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Christmas Around the World

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Christmas is such a magical time! Get ready to explore and learn with your preschoolers this Winter as you celebrate the season by learning about how different countries all over the world celebrate Christmas. 

A Christmas around the world preschool theme is a fantastic way to help your preschoolers practice important early learning skills. They can also learn about world geography, other cultures, and teaching tolerance too. I’ve put together an extra special Christmas around the world craft set for kids that you’re going to love too!

So get ready to travel the world this holiday season from the classroom or at home. You won’t want to miss this Christmas around the world learning adventure. Keep reading to learn about all the places you’ll go as you celebrate holidays around the world.

Christmas around the world crafts for kids

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Christmas Around the World Crafts

This activity bundle includes lots of Christmas around the world crafts for a variety of countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia too. It’s a great way to begin a Christmas around the world journey with your preschool learners at home or in the classroom.

These printable crafts are low prep so they’re perfect for adding some extra learning fun to the busy holiday season. Check out the fun crafts and activities included in this set:

The Christmas Cracker

A Christmas tradition from England, the Christmas cracker is a whole lot of fun! Your preschoolers will love the surprise as they create their very own Christmas crackers to enjoy at snack time or together with family and friends this Christmas.

English Christmas cracker craft for Christmas around the world in England

You can learn even more about Christmas crackers and practice rhyming skills as you read Slinky Malinki’s Christmas Crackers by Lynley Dodd

Advent Wreaths

In Germany, the season before Christmas is called Advent. Celebrating Advent is a way to prepare for the coming Christmas season. During Advent, people in Germany light special candles arranged in a wreath. These Advent wreaths are a great way to count down to Christmas with your preschoolers this year. 

Advent wreath craft for Christmas around the world in Germany.

You can learn more about the Advent Wreath tradition by creating your own advent wreath together. You’ll need a wreath, 3 purple candles, and one pink candle. Use this craft to create your own advent wreaths to count down to Christmas just like they do in Germany.

Surfing Santa and His White Boomers

What does Santa do when he visits Australia? Find out with these Christmas around the World crafts. It’s hot in Australia, so Santa skips the red suit and goes surfing too. This fun craft is sure to get some giggles and get your preschoolers excited about celebrating Christmas the Australian way. 

Surfing Santa craft for Christmas around the world in Australia

Another fun fact about about Christmas in Australia is that Santa doesn’t use his reindeer when he visits this country. It’s just too hot! Instead, Santa uses white boomers when he visits all the children down under. 

Boomer is another name for a kangaroo. Look out for a sleigh pulled by 6 white kangaroos (boomers) when you’re learning about Christmas in Australia this year. For even more learning fun, teach your preschoolers this Australian Christmas song, Six White Boomers.

The Legend of the Poinsettia

In Mexico, the beautiful red and white poinsettia flowers are a special part of Christmas celebrations. You can learn about the legend of the poinsettia in a special picture book The Legend of the Poinsettia by Tomie dePaola.

The Christmas story tells about a little girl who wanted to bring a special gift to the baby Jesus, but had nothing to give. An angel told her that Jesus would love whatever gift she gave him. So, the little girl picked weeds and they turned to bright red poinsettias for Jesus.

Poinsettia craft for Christmas around the world in Mexico

With this craft, your preschoolers can make their very own poinsettias for Christmas. It’s a fun way to celebrate the season just as they do in Mexico.

La Befana

In Italy, a woman named La Befana delivers gifts to the children instead of Santa.

La Befana craft for Christmas around the world in Italy

You can learn all about this benevolent old woman who gives Italian children Christmas presents on the eve of Epiphany in La Befana by Aurelia Uriati. Then, have fun making this Italian Christmas craft with your preschoolers. 

The Menorah

In Israel,  the people celebrate Hanukkah during the holiday season. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that lasts 8 days. The celebration marks a special time in Jewish history. Consider celebrating with your very own Menorah craft or Hanukkah craft set for preschoolers. 

Menorrah craft for a Hanukkah craft in Israel. Christmas around the world in Israel.

In this fun activity, your preschoolers can create a fun menorah as they learn all about the Maccabees and Jewish traditions this holiday season. Read more about Hanukkah and how to celebrate with Sesame Street friends in Grover’s Eight Nights of Lights.

Holland’s Wooden Shoes

Children in the Netherlands and Holland celebrate the Christmas season by leaving out wooden shoes rather than Christmas stockings. These traditional shoes are filled by Sinterlkaas (Santa Claus) with special treats for the children. 

Holland Christmas craft for Christmas around the world in Holland or The Netherlands

In return, kids often leave treats for Santa’s horses (that’s what he uses for his sleigh when visiting the Dutch). Sugar cubes, carrots, and hay make them very happy. Your preschoolers can decorate their own cute little wooden shoes for Christmas with this holiday craft. Then learn more about the holiday in The Miracle of the Wooden Shoes by Deborah Pace Rowley

The Yule Log

Have you ever seen a yule log? It’s a special log that’s burned just for Christmas. In France, the yule log (or Christmas block) is burned from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day because it brings good luck.

Yule log craft for Christmas around the world in France.

Create a yule log with your preschoolers using the fun craft included in this Christmas around the world for kids activity bundle. Then, enjoy a yule log cake for a Christmas snack time your preschoolers won’t forget!

Matryoshka Dolls

In Russia, Christmas celebrations just wouldn’t be complete without traditional Russian nesting dolls. These dolls are called Matryoshka dolls and they are beautiful! Your preschoolers can make some of their own with this cute Christmas craft.

Matryoshka doll craft for Christmas around the world in Russia

According to the legend, the snow maiden comes with Santa (Father Frost) to deliver gifts and spread Christmas cheer. One of the traditional gifts is a little matryoshka doll hidden in a child’s Christmas stocking.

Christmas Trees

One of the special ways we celebrate Christmas in America is by setting up and decorating a Christmas tree. These beautiful evergreens are covered in lights and special decorations to celebrate the season.

Christmas tree craft for Christmas around the world in the United States or Canada.

Encourage your preschoolers to get creative as they decorate their very own Christmas trees for the holiday season with this Christmas around the world craft for kids.

Gingerbread Houses

In Canada, making gingerbread houses is a popular tradition for many families. You can decorate your own adorable gingerbread houses made of paper with the fun Christmas around the world craft I’ve included for Canada.

Gingerbread house craft for Christmas around the world in the United States or Canada.

For even more fun, make your own gingerbread house treats with graham crackers, icing, and candies. It’s a delicious holiday snack your preschoolers will love!

Saint Lucia in Sweden

Want to celebrate Christmas with the people of Sweden? Get ready for a magical tradition your preschoolers will love! In Sweden, children celebrate the feast of St. Lucia.

St Lucia Day craft for Christmas around the world in St. Lucia or Sweeden.

This little Saint is honored by girls and boys who dress up in white robes with wreaths of candles on their heads. They sing Christmas carols as they walk through town.

Crown craft or St Lucia Day craft for Christmas around the world in St. Lucia or Sweeden.

Get your preschoolers up and moving as you parade around your home or classroom singing your favorite Christmas carols. Preschoolers can carry the little Christmas crafts from Sweden included in this set instead of real candles. 

Lessons About Christmas Around the World for Kids

Learn World Geography

A Christmas around the world preschool theme is filled with fun learning opportunities for the holiday season. In my preschool craft bundle, we will travel to lots of countries! A world map or globe is a fun way to help your preschoolers get familiar with all the different locations. Here are some of our favorites:

Build Literacy Skills this Christmas

Reading aloud to children is the number one way to build early literacy skills and help your preschoolers fall in love with books. Preschool children can learn to recognize letters, read from left to right, expand their vocabulary, and begin to understand story elements. 

In addition to the fun and exciting Christmas around the world crafts in this activity set, you can learn a lot about how the holiday is celebrated around the world with these great books:

Snacks Around the World this Christmas

In the book A World of Cookies for Santa, your preschoolers can learn about Christmas cookies made in countries all over the world. But what about countries that don’t celebrate with cookies? What about the rest of the delicious food and snacks around the world? Get ready to celebrate Christmas around the world for kids with snack time too.

I love adding a themed snack to my preschool lessons and themes. Why? Themed snacks are a whole lot of fun, but they’re also a great way to reinforce the lesson and since these snacks get your preschoolers’ sense of taste, touch, and smell involved, they’ll be sure to remember what they learned. Check out these Christmas around the world snack ideas:

  • England: Christmas Pudding
  • Australia: Mince Pies
  • Italy: Panettone
  • France: Yule Log Cake
  • Israel: Chocolate coins and dreidel game
  • Canada: Apple Cider and gingerbread houses
  • Sweden: Pepparkakor (gingerbread)

the Conclusion of Christmas in other countries

I just know you’re filled with ideas about celebrating holidays around the world with your preschoolers this year! I can’t wait to hear about all your fun ideas in the comment section, so don’t forget to share. Which Christmas around the world craft are you most excited about? 

I hope you’re ready to teach about Christmas in other countries. For more Christmas ideas, winter printables, and fun Christmas activities for kids check out my recent posts.

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