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10 Toys for 4 year olds

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I hear it all the time.” What do you get the kid who has everything?” Shopping for toys for 4 year olds can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re needing the absolute best toys for 4 year olds, I have you covered.

#1. Balance Bike

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A Balance Bike is the #1 best toy for 4 year olds for a reason. They are truly amazing. This could equally be a great toy for 3 year olds as well. I purchased this as a fun Christmas present last year for my 3 year.

After just a few months of using this fun kid toy, we let her ride a regular big kid bike with NO training wheels, and she immediately took to it, like white on rice. It was second nature to her. So if you want your toddler or preschooler to learn to easily ride a bike, I definitely recommend purchasing a Balance Bike.

#2. Tablet

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I know a lot of people think screen time for kids is a big no, no but I believe that in moderation, it can be okay. Especially, when it comes to THIS tablet because of all the wonderful educational activities you can do with it.

I love how this tablet comes with a KidProof case (trust me, we’ve dropped, thrown, and stepped on ours countless times), a 2 year warranty, over 20,000 KID friendly apps, games, books, videos, and much much more! It really has it all and checks all of the boxes in being one of the best toys for 4 year olds!

#3. Magnatiles

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What kid (and parent) doesn’t LOVE Magnatiles? They’re a huge hit at my house and we gift them as often as we can. I love how versatile these can be. Whether you’re sorting shapes, building a Ferris Wheel, or turning this into an educational activity, Magnatiles are always a win.


#4 Play House

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Another fun toy for kids is a play house. I know most play houses can be expensive, but with this one, you’re in luck. This play house is on the MUCH cheaper side and still has plenty of bells and whistles. It has working windows, shutters, and doors! There’s even a mail slot to encourage role play. This is a perfect toy for 4 year olds.

#5. Board Games

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Board games are a big deal in my household. We love how fun and engaging they are but even more than that.. we love the educational aspect of playing them.

For starters, if you have a board game that uses dice, your little one will practice subitizing as they roll and identify what they rolled. They will also master counting as they move that number of spaces on the game board during each of their turns. Children also practice vital social skills such as taking turns, sharing, being a great winner, and a good sport while playing board games. It’s so important for families to have quality time together and I believe playing board games is a great way to do it!

#6. Legos

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Another great toy for 4 year olds are Legos! I especially like these because they are an in between size and difficulty level.

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When my oldest was younger, they had the giant Duplo Legos and then there was nothing for him to use until he was about 8. At that age, he was finally able to begin the harder, smaller Lego sets. Thankfully, Lego has created an in between size and difficulty level so you won’t have that problem like we did!

#7 Sensory Table

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This sensory table is my absolute favorite thing in our play room. We use it as a desk when we work on our preschool lessons. We also couple it with these two tubs so we can use it as a sensory table for hands on fun. It’s the most sturdy and best purchase I’ve made in a long time. You won’t regret grabbing this toy for a 4 year old.

Here’s a video of my daughter working in her sensory table. Honestly, this was such a great purchase and I highly recommend it for ages 2-6!

#8 PlayDoh

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PlayDoh is a classic toy that never gives old. I love how it is so versatile and can be used in many ways depending on the age of the kiddo.


PlayDoh is great for strengthening hand muscles and building fine motor skills with little ones. It’s also fun to use in role playing and educational purposes (like with my emotion mats above). You can make letters, numbers, shapes, and much more just with PlayDoh. The possibilities are endless, which makes this a GREAT toy for 4 year olds!

#9 Kinetic Sand

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Kinetic Sand is a great filler to use in sensory bins and is just so fun to play with overall. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is easy for kids to mold, squish, cut, and more! If you’re a teacher, this makes for a great indoor recess kit on those rainy days too.

#10 Osmo

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The number 10 best toy for 4 year olds is definitely an Osmo! This fun, educational toy will help your 4 year old learn letters, phonics, develop pre-drawing skills, strengthen their fine motor skills, identify social-emotional cues, learn colors, and master problem solving skills.

Osmo is jam packed with engaging games and will help foster creativity and cognitive skills in a fun way. Osmo does require an Ipad for game play.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this fun toy guide and that it gave you some ideas on toys for 4 year olds! Be sure you also check out my toy ideas for toddlers 1 to 3 years old as well!

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