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Rainbow Crafts for Kids

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Engaging in rainbow crafts with your preschoolers is a great way to explore all kinds of fun science topics together this year. You can use rainbows to practice color identification and explore color mixing. Plus, it’s an excellent way to start talking about light and the effects of bending light.

These rainbow crafts will give you lots of opportunities to build essential fine motor skills too. Many of these crafts include cutting, pasting, and using pincher grasp. All these important early learning skills will help your preschoolers get ready for handwriting. Plus, these rainbow crafts are super fun ways to explore creativity and self-expression with your preschool learners.

Ready to check out these easy rainbow crafts for kids? Keep reading to discover process art projects, science experiments, and lots of crafts with popsicle sticks and cotton balls too.

Are you looking for easy rainbow crafts for kids?

These rainbow crafts for kids are perfect for little hands and little imaginations to learn all the colors of the rainbow! Whether it is for a colorful preschool project or for a fun craft at home, kids will love making their very own rainbows to brighten up a gloomy day! 

rainbow crafts for kids

Fun Preschool Rainbow Crafts

#1 Rainbow Craft

Create your very own magical rainbow with this easy pom pom rainbow craft! This is a great project for little kids to learn about colors and more!

rainbow craft for kids
Pom Pom Rainbow Craft by Artsy Craftsy Mom

#2 Easy Popsicle Sticks Rainbow Craft from Mom Brite

This popsicle sticks rainbow craft is super easy and simple, with materials you probably already have at home! It’s a great opportunity to teach your preschoolers color recognition.

#3 3D Rainbow Craft From Mama of Minis

This 3D rainbow craft for kids uses simple materials to make the cutest pop-up rainbows. Perfect for color recognition, measuring, or just a fun spring craft for kids.

#4 Rainbow Science Craft for Kids

Learn about the colors of the rainbow with this fun science craft for kids. Making crystals is a lot of fun and your children are sure to be amazed with this easy rainbow craft for kids.

Crystal Rainbow science experiment for kids to learn about colors this spring or St Patricks Day
Rainbow Science Experiment by The Primary Parade

For step by step instructions to recreate this rainbow, check out my St Patricks Day post.

#5 Caterpillar Button Craft from Artsy Craftys Mom

Make a cute little rainbow caterpillar button craft that can double up as a bookmark or Add a bright background and you have a craft that’s perfect for a child’s room!

#6 Rainbow in a Bag Process Art

Young artists will love squishing a rainbow in a bag for a mostly mess free art and sensory experience!

rainbow process art
Rainbow in a Bag Process Art By Little Bins for Little Hands

#7 Marshmallow Rainbow Craft from The DIY Nuts

Create a fun and easy rainbow craft for kids with items you probably already have in your pantry.

#8 Stained Glass Rainbow Sun catcher from Mom Brite

This stained glass rainbow sun catcher is a simple and fun rainbow craft for toddlers and preschoolers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the beginning of spring!

#9 Rainbow Sticky Wall

If you’re looking for a cute preschool rainbow craft that encourages tons of independent play, you have to try this rainbow sticky wall!

St Patricks Day activities for preschool to teach kids their colors with a sticky wall

I love how full of color it is as the sunlight shines through the window. To recreate this all you need is a pencil, Contact Paper, tape, and Tissue Paper.

  1. Draw a rainbow on the Contact Paper with a pencil.
  2. Peel the backing off the Contact Paper and tape it to a window, sticky side up.
  3. Tear squares of Tissue Paper and place them on the rainbow arch to create the rainbow.

More Rainbow Crafts for Kids

#10 Rainbow Cereal Necklace

This adorable rainbow cereal necklace is a kid’s craft they’ll love to make and snack on. It’s fun, easy, and yummy for all ages.

St Patricks Day activities for preschool threading rainbow necklaces with Fruit Loops and string

Just gather Fruit Loops, string, and Marshmallows for a yummy rainbow snacktivity!

#11 Rainbow Jellyfish Craft from Crafts by Amanda

This adorable rainbow jellyfish craft is full of vibrant colors and easy to make. Pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and Styrofoam balls are all that are needed for this rainbow craft for preschoolers!

#12 Colorful Rainbow Paper Plate Craft by Two Kids and a Coupon

This colorful rainbow paper plate craft for kids is the perfect project to cheer up a gloomy day.

#13 Rainbow Cloud Craft

Kids will love making their very own rainbow at home with this fun and easy Rainbow Cloud Craft! It’s easy enough for preschoolers and kindergarteners to make on their own as they learn all about colors.

preschool rainbow craft
Rainbow Cloud Craft by Wonder in His World

#14 Rainbow Science Craft for Kids

Combine science and art that’s simple to set up and even simpler for little hands to do! Fantastic fun and a colorful rainbow STEAM project for little learners.

Rainbow science craft for kids
Rainbow Science Craft by Little Bins for Little Hands

#15 Pop-Up Paper Plate Rainbows by Pink Stripey Socks

These paper plate rainbows are an easy and cute preschool craft that kids will love making!

#16 Confetti Rainbow Picture craft by Rainy Day Mum

Rainbows brighten even the darkest of days and this easy rainbow craft is great for kids of all ages to do at home.

#17 Walking Rainbow Science Craft

Have you ever done a color transfer science experiment? We’ve done this with plants and had to try it out as a rainbow craft.

rainbow activities for kids

As the water transfers through the paper towels to the cups, the colors begin to mix and you should get a nice rainbow effect! For the step by step instructions on how to complete this, check out my St Patricks Day post.

#18 Rainbow Cereal Craft

This rainbow cereal craft is perfect for spring or a rainy day. Bring a little color (and flavor) into your day with this tasty kid’s craft.

rainbow snack craft for kids to do on St Patricks Day

More Rainbow Ideas and Printables

I just know your family is going to have tons of fun with these free rainbow crafts for kids! Need more preschool rainbow crafts and activities to celebrate Spring this year? Check these out:

30 Great St Patricks Day activities for kids
Rainbow Beginning Sounds
150+ Free Spring activities for kids

Don’t forget to share your favorite easy rainbow crafts and learning activities with me in the comment section. I can’t wait to read all about the fun you’re having exploring rainbows with your preschoolers this school year.

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