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Community Helpers Preschool Theme

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I’m really excited to share one of our favorite preschool themes with you: community helpers. This community helpers preschool theme is fun and engaging! It’s filled with activities that kept my little one busy all week long. Plus, you can use the activities and lesson plans in this theme to focus on a wide variety of subjects.

This community helpers preschool theme includes enough activities and printables for a whole week of learning (maybe more!). Feel free to pick and choose activities for your preschoolers or enjoy all the fun jam packed into this community helpers preschool theme. Keep reading to discover all the fun included in this week long preschool theme and ideas to extend the learning.

community helper crafts for kids

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Hands On Community Helper Learning Activities

This community helpers preschool theme is filled with hands on learning activities and games to play with your preschoolers. I’ve included many of my favorite activities to help your preschoolers learn all about the people working in their community every day.

Check out these fun community helper activities you can do at home with your preschoolers or in the classroom:

community helpers lesson plan

Community Helper Math Activities

There are lots of ways to build important early math skills with your preschoolers while learning about community helpers. Help your preschoolers practice counting skills, measuring, and patterns. Plus, learn about shapes and one to one correspondence with your early learners as you explore community helpers like firefighters, police officers, and dentists. 

Here are a few of the fun math activities included in this community helpers preschool theme:

preschool fire activities in a community helpers theme

Community Helper Reading Activities

Reading aloud to preschoolers is my favorite reading activity, but there are lots of other fun ways you can practice early reading skills at home and in your preschool classroom. With the hands-on reading activities in this community helpers preschool theme, you can help your early learners explore letter identification, letter sounds, rhyming, and build phonemic awareness too.

Check out some of the hands-on reading activities included in this preschool theme:

community helpers reading activity to practice beginning sounds in preschool

Beginning Sounds Stamps – I love when you can find a fun way to incorporate reading skills into lessons. This activity was one of those!

You simply cut the stamps and match its initial sound to the correct letter envelope! Easy peasy, with loads of nonstop fun and engagement!

community helpers preschool activities

Who Am I? Activity – My little ones handwriting is going to be a work in progress for quite some time, so I usually try to incorporate some writing into our units.

This activity was great for her because it gave her the extra support by letting her trace the names of the community helpers without the frustration of doing it all completely by herself.

community helpers preschool activity to practice learning letters

Alphabet Trash Pick Up – We played this letter recognition activity all week long. It was definitely a favorite in our house and will be in yours too.

We crumbled up the lettered trash cans and used motor skills to pick them up with a toy claw grabber. Then, we did some letter recognition by identifying them on the worksheet and dabbing them with a bingo dauber! Seriousy, so fun!

Fine Motor & Gross Motor Activities for a Community Helper theme

Helping preschoolers develop motor skills is sometimes overlooked in favor of academic activities like reading and math, but it’s critical to learning success for preschoolers. I’ve included lots of motor activities to get your preschoolers up and moving while helping them build important skills like coordination, confidence, and early handwriting skills.

Check out some of the fun activities for focusing on motor skills in this community helpers preschool theme:

  • Loads of Dirt Activity – Practice counting and fine motor skills while you roll Playdoh into dirt balls and load them into the dump trunk using tweezers.
  • Play Red Light, Green Light 
  • Community Helpers Movement Cards
  • Spray the Flames Activity – Tape the flames from the fire fighter bowling game to the fence and take out your water guns for added fun. Your preschoolers will love squirting the flames as you call out the numbers.

You can also incorporate a game of community helper charades, my printable community helper play dough mats, or community helper sensory bins for extra motor skill building fun with your preschoolers.

Community Helper Crafts for Preschool

I’ve also included some fun community helper crafts in this preschool theme to help your early learners practice cutting, pasting, and getting creative this year. Here are a few of my favorites:

community helpers crafts for career day

These community helper crafts for kids are the perfect addition to any career day or community helpers themed week. These include full body, boy and girl versions of each craft. Your preschoolers will love making a:

  • Firefighter craft
  • Policeman craft
  • Garbage man craft
  • Vet craft
  • Chef craft
  • Nurse craft
  • Doctor craft
  • Mailman craft
  • Teacher craft
  • Mechanic craft
  • Dentist craft
  • Construction Worker craft

Community Helper Coloring Page

Choose your favorite community helper and record the facts you’ve learned about them in this fun community helper coloring page. It has a place for all the essentials such as what the community helper looks like, where they work, the tools they use in their profession, and how they’re helpful to the community.

community helpers activities

Community Helper Puppets

Another fun favorite that your students will love to make year after year are these fun community helper puppets.

preschool community helpers theme puppets

Story Time with Community Helper Books

Reading aloud to preschoolers is the most important thing you can do to prepare your early learners to be successful readers.

Sharing story books with preschoolers helps them develop language skills, focus, imagination, and comprehension skills. Plus, read alouds are a great way to introduce new vocabulary to your preschoolers too.

Check out some of my favorite community helper books for preschool story time:

You can use these books to reinforce the lessons you’ve learned at the end of the day while bonding over a good book with your preschooler. Or use these fun read alouds to introduce the lessons and activities in this community helpers preschool theme by starting your day with preschool story time. 

Community Helpers Emergent Reader

Create a class book with my community helper easy reader. Your students will love identifying each community hero as they color the pictures and trace their name.

free community helper activities

Community Helper Songs to Sing Together

Exposing your preschoolers to music builds memory skills and gross motor skills. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage preschoolers to express themselves and incorporate physical activity in your lessons. Encouraging physical activity at home and in the classroom has tons of benefits for children. 

You can use community helper songs to help your preschoolers remember all the fun things they learn with this community helper preschool theme. Plus, it’s a fun way to build motor skills and coordination too. 

Here are a few of my favorite community helper songs for preschoolers:

  • Community Count by Jack Hartmann
  • Wheels On the Bus by Super Simple Songs
  • Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Fire Truck by The Kiboomers
  • Let’s Go Shopping by Maple Leaf Learning
  • Community Helpers by Patty Shukla

Community Helper Role Play & Games

Incorporating role play and games in your lessons is another fun way to explore community helpers with your preschoolers this school year. Role playing is a great way for kids to learn about the world around them and begin to understand the roles of different community helpers in their own neighborhood. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! 

To encourage community helper role play in your classroom or at home, use the community helper paper bag puppet craft to invent characters with your preschoolers or provide dress up clothes and centers that encourage kids to explore community helpers through pretend play.

Looking for community helper games to add to this preschool theme? Here are a few favorites:

You can also use these apps to incorporate technology in your community helpers preschool theme lessons this week. Check out some of our favorite apps for exploring community helpers:

Learning with Field Trips

I’m a big fan of field trips! Getting out in the community with your preschoolers might be the best way to learn about community helpers. Kids can meet the helpers in their own community and learn more about what they do with one or more of these community helper theme preschool field trips:

  • Visit the Post Office
  • Go to the Fire Station
  • Check out the Police Station

It’s a great opportunity to teach preschoolers how to mail a letter or how to stay safe in the event of a fire. Also, a field trip to meet the helpers in your community can help kids not to be afraid or nervous around community helpers like firefighters and police officers.

Community Helper Project Ideas

It’s not too early for preschoolers to begin helping out in the community. You can teach your preschoolers how to help in the local community with these fun community helper project ideas to do during your preschool theme. Here are a few of my favorite community helper project ideas for preschoolers to participate in:

Community Garden

Starting a community garden with your preschoolers is a year long project that everyone can work together to complete. In the end, it will be a resource for your community that’s filled with lots of learning opportunities for preschoolers too.

Already have a community garden? Take your preschoolers on a field trip to help tend the garden and learn about how it helps your community.

Litter Clean Up

Working together to clean up litter is an easy task that can teach your preschoolers all about the importance of conservation and working together. Make a commitment to spend time cleaning up litter from the school campus, your neighborhood, or participate in a local clean up day in your community. 

This would also make an amazing Earth Day project for kids!

Recycling Project

Beginning a recycling project with your preschoolers this year is a fun way to help kids understand why it’s important to recycle while encouraging creativity and building STEAM skills with your early learners.

Giving Back to the Community

Encourage your preschoolers to think of ways they can be community helpers too. Undertake a project with your preschool learners to give back to the community helpers in your neighborhood. Make cards for firefighters, police officers, and emergency workers in your neighborhood to show your appreciation for their help in the community.

I’m really excited about teaching my preschoolers all bout the community helpers in or neighborhood with this fun preschool theme. It’s the perfect unit study for preschoolers, because there are lots of opportunities to learn about how our community can work together to help one another while practicing important academic concepts and skills too.

Do you have any fun community helper projects or activities planned for your preschoolers this school year? Share your community helper preschool theme ideas in the comment section. I can’t wait to read them and try a few with my own preschoolers this year!

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