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Name Writing Activities for Preschoolers

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Helping preschoolers to write their own names can be a lot of fun! Preschool name writing activities will encourage your students to write and spell their own names.

I’m excited to share my favorite name tracing worksheets, hands-on name writing activities, and name recognition crafts to help you get started practicing this important early learning skill. 

Keep reading to discover my favorite name recognition songs and preschool name writing activities to do in the classroom and at home.

Plus, grab printable name writing crafts and activities to save on prep time with your students as you practice the letters of their name this year.

preschool name writing

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How To Help A Preschooler Write Their Own Name

Teaching preschoolers to write their own names is a big deal! In fact, it’s often one of the first handwriting tasks your preschool students will master.

There are lots of ways you can help little learners write their own name in the classroom and at home.

Learning to write the letters in their names is a great way to help your preschool students build confidence and encourage them to embrace writing with enthusiasm.

Here are some simple steps to follow as you help your preschool learners practice writing their own names.

Fine Motor Activities

Begin learning to write by practicing fine motor activities with your younger children. Building fine motor muscles with young kids will help give them the finger strength and dexterity they’ll need to master early writing skills and writing letters later on. 

Trace Names

Before your preschoolers master writing their names, they’ll need to develop the fine motor skills necessary for writing letters. Name tracing worksheets and tracing activities can help students develop these skills. 

name recognition

Grab your do-a-dots, stickers, and q-tips because there’s tons of ways to incorporate name tracing into your daily routine. Tracing activities are an easy way to help preschoolers practice forming the letters in their names.

Remember to always encourage your students to start at the top when forming letters and work left to right. This will help them build print awareness for reading and proper penmanship for writing as they grow.

Display Names

We can encourage our young children to recognize and become accustomed to seeing their own names in print by displaying names with name cards and labels in the classroom and at home.

preschool name writing

Write your child’s name on their cups and lunch boxes.

Display your students’ names on their desks or create bulletin boards with your student’s names on the walls using both uppercase and lowercase letters.

I like to add each child’s name and their picture on a ring for my writing center. This way, when students are writing stories or letters to a friend they can easily flip through and correctly write the name.

My Favorite Name Tracing Worksheets

Preschool name writing practice can be added to any lesson with my Editable Tracing Template. This writing practice activity can be added to any lesson plan with your preschool students.

name tracing worksheets

It’s easy to build handwriting skills with my name tracing worksheets at home and in the classroom.

Try adding my Printable Alphabet Tracing Worksheets to your handwriting activities as well. These grab-and-go pages make it easy to practice writing capital letters and lowercase letters this year.

Plus, they’re perfect for letter-of-the-week lessons and letter sounds practice too.

Then, create your own Name Book Emergent Readers in the classroom with my editable name book pages. They’re perfect for helping preschoolers learn to write their names.

name tracing activities

There are all kinds of hands-on preschool name writing activities you can use to practice these handwriting skills too. Check out some of my favorites down below.

Hands-On Preschool Name Writing Activities

Tracing worksheets are great, but sometimes you’re looking for hands-on preschool name writing activities. Hands-on practice will get your students engaged and learning to write their names in a way that’s fun for everyone.

Here are some of my favorite preschool name writing practice activities for the classroom:

Name Crafts

My cut-and-paste name crafts make it easy for preschool kids to begin recognizing the letters in their own names. Your students can practice spelling their names and forming the letters as they become more familiar with the shape of each letter.

preschool name crafts and name activities for kids

Seasonal name crafts make adorable bulletin boards and keepsakes for parents too. Check out my Ladybug Name Craft or Bee Name Craft for some adorable name recognition practice with your preschoolers this spring.

These crafts will go well with preschool themes about bugs or seasons. Plus, they make practicing letter formation lots of fun for everyone!

Sensory Bin Activities

Sensory activities encourage kinesthetic learners to get involved while helping students build hand-eye coordination. Preschoolers will enjoy a multisensory learning experience while learning to spell and write their names with sensory bin inspired preschool name writing activities like this Sensory Bin Letter Activity.

Plus, don’t miss my DIY Preschool Sensory Bin Ideas for more fun ways to add multisensory learning experiences to your classroom this year. Your preschoolers will love all these fun sensory bins!

Montessori Sand Letter Tray

A Montessori sand tray is a wonderful way to encourage your preschoolers to explore forming letters. Kids can draw lines, squiggles, shapes, letters, and numbers in the tray to build fine motor skills and gain the confidence they’ll need to master handwriting.

Just like finger painting, writing in the sand is an engaging tactile activity that will help preschoolers develop finger control and the fine motor skills necessary for handwriting.

Plus, the sand feels wonderful between their fingers! Once they’ve mastered forming the letters with their fingers, they’ll be ready to try it with writing tools.

Name Recognition Songs and Movement Games

Singing songs helps preschool students remember all kinds of important things. Plus, it’s a fun way to explore rhyme and other early literacy skills with your preschoolers.

Check out some of my favorite name activities, songs, and movement games to add to your preschool lesson plans.

Jack in the Box Name Song and Movement Game

To play this name recognition movement game, have one student sit on the floor in the yoga “child’s pose.” Sing the lyrics with the rest of the class:

Sam in the box, sits so still.

Will he come out?

Yes! He will!

When everyone shouts “Yes! He Will” the child pops up like a jack in the box. You can sing this song for each child in your class, replacing the name with your student’s name.

Syllable Clapping Name Song

This name song is a great opportunity to help preschoolers learn names and practice syllables too. Sing together “Let’s clap Juniper. Ju-ni-per! Now let’s clap Matthew. Ma-tthew!” It’s a very simple name song, but it’s so much fun!

What’s your favorite way to teach names and practice name writing with your preschool students? Share your favorite name songs, games, and letter recognition activities in the comment section. I can’t wait to read your favorites and try a few with my students too!

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