorite alphabet activities and your own letter crafts for the classroom in the comment section. I can’t wait to read about your favorite resources for learning letters and awesome letter crafts in the comments! 

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