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Best Disguise the Turkey Project Ideas for School

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Whether you’re looking for a family project before Thanksgiving dinner or a great way to have fun learning in your kindergarten classroom, my disguise the turkey project is the perfect fun activity idea. This printable turkey disguise project bundle is filled with opportunities for learning and is so much fun! 

Beginning with Thanksgiving emergent readers to storybooks you can read aloud to your kindergarten students, these turkey ideas are the perfect way to celebrate and build early literacy skills in the classroom or at home this November. Plus, I’ve got turkey template printables that will encourage your young learners to think creatively, develop fine motor skills, and practice handwriting while celebrating with an adorable turkey craft.

Ready to discover how you can have more fun than you did last year with these printable great ideas? Keep reading to get my favorite disguise the turkey project ideas and printables!

disguise the turkey project

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Discover the Magic of Turkey Trouble During Circle Time

In Wendi Silvano’s book Turkey Trouble, the turkey knows Thanksgiving is coming and he has a plan. Turkey creates a variety of silly costumes in order to disguise himself from Farmer Jake by pretending to be other animals. In the end, the farmer decides he’ll just have a rooster for dinner instead.

The illustrations in Turkey Trouble are adorable! These colorful images will help make it easy for your students to picture all kinds of silly turkey disguises for their own turkey disguise project. This book is the perfect Thanksgiving read aloud for circle time in the classroom and it’s a fun read for kids to share with parents at home too.

Get kids involved in the discussion before moving to Thanksgiving crafts by asking them which disguise they would choose for their turkey. Would a Darth Vader turkey scare the farmer away? Could a Harry Potter turkey put a spell on the farmer? What about a Wonder Woman disguised turkey? 

disguise a turkey craft

After quickly brainstorming their creative turkey disguise ideas, your kindergartners will be ready to transition to my next printable disguise the turkey activity.

Keep reading to discover how you can use my next fun turkey project printable to teach math concepts like counting, graphing, and making predictions.

Explore Math Concepts with Kindergarten Turkey Disguise Ideas

Who says math can’t be fun? With these printable kindergarten turkey disguise ideas, there’s lots of fun and math skill building too. Just print my turkey disguise activity bundle and grab the prediction worksheet. 

First, kids get to make predictions about whether they think their classmates like turkey or not. Do most kids like turkey? While your students are finding out, they’ll be learning about making predictions and how to form an educated guess with this printable turkey disguise school project.

turkey in disguise

Then, kindergartners will get to poll the class (or their families at Thanksgiving dinner) to see who likes to eat turkey. Then, students can record their results by coloring the corresponding number of turkeys on the lefthand side of the page. As an added bonus, they’ll be developing fine motor skills and practicing one-to-one correspondence while counting and coloring each turkey. 

Finally, everyone can share their results with the class (or their families) and determine once and for all if turkey is a favorite or not. It’s a hands-on way for kindergarten students to develop important early math skills while having all kinds of fun this Thanksgiving!

Develop Fine Motor Skills with My Turkey Disguise Craftivity

Building fine motor skills is a critical part of early childhood development. My turkey disguise craftivity is the perfect combination of fine motor skills practice and fun. First, kindergartners will have fun crafting their own turkey disguises. 

I’ve included 11 printable turkey disguise templates in this project to make it easy for kids to get started turning their turkeys into whatever character they wish. Can’t find the turkey costume you want in my printable pack? That’s ok, let your kids get creative bringing their own turkey disguise ideas to life!

Grab some construction paper, cotton balls, pom poms, and googly eyes to get started. Then, set about crafting the perfect disguise! You can make ninja turkey costumes, tough football player turkeys, a turkey that looks like the Easter Bunny, or a lovable Mickey Mouse turkey disguise to keep your turkeys safe. There are so many creative ideas for your turkey disguise project!

Need another adorable turkey craft to keep your kids busy this Thanksgiving? Get little hands involved in even more creative fun with my Turkey Hat Craft.

turkey crafts

These turkey crafts make a cute decoration for any Thanksgiving table and it’s a great way to get kids thinking about gratitude just in time for the holidays too.

Craft an Emergent Reader Disguise the Turkey Project to Take Home

At the end of the school day, send some of this disguise the turkey project fun home with a printable emergent reader. Kindergartners can build print awareness and practice their cutting skills as they put together these cute disguise the turkey books.

turkey in disguise template

Then, take them home to share the story with family and friends over Thanksgiving break. You can even print these turkey emergent reader books in black and white so they can double as a coloring page for extra fine motor skills practice at home. 

Finally, ask kids to write about how they would disguise a Thanksgiving turkey of their own. It’s a Thanksgiving writing assignment that’s sure to keep them thinking creatively and developing handwriting skills even over the holiday break! Turkeys could become doctors, mermaids, astronauts, or even Santa Claus! 

For even more turkey themed fun this Thanksgiving, check out my Turkey Lesson Plan filled with 15 fun turkey activities you can do in the classroom and at home this November. Do you have a favorite disguise the turkey project activity to share? I’d love to read about your favorite activity ideas in the comments!

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