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8 Color By Number Valentines Day Printable Pages For Kids

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Color by number Valentines Day printable pages are a fun way to build fine motor skills with your preschool and kindergarten students this February. I’m excited to share my favorite color by number pages with you just in time for Valentine’s Day! 

In addition to building fine motor skills, these valentine’s mystery pictures will help your students practice color recognition, learn color words, and practice number recognition skills in a fun way. Plus, they’re an easy way to celebrate February 14th in the classroom and at home that won’t require hours of prep for you beforehand. 

Ready to grab 8 Valentine’s Day color by number pages to add to your lesson plans this February? Keep reading to get yours and discover more printable Valentine’s Day fun too!

Get 8 Color By Number Valentines Day Printable Pages

These Color By Number Valentines Day Printable Pages are easy to use and don’t require much prep for teachers. Just grab your favorite crayons or colored pencils and get ready to have some fun with your preschool or kindergarten students this Valentine’s Day! 

color by number valentines day printable

While kids color their mystery pictures, they’ll be building all kinds of important early learning skills. Coloring isn’t just fun, number coloring pages are an easy way to help students develop concentration and fine motor skills too. Fine motor skills are an essential part of early learning for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Your students will use fine motor skills to master everyday tasks like zipping, buttoning, and tying their shoes. Developing the finger muscles used in fine motor skills is also a critical step toward handwriting and proper penmanship for kids of all ages.

These color by number worksheets are also a fun activity your students can use to practice number recognition and color recognition as you set up for this years Valentines Day party too. As you’re setting out the table cloths and paper plates, kids will learn to identify colors and color words on each of the color by number Valentine’s Day printables.

Lining this number activity up with the upcoming holiday will help ensure your students are engaged and excited about the big day or lesson. I love theming learning activities to match upcoming holidays and current seasons because you can take advantage of your student’s natural curiosity about the world around them.

Valentine’s Day Activities for Kindergarten Students

There are so many exciting Valentine’s Day activities for kids to enjoy while learning! I especially love using this holiday to teach children about kindness and empathy. 

In addition to these printable color by number printables, I’ve got all kinds of fun number activities and Valentine’s Day fun you can enjoy with your students this year. Check out more of my favorite printable Valentine’s Day number worksheets below.

Get 33 Valentine’s Day Worksheets including coloring pages, tracing pages, and festive activities for practicing letter identification and CVC words too.

Valentines Day worksheets for kids

These are the perfect take home activities for your preschool and kindergarten students to practice all the important concepts they’re learning in the classroom this February.

My Valentine’s Day Counting Pages are free printables you can use to practice counting, number identification, and get your kids up and moving this February.

Valentines Day printables for kids

Hide these number printables around the room or in a sensory bin for your students to find and develop early math concepts this Valentine’s Day.

The printable Sweet Treats Roll and Cover Activity is an adorable activity where kids will roll a printable die with cookie treats to cover the correct numbers. It’s an easy way to practice subitizing with your early learners this Valentine’s Day.

Preschool Valentines Day activities

All of these printable pages will help your preschool and kindergarten learners master number identification, counting, and more this February. Plus, they’re so much fun for young children and older kids too! 

More Printable Valentine’s Day Fun

Printable worksheets make it easy to say yes to fun Valentine’s Day activities and save yourself hours of prep work at the same time. There are so many fun ways to celebrate this special holiday in your classroom and at home this February with easy printable educational activities.

Check out science experiments just for Valentine’s Day to get started. I’ve got Valentine Conversations Heart Activities including a sink or float experiment that’s the perfect way to get young children involved in making predictions and exploring the scientific method. 

valentines day science activity

Then, don’t miss my Valentine’s Day Name Craft with different color hearts for every letter in your child’s name. It’s such a sweet way to get creative while building your name, practicing letter identification, spelling, and handwriting too.

Valentines Day name craft

Plus, it’s a really cute keepsake for family and friends this Valentine’s Day!

Have a great time with all these adorable valentine coloring pages and fun holiday activities for kids! Then, tell me all about your favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home and in the classroom with quality time and learning in the comment section at the bottom of the post. I can’t wait to read about your favorite ways to encourage kindness and squeeze in extra practice this February!

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