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Fire Safety Activities and Printables for Preschoolers

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Are you looking for fire safety activities for preschoolers? Discover engaging new to help you prepare for fire safety week in the classroom.

I’ve got a fire truck name craft that’s perfect for practicing fine motor skills and getting kids excited about fire prevention. Plus, I’ve got lots of awesome fire safety tips and ways to practice fire safety rules. 

You won’t want to miss my favorite books and songs about fire fighters! There are so many great ways to teach your preschoolers about these important community helpers while building literacy, numeracy, and fine motor skills right in the classroom.

Keep reading to learn all about my lesson plans and printables.

Plus, get the scoop on some great field trip ideas and hands-on fire safety activities for preschoolers. 

fire safety activities for preschoolers

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What Is Fire Prevention Week?

Fire Prevention Week has been a national public observance since 1925.

During Fire Prevention Week, children and adults learn how to stay safe during a fire. Fire fighters help educate everyone in order to decrease the number of fire casualties each year.

As teachers, we have lots of great opportunities to teach our preschoolers about the importance of fire safety and fire prevention too. We can have a fire drill and create a fire escape plan with our students.

We can also teach fire safety lesson plans complete with opportunities to practice early literacy and numeracy skills for our preschool students. 

Fire Safety Week Tips for Kids

In the event of a fire, would your preschool students know what to do? Do you have a fire safety plan for your classroom?

It’s important to teach your preschoolers about fire safety and regularly review your fire safety plan with them to prepare. 

fire safety activities for preschoolers

Preparing your preschoolers for what to expect during a fire and practicing a fire safety plan will help your kids to feel safe during a real fire. Discover lots of great Fire Safety Tips for Kids including some free printables to help you create a fire safety plan with your students here at The Primary Parade.

Then, develop your own lesson plan filled with fire safety activities to help your students combat the fear of fires with knowledge and prevention.

Fire Safety Activities for Preschoolers

Looking for a great way to teach fire safety to your students? Check out all my favorite fire safety activities for preschoolers!

Hands-on activities and printable fun activities for fire prevention month are a fun way to teach young kids about fire prevention.

Dramatic Play Center With a Fire Safety Theme

Transform your classroom’s dramatic play center into a fire station! It’s the perfect way for preschool teachers to get students excited about fire safety week.

Plus, you can use it to teach your students what to do if there’s an emergency.

Teaching fire safety to kids is easier with hands-on practice and exploration. In the fire station dramatic play center, students can explore the equipment fire fighters use, learn what to do and not do during a fire, and act out fire emergencies for extra practice. 

Fire Drill Plan and Practice Activities

When you begin making a fire drill plan with your students, you’ll want to start by explaining the drill to the kids. Explain why it’s necessary and tell your preschoolers what to do when they hear the fire alarm. Get them involved by asking for their help coming up with a code word to use.

Use the code word to alert your students during a fire drill. Choose a meeting place to gather at after you leave the building. Talk with your class about safe places and make sure everyone understands where to go.

Ask them to help you pack an emergency bag with toiletries, first aid supplies, and other basic necessities.

Keep the fire safety bag in a safe place where you can grab it quickly during a fire drill evacuation. Finally, teach kids to practice various safety practices with a variety of different activities like the ones below.

  • Open the windows
  • Get low
  • Check for heat
  • Practice with escape ladders
  • Stop, drop, and roll
  • Out means stay out

Field Trip to the Local Fire Station

Another fun way to learn about fire safety with your preschool students is to schedule a field trip.

Local fire stations are always willing to meet with students and teach them how to stay safe during a fire. Plan a day when you can visit with your class to meet the firefighters, see their equipment, and learn about their tools and fire trucks.

More Fun Learning About Fire Safety

There are so many fun fire safety crafts and activities you can enjoy with your preschoolers!

Check out some of my favorite picture books, songs about firefighters, and a printable fire truck name craft to help you get started with your own thematic unit. 

Printable Fire Truck Craft for Young Children

This fire truck name craft is a perfect fire safety craft to add to your lesson plans. It’s a great way for students to practice writing their own names, identifying and forming letters, and have fun developing fine motor skills too.

fire safety activities

Practice cutting, pasting, and handwriting with your preschoolers using this adorable Fire Truck Name Craft template. 

Picture Books for Little Firefighters

Firefighters’ Handbook by Meghan McCarthy is for every preschooler who wants to know how to become a firefighter. There’s even a firefighter interview and children’s questions included in the back of the book!

Firefighters don’t just put out fires. They do lots of other important jobs too! Teach your preschoolers all about the jobs firefighters do in Big Frank’s Fire Truck by Leslie McGuire.

Introduce your students to the first female firefighter, Molly Williams, in Molly, by Golly!: The Legend of Molly Williams by Dianne Ochiltree.

It’s a beautifully illustrated book about the first female firefighter who stopped a house fire during the influenza epidemic. 

Songs About Firefighters

Songs are a great way to help preschool students remember all kinds of important things. Plus, they’re a lot of fun to sing! Discover my favorite songs about firefighters and fire safety below.

The Fire Truck Song by Blippi

Fire Drill Song by Cocomelon

We Are Firefighters by Pink Fong

Fire Safety Scavenger Hunt

If you’re searching for fire safety activities for preschoolers that will get them up and out of their seats, try this one. Host a fire safety scavenger hunt for your students. 

Walk around the school and ask kids to look for signs of fire safety along the way. Preschoolers can mark off the items together as they see them. You can also record any fire hazards to talk about later with your young learners. 

Community Helpers Preschool Theme

My Community Helpers Preschool Theme Lesson Plan includes enough activities and printables for a whole week of learning (maybe more!). Feel free to pick and choose activities for your fire safety week lesson plan or enjoy all the fun in this community helper preschool thematic unit. 

There are some great motor skills practice activities to help students develop important gross motor skills and fine motor skills too.

Have fun with my “knock out the flames” game or “spray the flames” activity. Then, get creative with my Firefighter Handprint craft or fire painting project.

Which fire safety activities for preschoolers will you add to your preschool classroom lesson plans this year?

Share your favorite ways to teach preschoolers about the dangers of fire and all the firefighter activities you love in the comments.

I can’t wait to read them and add your favorites to my fire safety lessons for preschoolers this year as well!

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