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Preschool Math Activities You Need To Use

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Free addition activities for kids

If you’re looking for highly engaging preschool math activities, (free ones at that) you’ve come to the right place. Today I’ve compiled a list of my favorite math activities and math worksheets to use in your preschool or kindergarten classroom.

Math Worksheets

I’m not very big on using worksheets with preschool and kindergarten aged children. The thought of the old school way of sitting in your chair and knocking out page after page of straight worksheets gives me the heeby-jeebies.

If you browse my blog you’ll notice that I don’t typically do math worksheets alone. I like to use them more as a math data sheet to record thinking and the mathematical process.

With that being said, here are some of my favorite preschool and kindergarten math worksheets to use.

Write the room counting math worksheet for preschool and kindergarten math centers

This is a fun (and free) write the room preschool math activity to use in your math centers or home. Here I am using the math worksheet to simply record answers. Students will walk around the room and count the number of spiders in the spider webs. Then, they will color in the amount on the worksheet.

kindergarten pattern activities and math games for kids

Here’s another way you can incorporate math worksheets into your preschool math activities. Students will complete the pattern cards by deciding what comes next. After working on patterns for awhile, I may pull out a worksheet to see if my students grasped the concept. This assessment would let me quickly see if I need to reteach the concept or move on from patterns. Grab this math activity HERE.

preschool counting activities to teach subitizing kindergarten | math learning centers

As you can see, worksheets can be a great tool to use in various kinds of math learning centers. With this preschool math activity, students would count or subitize the number of watermelon seeds in each picture. Then, they would draw a line to the correct number. This activity also comes with a fun, hands on game to use in a math center.

Students must count or subitize the number of seeds on the watermelon cards. Then they cover up the correct number on the watermelon mat using a small manipulative. Grab this preschool and kindergarten math activity, HERE.

measuring activities for kindergarten and preschool

This measurement preschool math activity is a solid way to use both math worksheets and hands on activities. As you can see in the picture, my daughter uses these (and all of our worksheets) in clean plastic pockets. These are our favorite because it dramatically lowers the cost and workload since we are not always laminating. You can grab these for cheap through the Amazon link below.

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math activities for preschool and kindergarten

To play this math activity for kids, your little ones will use the shell ruler to measure the sea creatures. Then, they will record the length on the worksheet. Grab this measurement activity HERE!

Addition Games

Simple addition can be a tricky concept to master in preschool and kindergarten so it’s always best to incorporate addition games when learning this skill. Here are a few of my favorite addition games and addition worksheets for kindergarten and preschool.

thanksgiving activities for kids addition to 5

This is a great math activity for preschool and kindergarten because it ties in hands on and math worksheets together.

preschool math activities and math worksheets to use in a preschool and kindergarten classroom for addition to 5

In this activity, the students will toss two sided pilgrims onto the Mayflower and sort them. Then, they will complete a 5-frame (or ten frame) using the pieces. After that, they can use the manipulatives to build an equation.

counting activities for kids to learn numbers and counting this Fall.

I decided to try something new in my Thanksgiving activities theme and created a mystery counting puzzle. (Grab yours for FREE here!) My daughter has been really enjoying putting this together and I’m loving the math foundations we are building by playing with it each day. I really loved how this one turned out and decided to make one a bit more challenging for her.

Fun addition activities for kids

We’ve almost completed the counting stage in our mathematics lessons and have began dabbling in simple addition to 10. This would be a great (and FREE) addition game to use with both older and younger students. For stronger mathematicians, they may be able to complete the addition problems in their head and can work on writing out equations. For kiddos who are just starting out with addition word problems, I suggest giving counters (mini erasers, counting bears, cubes etc.) for a hands on approach so everyone can feel successful.


Free Math Games

free math games for kids

Want more free addition activities? It’s your lucky day! I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite educators to give you amazing free math games! Grab these free math games for kids by clicking the links below and hopping from blog to blog.


Christmas Themed Addition Activities // Alleah Maree

Shark Addition (Sums up to 20) // Fairy Poppins

Addition Mystery Puzzle // The Primary Parade

Pizza Addition Game // KiddyCharts

Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten // Little Learning Corner

In Conclusion

What are your favorite ways to teach math to kids? I’d love to hear all about your children’s favorite activities for teaching shapes, numbers, counting, and more in the comments below.

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