Easy Printable Shape Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

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There are lots of easy turkey crafts and adorable Thanksgiving crafts you can do with preschoolers this November! I’ve got a printable shape turkey craft that’s filled with opportunities for preschool students to develop their fine motor skills and explore important early math concepts too. 

If you’re searching for a fun way to help your preschoolers start identifying shapes, check out the cute turkey shapes in this cut-and-paste Thanksgiving activity. Then, discover more fun ways to learn shapes and more of my favorite printable easy turkey crafts to do in the classroom and at home. These no-prep printable crafts and activities are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving lesson plans!

shape turkey craft

Tips for Teaching Shapes to Preschoolers

Most toddlers begin to recognize the shape of objects around them by age two. Preschool students can begin identifying the shapes they see around the room. There are lots of fun ways to begin formal shape lessons with your preschoolers this fall.

Learning about shapes helps preschoolers begin to make sense of the world around them. Once they have mastered basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles, your little learners will be able to focus on more complex two-dimensional shapes like hearts, stars, and ovals.

Soon, they’ll be ready for three-dimensional shapes like cubes, cones, and spheres too! 

Beginning with easy turkey crafts like my printable shape turkey craft is a great way to get started. In fact, there are all kinds of easy shape activities you can do with young learners in the classroom and at home.

Discover more of my favorite shape activities for preschoolers to get ideas for your upcoming lesson plans. You’ll see fun Fall art projects like my:

My Free Printable Shape Turkey Craft Activitiy

This FREE printable shape turkey craft is the perfect way to practice identifying shapes with your preschool students this November. Plus, it’s really cute! Preschoolers will get to find and identify the shapes and use them to create their own adorable turkeys with this easy turkey craft. 

Then, build fine motor skills by cutting and pasting different shapes like triangles, circles, and octagons needed to make their own adorable turkey friends. Preschoolers will need construction paper, a glue stick, and scissors to make their fun turkey craft come to life.

shape turkey craft

It’s a great way to help little learners practice following step-by-step directions too. You can even take the learning a step further by adding googly eyes and turkey feathers to these simple shape turkeys. 

Keep the learning going by making up stories about your little turkeys! Encourage preschoolers to share their stories with family and friends when they take each cut-and-paste turkey craft home over Thanksgiving break. In the meantime, this construction paper shape turkey craft makes a truly adorable bulletin board for your preschool classroom!

More Thanksgiving Crafts for Preschool

My Thanksgiving shape craft is so much fun! After your preschoolers have created their own cute turkeys, enjoy more learning fun in the classroom this November with a few of my other Thanksgiving crafts for preschool.

Turkey Disguise Project

Get ready to help your turkey friend escape Thanksgiving dinner by creating a unique disguise just for him! Who will your turkey be? How will she escape being served for dinner?

Thanksgiving crafts

Preschoolers and older kids will have great fun inventing fun costumes for their turkeys and writing about how they plan to help their own turkey escape Thanksgiving this fall season. This Turkey Disguise Project is the perfect Thanksgiving keepsake for parents and grandparents!

How to Cook a Turkey

Do you know how to cook a turkey? Learn How To Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey with step-by-step instructions from your preschoolers. This hilarious activity is a great way to practice “first, then” statements and sequencing with your little learners. 

easy turkey crafts

This fun Thanksgiving craft is also perfect for reading aloud around the Thanksgiving dinner table. You can attach these to the shape turkey template for an extra special Thanksgiving bulletin board too.

Pilgrim Name Craft

Help your preschoolers practice writing and spelling their own names with my printable Pilgrim Name Craft. These pilgrim crafts make great bookmarks for any Thanksgiving storybook. Your preschoolers will enjoy creating their own personalized pilgrim boys and girls to celebrate the season with this November. 

Thanksgiving crafts

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more simple shapes by pointing out the geometric shapes on this printable pilgrim craft too. Then, discover more turkey activities like my Turkey Name Hat Craft for preschoolers.

turkey crafts for kids

I know these easy turkey crafts will make a great addition to your Thanksgiving lesson plans. Don’t forget to grab my free printable template for this adorable shape turkey craft. 

Then, discover more fun preschool activities for the month of November in my Turkey Themed Lesson Plan. My Turkey Lesson Plans are filled with 15 different activities to help your preschoolers practice shapes, develop literacy skills, and learn early math concepts while having fun this November. 

Do you have a great idea for teaching a variety of common shapes with easy turkey crafts? Share your favorite great turkey craft for younger kids in the comment section. I’m always looking for fun new Thanskgiving crafts for classroom use and extra practice at home.

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