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Candy Heart Math Activities for Preschoolers

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I’m so excited to share my candy heart math activities for preschoolers with you just in time for Valentine’s Day this year! These Valentine’s Day math printables will make it easy to teach early numeracy skills in the classroom this February. Plus, they’re a lot of fun too!

Get the whole class involved in sorting and graphing with conversation heart preschool activities that are both easy and fun. Then, enjoy more candy heart math activities for Valentine’s Day with your preschool students. Finally, discover more of my favorite conversation heart preschool activities to do at home and in the classroom this year.

candy heart math activities

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Teach Early Numeracy with Valentine’s Day Math Activities

Are you searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day math printable for your preschool students this February? Then, you’re in the right place! I’ve got a conversation heart preschool activity that’s easy and fun for the whole class.

conversation heart math activities

There are so many things you can do with candy hearts! Practicing counting skills, one-to-one correspondence, “building numbers,” and even pattern practice are all easy to do with a few simple candy heart math activities. Keep reading to discover some of my favorite Valentine’s Day math activities with conversation hearts for preschool learners.

Candy Heart Math Activities for Valentine’s Day

Candy hearts are everywhere in the month of February! If you’re looking for ways to encourage math practice in the classroom and at home, these little conversation heart sweets can certainly help. 

Plus, using candy hearts for math means your preschoolers will be eating fewer candies this Valentine’s Day too. Check out some of my favorite candy heart math activities for Valentine’s Day down below.

Symmetry Lessons

Chat with your preschool students about the shape of these little conversation hearts. Hearts are a great shape to use as you begin explaining symmetry to your preschoolers because they’re symmetrical. Draw a few hearts on paper, cut them out, and fold them in half to bring the lesson to life for your preschool kiddos.

Building Numbers

Next, try building some numbers with your candy hearts this Valentine’s Day. Print large numbers on paper or use number flash cards. Then, have preschoolers “build” the number by lining up conversation candy hearts. 

Counting Skills

Practice counting skills with your preschoolers this Valentine’s Day as you count out the candy hearts together or independently. It’s a great way to help preschoolers practice important early math skills like one-to-one correspondence.

Pattern Practice

You can use Valentine’s Day conversation hearts to teach your preschoolers about patterns too. Create fun patterns together with candy hearts by taking turns finishing the pattern or creating your own. Then, talk about what a pattern is and how patterns can be different. 

Sorting & Graphing

Another fun early math skill to practice with candy hearts is sorting. Have your preschool students sort conversation hearts by color or sort them by the words on each heart. Then, graph the results individually or together as a class.

candy heart math activities

Conversation Heart Valentine’s Day Math Printables

To help make it easy to practice sorting and graphing with candy hearts this February, I’ve put together a few conversation heart Valentine’s Day math printables to help.

You can use these Valentine’s Day math printables to collect data about the conversation hearts your preschoolers observe and then graph the data together as a class or individually. It’s a fun and simple way to practice early numeracy skills with your preschool students this year.

More Conversation Heart Preschool Activities to Try

If you’re excited to try this candy heart math activity, don’t miss my other conversation heart preschool activities for more early learning fun with your preschool students. Check out my Candy Heart Science Experiment to discover if these little conversation hearts sink or float. 

candy heart science experiment

Then, share your favorite Valentine’s Day math activities in the comments. I can’t wait to try them out with my preschool students this year!

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