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Fun and Easy Pumpkin Activities for Kindergarten

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As Halloween approaches, the leaves change colors and pumpkins are everywhere! It’s the perfect time to incorporate pumpkin activities for kindergarten learners into your lesson plans. 

I have all kinds of adorable pumpkin crafts and hands-on activities ready for your little pumpkins to enjoy this fall! Engage your students with science experiments, dramatic play, movement activities, and more! 

These kindergarten pumpkin activities are filled with opportunities to build literacy skills, numeracy skills, and fine motor skills with your kids. It’s the perfect way to practice all kinds of important early learning concepts in the classroom and at home this season.

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Pumpkin Patch Dramatic Play

Dramatic play and pretend play are natural favorites for kindergartners. This type of play lets kids accept a role they’re curious about or excited about and act it out. Pretending to be someone else is exciting and a great way for kids to learn too!

pumpkin activities for kindergarten

You can engage in dramatic play with your kindergartners this fall by setting up a Pumpkin Patch Dramatic Play Center in your classroom. I’ve put together a fun pumpkin patch resource filled with 69 pages of printable pumpkin patch activities and decorations to help you get started. 

Kids will love playing and learning in this pumpkin patch dramatic play center! It’s filled with activities designed to introduce your kindergartners to academic skills and concepts while having fun this fall. There are letter identification activities, sequencing activities, and pretend money for kids to practice numeracy skills.

Pumpkin Hunt Movement Activity

Movement activities are so much fun! Plus, movement activities enhance cognitive, physical, mental, and emotional health. This fall, check out my Pumpkin Hunt Movement Activity to help engage your kindergarten students in gross motor practice, social skill building, and practice hand-eye coordination. 

pumpkin activities for kindergarten

My Pumpkin Hunt Movement Activity can be done with printable pumpkins or real pumpkins. Just hide numbered small pumpkins or the included pumpkin number cards around the room.

Then, let your kindergartners hunt down the numbers and color them on their corresponding worksheets. It’s a great way to work on math skills like number recognition and number order with your kids.

Real Pumpkin Science Experiment

Using real pumpkins in the classroom is a great way to get real-world practice with hands-on activities for your students. You can use small pumpkins to help your kindergartners identify the parts of a pumpkin and label their own pumpkin drawings on this pumpkin worksheet for kids.

pumpkin activities for kindergarten

Then, talk about the pumpkin life cycles together for more science learning fun together.

Check out From Seed to Pumpkin by Wendy Pfeffer to get started.

This colorful book follows the life cycle of a pumpkin from the smallest pumpkin seed to the biggest prize-winning pumpkin in the patch. It’s a great read-aloud book for the kindergarten classroom this fall!


Finally, host a sink-or-float experiment with small pumpkins. Ask kindergartners to predict whether their pumpkins will sink or float, submerge them in water, and record the results! It’s a great time to learn about buoyancy, mass, and displacement with kids.

Easy Pumpkin Themed Lessons

I’m a big fan of using thematic lessons with preschool and kindergarten students. Thematic lessons tie together lots of subjects with a common thread that’s interesting and fun for young children.

When you can tie your lessons to the season or an upcoming holiday, your students are sure to be engaged and excited about what they’re learning!

preschool pumpkin activities

Check out my Pumpkin Themed Lessons for 15 fun pumpkin activities for kindergarten students to use in the classroom and at home. I’ve included literacy activities with pumpkin book read alouds you can enjoy during storytime. 

Plus, my favorite pumpkin math activities for this time of year. Here are a few of my favorite activities included in the bundle:

  • Counting Pumpkins On A Vine
  • Pumpkin Syllable Stack Game
  • How To Carve A Pumpkin Activity
  • Pumpkin Memory Match Game

My Favorite Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

Crafts have tons of benefits for kids. Completing crafts is an excellent way to build fine motor skills and develop the finger strength needed for handwriting.

Plus, they help your students learn to think creatively, practice self-expression, and build confidence.

Themed crafts help kindergartners remember the concepts they’re learning and bring lessons to life!

Discover some of my favorite pumpkin crafts for kids to do in the classroom and at home to get crafty with your kindergartners this season.

Tear Art Paper Pumpkin Craft

Get fine motor practice with this tear art pumpkin.

Use the handy pumpkin printable to simplify filling in the pumpkin with scrunched tissue paper. These jack-o-lanterns will look adorable on a shelf along with your favorite seasonal books.

Paper Plate Pumpkin

Practice fine motor skills while making a not-so-spooky paper plate pumpkin pail craft this Fall. Follow the instructions from A Country Girls Life to learn how to make your own this Halloween.

It’s super quick and easy, especially if you start with an orange plate. Plus, they turn out adorable and make the cutest pumpkin themed decorations.

Pumpkin Eye Dropper Craft

Kindergartners can make these easy pumpkin crafts with food coloring, an eye dropper, cotton balls, and my fun pumpkin printable!

halloween crafts for kids

Simply trace the template on cardboard and cut it out. Then glue cotton balls on the cardboard pumpkin. Finally, squeeze orange food coloring on the cotton balls to make a fun pumpkin craft for preschoolers.

Isn’t this such a fun fine-motor activity for Fall!

Pumpkin Printable Activities for Kindergarten

I’ve got some fun pumpkin activities for Kindergarten students to do this Fall. These hands-on pumpkin printables are perfect for pumpkin themed math centers and small group work too. Keep reading to see some of my favorite free pumpkin worksheets and centers for kids!

Count the Pumpkin Seeds

This simple pumpkin activity focuses on number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and counting all in one! Simply count the number of seeds on each pumpkin card and color in the correct number on the worksheet.

pumpkin activity for kids

Pumpkins on a Vine

Let’s keep the counting going with this adorable pumpkin on a vine activity. Your Kindergarteners will become quite the mathematicians as they count the number of pumpkins in each pumpkin patch and color in the right pumpkin numbers.

Halloween activities for kids

Pumpkin Literacy Centers

Teach the letters of the alphabet with this crack the egg center. Grab your pumpkin eggs and fill them with magnetic letters.

Once you’re done, hide them in a sensory bin and let your Kindergarteners begin to explore.

pumpkin activity for kids

As they find each egg they can practice identifying the letter and its sound. Then, they’ll identify the letter on the worksheet and trace it! This will definitely be one of your students favorite pumpkin activities for Kindergarten!

Count and Cover Mats

Ready for another cute pumpkin activity for Autumn? This free count and cover pumpkin worksheet is perfect for teaching handwriting strokes, number recognition, and counting.

Just grab your favorite manipulatives and a marker to bring this fun printable to life.

Pumpkin activities for kindergarten

Do you have more fun ideas to add to a kindergarten pumpkin unit? Share your favorite pumpkin science experiments, pumpkin art, and educational pumpkin activities in the comments. I can’t wait to read about them and add a few to my pumpkin season lesson plans this year too!

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