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Letter A Activities for Preschool

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Do your preschool learners know the alphabet? Do they recognize upper and lowercase letters and their sounds? There are so many amazing alphabet activities you can do with preschoolers. 

Teaching letters to preschool learners might seem challenging at first. However, if you start with the ABC song or an exciting alphabet game, you can’t go wrong.

I’ve put together a list of engaging preschool letter activities for you to explore with your early learners, including tips on teaching letter recognition and letter sounds too. Keep reading to discover printable alphabet activities, letter A activities for preschool, alphabet worksheets, and so much more.

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Letter A Activities for Preschool Learners

Teaching letters with a letter of the week theme is a popular way to approach teaching the alphabet to preschoolers. These letter A activities are a great place to begin with letter activities for preschool learners:

Alphabet Coloring Pages

Alphabet coloring pages are one of my favorite no prep alphabet activities to set out for my preschool learners.

These alphabet coloring pages are great letter a activities for preschool

These easy preschool letter activities also have a handwriting section included! Teach your young learners how to identify the letter a and write the letter a all in one activity!

Letter A Alphabet Box

This is probably my favorite way to start a letter of the week lesson! First, you’ll need a box. You can reuse an Amazon box or gift wrap a box to make it really exciting. 

Then, fill the box with items that all start with the letter A. You can include items like an apple, an avocado, alligator toy, etc. Pull each item out one at a time and ask your preschoolers to identify the item. 

Once they have identified the item, ask which letter its name begins with. It’s a great way to work on letter sounds, letter recognition, and get your preschoolers excited about learning the letter A together.

Sensory Bin Letter A Activity

I really like sensory bins because they get even the most reluctant learners involved in the learning experience. A letter A sensory bin can be a super fun way to learn about the letter. 

First, choose a medium to fill your bin. Some of my favorites include water beads, uncooked rice, and Jell-O. Then, hide letters and items that begin with the letter A in your sensory bin. Alphabet fridge magnets, foam bath letters, laminated letters you have printed out, and wooden letters all work well. 

Letter A Shaped Snacks

Theming snacks to match the lesson is a great way to add more learning fun to your preschool lessons. Plus, it can help improve recall and fluency as you learn the letters of the alphabet. Check out some of these fun and easy letter A snack ideas:

  • Provide fruits and veggies for your preschoolers to build their own letter A.
  • Make Letter A pancakes for breakfast and serve with apple slices.
  • “Ants on a Log” is a classic with celery, peanut butter, and raisin “ants.”
letter a snack idea with ants on a log

Letter A Worksheet 

You can use my letter A worksheet for preschool to help introduce the letter A to your early learners.

alphabet activities for kids

This no prep printable alphabet activity is an easy way for preschoolers to practice letter identification, letter sounds, and handwriting too. 

Rainbow Write the letter A

Have you tried to rainbow write with your preschoolers? We love to rainbow write sight words and even the letters of the alphabet.

rainbow write the letter a

These rainbow write worksheets are perfect for tracing the letter a. Grab a spinner or create a DIY spinner with a pencil and paperclip.

As you spin and land on each color you will trace and write the letter on the line.

How to Teach the Alphabet to Preschoolers in a Fun Way

Teaching the alphabet to preschoolers is an important step in building the foundation they will need to be strong readers. Before your preschool learners can combine sounds or write words, they must know the letters of the alphabet. 

Where can you begin teaching something that comes so naturally to you? Fortunately, teaching letters to your preschoolers can be fun and simple. Singing the alphabet song is a good way to begin exposing your preschool learners to the ABCs. 

Check out these fun new versions of the alphabet song you can use with your preschoolers:

Once they can sing along with you, your children can begin to learn to identify the letters and point to them as you sing. A fun alphabet poster can help with this step in the letter learning process. Then, you’ll be able to teach your preschoolers to differentiate between uppercase and lowercase letters, recognize letter sounds, and more.

Using a letter of the week theme in your preschool lessons is another fun way to teach the alphabet to preschoolers. You can begin with letter A and continue through the alphabet with a new letter each week. 

How to Teach Upper and Lowercase Letters

When your preschoolers first begin to master the alphabet, you may notice that they write or draw all uppercase letters or only seem to recognize lowercase letters. How can you teach them that an uppercase A and a lowercase a are the same letter? Teaching letters in pairs is a great way to help your preschoolers make this connection.

There are lots of fun preschool letter activities you can use to teach upper and lowercase letters together. Play dough letter mats are a great way to help preschoolers learn alphabet letters and build important fine motor skills too. Use mats with uppercase and lowercase letters, so your preschoolers can practice making both at the same time.

Letter A Crafts

I’ve created the cutest letter a crafts for preschoolers to make. One is a cute uppercase a of an alligator.

letter a craft

The other is a lowercase a craft of an apple.

lowercase a craft

Each of my crafts with letter a come with easy to create templates so your students can cut and paste their very own uppercase or lowercase letter crafts. Grab both of the alphabet craft bundles and see the other adorable letter crafts I have to offer!

Preschool Letter Activities to Teach Letter Recognition

Teaching letter recognition can be lots of fun! There are so many great letter activities you can do with your preschoolers that aren’t just flash cards and rote memorization.

You can grab these letter a printables or check out one of my favorite preschool letter activities for teaching letter recognition in the classroom or at home:

Crayon Box Name Craft

With this cute crayon box name craft, your preschoolers can practice letter recognition by learning the letters in their own name.

preschool letter activities

As they build a crayon box with the letters in their name, they’ll become familiar with letters while practicing cutting and pasting too. Looking for more name crafts? Be sure to check out my blog post with tons of crafty ideas dedicated to teaching kids their name.

Sensory Bin Alphabet Search

This letter recognition sensory bin is a fun way to engage your preschool learners in a multisensory learning experience.

alphabet sensory bin to learn the abcs

It will help your preschoolers learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet in a way that’s tactile and memorable. 

Letter Matching Game

A simple letter matching game is another way to help your preschoolers build letter recognition skills. You can use upper and lowercase letters and have your preschool learners match the uppercase letter A to the lowercase letter a or you could use duplicates of each letter.

To start, I like to keep one of each card in my hand and show it to my preschoolers while asking them to find the match. Then, you can let them play together with all the cards to practice taking turns and identifying both letters independently. Memory is another fun alphabet game to get your kids excited about learning letters.

Teach Letter Sounds with Alphabet Activities 

Teaching letter sounds can be a lot of fun too! There are so many cool alphabet activities you can try with your preschoolers to learn about letter sounds. Check out some of our favorite letter sounds activities, resources, and games:

Letter Sound Seek and Find

This is one of my favorite ways to practice letter sounds with preschoolers because it gets them up and out of their seats. I like to encourage healthy physical activity to build a brain-body connection for cognitive growth.

For this preschool letter activity, you’ll call out a letter of the alphabet and your preschoolers will go around the room finding objects that begin with the letter. You can use objects already present in your space of maybe hide a few for those “hard to find” letters. 

Collage Art with Letter Sounds

This alphabet activity for preschoolers is a fun way to practice letter sounds and work on cutting skills at the same time. Plus, it’s a great way to use up old magazines. To create a letter sound collage, give your preschooler a letter of the alphabet. 

For example, if you’re looking for a letter A activity, you can have them search for things that begin with the letter A to cut out and paste on paper. In the end, you can create 26 different alphabet collages with letter sounds for every letter of the alphabet.

Books with Phonics Sounds 

Beginning phonics books focus on helping preschoolers associate letters with the sounds they make. Ladybird’s I’m Ready for Phonics: Say the Sounds is a bright and colorful book filled with pictures on every page that match up to the letters of the alphabet.

It’s a great place to begin learning letter sounds with your preschoolers this year.

Learning Letters with Alphabet Games

Teaching with games is a great way to engage your preschoolers in letter learning fun too. Check out some of our favorite alphabet learning games to help you practice the letter A in your preschool classroom and at home:

Alphabet Bingo

Bingo is an exciting game for preschool learners and it’s easy to play at home with just a few learners or in a classroom filled with preschool kiddos. We love the ABC and 123 bingo boards from Party Hearty because they include both uppercase and lowercase letters on each card.

Pop for Letters

This early phonics game from Learning Resources is a winner! It’s easy to play and once you master playing Pop for Letters, you can try any of the more advanced Pop games from Learning Resources for more literacy and numeracy learning fun.

Alphabet Go Fish

Most preschoolers know how to play go fish, so it’s a great place to start when you want a letter learning game that’s easy and fun. We love the beautiful and durable Alphabet Go Fish cards from Peaceable Kingdom. 

What’s your favorite way to introduce the alphabet to preschoolers? Do you begin with the ABC song or an exciting board game? Will you start with Letter A activities for a letter of the week theme that lasts all year long? Share your ideas and activities in the comments. I can’t wait to read all about them!

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