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Fun Playdough Crafts for Dental Health Month (Free Printables)

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Get excited about oral hygiene with hands-on Dental Health Month activities for children. Develop your child’s awareness with playdough crafts for dental health. My vibrant dental health mats are the perfect fun dental activities with playdough for kids to explore this month!

These dental health playdough mats are just one of many engaging oral hygiene activities. Each mat features a dental item like floss, toothpaste, or a toothbrush. Watch as your preschool students get creative building dental masterpieces to promote oral hygiene and enhance their fine motor skills this February.

Ready to discover all the exciting ways you can use playdough crafts for Dental Health Month? Keep reading to get many ideas for fun dental health activities with playdough you can do at home and in the classroom.

playdough crafts for dental health

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My Favorite Playdough Mats for Dental Health Month

As little hands shape the dough to match the colorful outlines on my Playdough Mats for Dental Health Month, they will be crafting fun dental elements. It’s a fantastic icebreaker for lessons in oral hygiene. Plus, their little hands will develop strong finger muscles and better hand-eye coordination as they create. 

Playdough crafts for dental health aren’t just about play. They also serve as a sensory learning experience that makes the world of dentists a bit less scary for preschoolers. It’s a great way to encourage dental wellness as you celebrate Dental Health Month for children. 

Through the magic of play, your preschoolers will absorb fundamental lessons in dental care, making concepts like brushing teeth and visiting the dentist exciting and memorable. These Dental Health Playdough Mats boost retention and instill a positive attitude towards oral hygiene.

playdough crafts for dental health

Add them to your preschool science centers to spark lively conversations and cooperative play in the classroom. They’ll be a great way to keep little hands busy as you read books about the dentist or explain the importance of teeth brushing and flossing.

Hands-On Playdough Crafts for Dental Health Month

In addition to my playdough mats for Dental Health Month, children will also enjoy these hands-on playdough crafts. Crafts are an essentail part of any preschool lesson because they offer kids opportunities to explore their own creativity, practice following directions, and build fine motor skills. Check out some of my favorite oral hygiene activites with playdough below.

Tooth Fairy Playdough Creations

Have preschoolers sculpt their own tooth fairy from playdough. Encourage them to include dental tools she might need to care for the lost teeth. Ask questions: “Will your tooth fairy need floss or toothpaste?”

This fun and imaginative playdough craft for dental health can be a great way to begin discussions about the importance of regular visits to the dentist and proper tooth care. You can use these fun books to talk about the tooth fairy with your preschoolers:

The Tooth Fairy Wars by Kate Coombs

How to Catch the Tooth Fairy by Adam Wallace

Tooth Fairy in Training by Michelle Robinson

Pair the books with these tooth fairy letter printables for a magical touch.

Healthy Smile Playdough Collage

Give your preschool students many different playdough colors and ask them to create their own amazing healthy smile playdough collage. Each collage should show a healthy smile for these oral hygiene activities. It’s one of the most fun dental activities with playdough you can do in the classroom!

Preschoolers can mold teeth, gums, and more from playdough. It’s a great way to build fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and talk about all the different parts of the human mouth with your little learners. 

Interactive Toothbrushing Role Play

Role-play activities have lots of great benefits for preschoolers! Give kids an opportunity to practice social skills, cooperation, and communication with these fun dental activities with playdough. It’s a great way to build problem-solving skills, confidence, and foster creativity. 

Set up a center in your classroom where preschoolers can create a playdough model of a mouth. Provide lots of colors kids can use to form different parts of the mouth. Then, give them a miniature toothbrush to demonstrate the proper brushing technique on their playdough creations. Memorable oral hygiene activities like these make celebrating Dental Health Month a lot more fun!

More Fun Oral Hygiene Activities

These fun dental activities with playdough are great ways to celebrate Dental Health Month for children. Need more printable oral hygiene activities you can add to your lesson plans this February for no-prep learning fun? Check out some of my favorite no-prep printables below.

dental coloring pages
dental health awareness
dental health writing prompts

Healthy Teeth Coloring Pages

Missing Teeth Number Hunt

Writing Prompts for Dental Health Month

What’s your favorite way to celebrate Dental Health Month for children in the classroom? How are you going to incorporate these fun dental activities with playdough into your preschool lesson plans? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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