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Fun and Easy Fall Crafts for Kids

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Fun and easy fall crafts for kids make it easy to teach all kinds of important early learning skills in the classroom and at home. I’ve got lots of great printable fall crafts for preschool and kindergarten students to do this season that I can’t wait to share with you!

There are so many benefits to adding arts and crafts to your kindergarten and preschool lessons! Crafts allow kids to get creative, use their imagination, practice following step-by-step directions, and build critical fine motor skills. Plus, you can use them to build crucial early literacy and numeracy skills at home and in the classroom.

Keep reading to discover some of my favorite fall crafts for kids including name crafts, literacy crafts, and crafts that help students practice numeracy skills too. You won’t want to miss all these fun and easy fall craft ideas!

fall crafts for kids

Embracing Crafts for Preschool and Kindergarten Students

Sometimes crafts feel too messy or a bit unnecessary, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, easy autumn crafts are filled with learning opportunities for your preschool and kindergarten students! There are all kinds of benefits that come from adding easy fall crafts for kids to your lesson plans this season.

Benefits of Fall Crafts for Kids

Crafts help kids build hand-eye coordination. Completing crafts helps children practice using their hands to combine various materials and create a finished product. It’s the ideal way to build the coordination and dexterity they’ll need for writing without picking up a pencil. 

Using Imagination with Fall Crafts

Adding crafts to your lessons with preschoolers and kindergartners encourages kids to use their imaginations and think creatively. Crafts also provide kids with the opportunity to explore their senses as they engage with a variety of textures, colors, and shapes.

Following Direction Skills

Plus, working to complete crafts is great practice for kids learning to follow step-by-step instructions. Your students will need to follow each step in order to reach the optimal final result for their craft. Through trial and error, they’ll learn which steps must be done in a certain order.

Fall Crafts Teach Patience

This is also a great exercise in patience. We could all use more of that! Children will practice pattern recognition and learn to pay attention to detail as they work. These cognitive skills are essential for development and crafts are a fun way to practice them successfully.

Tips and Tricks for Using Fall Crafts for Kids

So how can you add more crafts to your lesson plans? Letting your preschool or kindergarten students have free reign over the scissors and glue is terrifying! However, there are some tips and tricks you can use to help make crafts a success in your classroom.

First, talk about procedures and expectations with your students. Be sure to talk about what you don’t do with the crafting supplies. Gather supplies beforehand so you won’t need to leave students unattended to get something you forgot about.

Then, model the craft. Each of my printable fall crafts for kids includes a full-color image of the completed craft. This way, students and teachers can see what the result should look like and create their own version more easily. 

Finally, if it feels easier to do a craft as a small group, do it that way. You can easily incorporate the craft into a classroom center so you can help a smaller group of students individually.

Whatever you do, have fun with the fall crafts for kids I’ve listed below.

Fall Crafts for Preschool Name Practice

One of the early skills your preschoolers will need to master at the start of the year is writing and spelling their names. Fortunately, I’ve got lots of fall crafts for preschool to help your students do just that!

Check out some of my favorite fall crafts for kids to help them practice recognizing and spelling their own names at home and in the classroom.

fall crafts for kids

Apple Name Craft

Fall Leaves Name Craft

Turkey Hat Name Craft

Pilgrim Name Craft

fall crafts for preschool

Halloween Bat Name Craft

Spider Name Craft

Witch Name Craft

Cauldron Name Craft

Literacy Practice with Fall Crafts for Kids

Helping preschool and kindergarten students build early literacy skills will encourage your kids to embrace reading and writing. The best way to ensure your little learners will fall in love with books is to read to them. Reading aloud is great for kids of all ages, whether they can read independently or not. 

Fall crafts for kindergarten or preschool learners will help them to practice the important early literacy skills they’re learning in the classroom.

Print these fall crafts for kids to do in the classroom or send them home for extra practice this autumn. 

fall crafts for kids

Color by Letter Halloween Worksheets

Bat Craft with Emergent Reader Book

Pete the Cat Thanksgiving Sequencing Craft

How To Cook a Turkey Craft & Writing Activity

easy fall crafts

Thankful Tree Printable Fall Craft for Preschool

Thanksgiving Syllable Activity for Preschoolers

Skeleton Labeling

ABC Haunted House

Building Numeracy Skills with Easy Autumn Crafts

Easy autumn crafts are a fun way to practice early numeracy skills with kids! Crafts naturally help students develop hand-eye coordination and practice pattern recognition. Many of my printable fall crafts for kindergarten and preschool are perfect for practicing number identification, counting skills, and more!

Halloween Shape Pumpkin

fall crafts for kindergarten

Witch Shape Craft

Counting Eyeballs Emergent Reader

Cauldron Counting Stew

Shape Turkey Fall Craft for Preschool

easy autumn crafts

Frankenstein Shape Craft for Preschool

Build a Monster Printable

Halloween M&M Graph

Turkey Number Sense

More Activities and Fall Crafts for Kindergarten and Preschool

There are so many more fun activities and fall crafts for kindergarten and preschool learners to explore. I’ve got all kinds of printable cut-and-paste crafts, paper plate crafts, hands-on science experiments, and sensory learning fun for you to explore this fall during Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget to check out more of the fun fall crafts for preschool and kindergarten kiddos below.

Halloween Cut and Paste Crafts

Halloween crafts for kids to make this fall

Candy Corn Science Experiment

Candy Corn science experiment for Halloween

30 Best Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

My Favorite Fall Activities for Kids

Do you have any favorite fall crafts for kids that I didn’t mention? Share your favorite fall activities and easy autumn crafts in the comments. I can’t wait to read them and try a few with my students this season too!

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