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Printable Color by Number Worksheets for Preschool

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Color by number worksheets for preschool learners create effective ways to practice all kinds of important concepts! These printable worksheets increase cognitive development while helping your preschoolers learn about colors, numbers, and problem-solving.

I love printable color by number worksheets for preschool students because they combine so many fun activities for kids! Puzzles, games, and art come together to create a fun way to practice with your kids in the classroom and at home. 

Ready to discover the benefits of color by number worksheets and 5 lessons you can teach with them? Keep reading to learn about my printable color by number worksheets for preschool and how you can use them to build fine motor skills and more this year.

color by number worksheets for preschool

What Are the Benefits of Color by Numbers Worksheets?

There are so many benefits to using color by numbers worksheets with your preschool students! They’re not just “busy work” for rainy days, these printables are actually filled with opportunities to develop important early learning skills the fun way.

color by number worksheets for preschool

It can be easy to feel guilty about handing out worksheets. Sometimes worksheets get a bad rap and we start to feel like we’re taking the easy way out when we print a stack of worksheets for our preschool students. However, these puzzling number printables are filled with benefits for young children.

Number and Color Recognition

If you’re looking for a great way to practice number identification and color recognition with your preschoolers, you’ll definitely want to add printable color by number activities to your upcoming lesson plans.

These activities encourage preschoolers to identify the numbers on the page, recognize the color words and colors they’ll need to complete the activity, and reveal a fun hidden image too.

Fine Motor Skills

Coloring in the lines and gripping crayons or colored pencils requires preschoolers to use the small muscles in their hands. Putting down one crayon to pick up another as they alternate between different colors develops the pincher grasp they’ll use for various fine motor skills.

summer coloring pages for preschoolers

These types of activities help your preschool students to develop the finger strength and proper grip that’s necessary for handwriting as well as a variety of other fine motor tasks.

Practicing fine motor skills is an essential part of every preschool classroom. Coloring activities make mastering these skills fun for your students. They won’t even know it’s work because it’s so much fun!

Stimulate Creativity

Coloring sheets are a great way to help stimulate creativity in the classroom.

The blank page can feel overwhelming for young children and cause them to give up without even trying. Coloring activities like these color by number worksheets for preschool learners encourage kids by giving them a place to begin and assurance about the finished product.

A fun color by number sheet is also a great way to encourage preschoolers to think creatively. As they try to discover the hidden picture and slowly reveal clues about what’s hiding on their page, they’ll be learning to think outside the box and make guesses that encourage flexible thinking and problem-solving skills.

Independent Practice

As teachers, it’s easy to get into the habit of being correctors. We can start correcting our student’s worksheets before they’re even finished sometimes. 

But what if there was a better way? What if we could help our preschoolers to correct their own work as they go, independently? Code worksheets like these color by number pages encourage independent practice and self-correction.

free preschool coloring worksheets

Kids of all ages can complete color by number coloring pages of varying difficulty as a means of practicing self-correction and independent learning. It’s a form of practice that’s relatively hands-off for teachers and that’s a big win for kids who are learning to think critically and solve problems.

Inherent Differentiation

As teachers, we must be able to differentiate our assignments to meet the needs of students who are in different places academically, socially, and behaviorally.

Printable coloring pages like these reinforce the skills our students have and help them to practice new skills in a way that’s fun and engaging. They’re easy enough for kids who might be struggling and still engaging enough to hold the interest of more advanced students.

Build Enthusiasm

I like using thematic units and themed printables to build enthusiasm in my preschool classroom. You can take advantage of your children’s natural excitement and curiosity about upcoming holidays and seasons with color code worksheets like these. 

Easter coloring pages

My students love it when I break out holiday color by number worksheets and printable activities on the days before school breaks. It’s a great way to bring calm to my classroom before a big holiday while ensuring they’re still learning and practicing important skills.

My Printable Color by Number Worksheets for Preschool 

I’ve discovered that color-by-number worksheets are filled with benefits for preschool kiddos and they’re easy for me to use in the classroom or at home with my students. That’s why I’ve created lots of fun and engaging printable color by number worksheets for preschool learners.

Check out some of my favorite color by number educational activities below and grab a few for your classroom too.

Alphabet Printable Coloring Pages

Are you looking for morning work to do in the classroom with younger children? Check out my Alphabet Printable Coloring Pages.

alphabet coloring pages for preschool

There’s a printable for every letter of the alphabet to help your preschoolers master letters, letter sounds, numbers, and color names this school year.

Free Christmas Color by Number Printables

If you’re looking for free printable counting activities to build number sense with your preschool students this December, don’t miss my free color-by-number worksheets!

Holiday coloring pages

These Free Christmas Color by Number Printables are filled with their favorite holiday characters, simple number recognition opportunities, and a color key with color sight words to master too.

Free Polar Express Color by Number Activities

Get excited about trains over the holidays with my Free Polar Express Color by Number activities! These free printables are perfect to pair with story time and Chris Van Allsburg’s classic holiday story this December.

Polar Express color by number

Check out more Polar Express Activities and Crafts you can do with your preschoolers too.

Winter Color by Number Printables

Get ready to celebrate Winter with these cute Winter Color by Number Printables.

Color by number worksheets for preschool

These free Winter coloring number pictures will teach your preschoolers about numbers, letters, beginning sounds, and colors this December and January. 

Valentine’s Day Color by Number

Color hearts, cupcakes, and more with a fun activity printable for Valentine’s Day!

valentines day color by number printables

Your preschoolers will enjoy revealing the hidden pictures in these Valentine’s Day Color by Number pages and they make a great Valentine’s gift for you to give your students this February. 

More Fun Preschool Worksheets To Try

Worksheets can be just the thing for extra practice and no-prep learning fun in the preschool classroom. Give some of my fun preschool worksheets a try in your classroom or homeschool lessons this school year! 

14 Preschool Easter Color Activities

Dinosaur Color Printables for Kids

Spring Color Chicken Life Cycle Craft

Kids love activities that let them get creative, so coloring sheets are always popular with young children. The research shows the numerous benefits of simple color by number pages. Participating in arts and crafts and other printable activities are an easy no-prep way for preschoolers to develop skills like hand-eye coordination, focus, and concentration. 

How are you going to teach these skills in your preschool classroom? Are you a fan of color by number worksheets for preschool learners too? Which pages are you most excited about?

Share your favorite ideas for helping preschoolers practice these important early learning skills with or without color by number pages in the classroom. I can’t wait to read all your great ideas!

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