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Dr Seuss Day Fun with Green Eggs and Ham (Free Printable)

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March 2nd is Dr Seuss Day! It’s one of my favorite holidays to celebrate in the classroom. Every year we celebrate the whimsical imagination of Dr. Seuss and his beloved books, filled with characters we all know and love. 

Dr Seuss Day is an opportunity to encourage our students to fall in love with books as we help them develop critical early learning skills they’ll use throughout their lives. This year, we can celebrate Dr. Seuss and learn together with easy-to-use printable activities. 

I’ve put together a super fun Green Eggs and Ham activity teachers and parents can use to encourage early fine motor practice, color recognition, and counting skills. This no-prep printable makes it easy to celebrate Dr Seuss Day and keep the learning going this March. 

Keep reading to discover how you can encourage a love of reading and practice important early learning skills with my printable Eggs and Ham Color Hunt. Plus, get more ideas for hands-on learning fun with your preschool or kindergarten students!

Dr Seuss day

What is Dr Seuss Day?

Dr Seuss Day is March 2nd, a holiday where we honor the legacy of Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel). His whimsical tales, silly rhymes, and colorful characters are beloved by children all over the world. For generations, Dr. Seuss has captivated children and helped parents and teachers instill a love of reading.

Each year, we have an opportunity to commemorate his birthday and his impact on children’s literature. Celebrating with my students is one of my favorite ways to expose them to the magical worlds of his stories and introduce them to my favorite characters: Horton, the Lorax, the Cat in the Hat, and Sam I Am. 

Dr. Seuss’s narratives help children build critical literacy skills and impart valuable life lessons on friendship, personal growth, and compassion. Integrating his books into your lesson plans is a unique opportunity to create an interactive experience that will help your little learners build critical thinking skills, empathy, and reading proficiency. Plus, celebrating Dr Seuss Day is a lot of fun!

A Green Eggs and Ham Color Hunt for Dr Seuss Day

I love activities that encourage movement and healthy physical activity. My printable Green Eggs and Ham Color Hunt is a fun way to get your students up and moving, get those wiggles out, and practice numbers and colors together for Dr Seuss Day.

dr seuss day

This printable Green Eggs and Ham Color Hunt is so easy to set up! If you’re looking for a last-minute Dr Seuss Day activity you can do with kids that won’t require lots of preparation, this is one of the best! 

You’ll get printable cards featuring colorful numbered ham and egg pictures. Plus, a corresponding worksheet for kids to record what they find and color whimsical ham and egg pictures to match what they find.  

Teachers can post the included colorful cards around the room for kids to discover and give each child a worksheet to record what they find. Provide crayons, colored pencils, or markers for kids to color the images on their worksheets and develop lots of fine motor strength. It’s that easy to prep for Dr Seuss Day!

Preschool and kindergarten students will get to practice counting, fine motor skills, color identification, number identification, observation, and recording data with this printable Dr Seuss Day activity. 

More Green Eggs and Ham Activity Ideas

Green Eggs and Ham is such a fun book that easily pairs up with lots of fun and educational activities at home and in the classroom! Check out some of my favorites below:

Green Eggs Art Project

You’ll need white glue, shaving cream, white cardstock, and green pom poms for this art project. Mix the glue and shaving cream to make fluffy egg whites. Then, apply to egg shapes cut from white cardstock.

Teachers can prep the cardstock egg shapes before the activity or let kids practice scissor skills by creating their own egg shapes. Then, glue a green pom pom to the center to create the yolk. Voila, green eggs for storytime!

Sensory Play with Green Eggs and Ham

Sensory play is so much fun! Plus, there are all kinds of benefits for little learners. Sensory activities help children understand cause and effect, and enhance the brain-body connection. 

For Dr Seuss Day, set up a Green Eggs and Ham Sensory Bin with green rice or pasta (made with food coloring). Add green plastic eggs and pink pom poms (ham). Children can explore a variety of textures and colors as they play with this sensory bin. 

Green Eggs and Ham Rhyming Game

You can practice rhyming with this fun Dr. Seuss theme too! Provide kids with pictures or cards featuring rhyming words and have kids match them up. It’s an excellent way to build phonemic awareness and develop a stronger vocabulary with your little learners. 

free dr seuss activities

Then, check out my Cat in the Hat Rhyming Activities for more ways to practice rhyming with a fun Dr. Seuss themed printable! 

These Green Eggs and Ham activities provide teachers and parents with engaging activities to explore important skills with a fun Green Eggs and Ham theme. Don’t forget to share your favorite ways to learn with Dr. Seuss in the comments. I can’t wait to read them!

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