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Candy Heart Science Experiment for Preschoolers 

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Are your preschool learners ready for Valentine’s Day this February? If you’re planning a classroom celebration or looking for more ways to have fun with your preschoolers this Valentine’s Day, you can’t miss these science activities… especially my candy heart science experiment!

Today, I’m excited to share my favorite new printable candy heart activities for preschoolers. Your early learners will have fun guessing whether their candy hearts will sink or float. Then, test the hypothesis with an engaging candy heart science experiment.

Plus, I’ll share some of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for preschoolers celebrate the holiday at hoome and in the classroom this February. Keep reading to get printable Valentine’s Day conversation heart activities and more just in time for the holiday!

candy heart science experiment

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Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas for Preschoolers this February

Are you looking for fun Valentine’s Day ideas for your preschoolers this February? Then, you’re in the right place! I love to use thematic units in my preschool classroom that line up with upcoming holidays and seasons. 

Theming your preschool lessons to match up with the holidays is a great way to engage your early learners and take advantage of their natural curiosity to encourage learning and fun in the classroom. This year, I’ve got all kinds of fun planned for our Valentine’s Day lessons!

Check out some of the beautiful books we’re going to enjoy together below.

The Shape of My Heart by Mark Sperring

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse by Laura Numeroff 

Llama Llama I Love You by Anna Dewdney

Four Valentines in a Rainstorm by Felicia Bond

Viking in Love by Doug Cenko

Reading aloud to your preschool learners is the very best way to help them fall in love with books. Great picture books help establish print awareness at an early age and expand your preschoolers’ vocabulary.

Plus, they’re a fantastic way to talk about new things with your early learners and introduce important topics.

In addition to these fun preschool read aloud books, we like to engage in Valentine’s Day crafts, math activities, and science experiments. Check out my favorite candy heart science experiment below for a conversation heart preschool activity your whole class will love this year!

Conversation Heart Preschool Activities for Your Science Lesson

This conversation heart activity for preschoolers is one of my favorites! I’ve created an easy printable so you can recreate this fun science lesson with your students too. To complete the Valentine’s Day experiment, you’ll need candy hearts and a few items you probably already have at home.

candy heart science experiment

This conversation heart preschool activity is a sink or float science experiment. Sink or float experiments are ideal for preschool and kindergarten learners who are beginning to explore cause and effect.

Other cool scientific concepts your preschoolers will be exposed to with this candy heart science experiment include comparison, observation, and gathering data. 

Plus, it’s a fun way to use up all that extra Valentine’s Day candy without loading your preschoolers up on sugar! Grab your no-prep printable candy heart science experiment (3 variations in the worksheet) today to get started.

Then, check out more ways to have fun with conversation heart preschool activities below.

More Fun with Candy Hearts for Your Preschool Classroom

Want to have even more fun with candy hearts in your classroom and at home? Don’t miss my conversation heart preschool activity all about sorting and graphing.

conversation heart math activities

My Conversation Heart Sorting & Graphing Activity is a fun way to introduce early math concepts to your preschool students this February.

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