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My Guide to the Best Montessori Toys for 5 Year Olds

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Are you excited about introducing Montessori concepts in your kindergarten classroom? Get ready to discover the best Montessori toys for 5 year olds and how to incorporate this learning style with your kids. 

The Montessori method encourages parents and teachers to give their children the space and resources to learn independently and at their own pace. Maria Montessori believed in giving children a chance to learn without obstacles by giving them the tools (or toys) they need and the freedom to explore without direction. 

Montessori schools encourage learning through imaginative play, natural materials, and pretend play. It’s a great way for young children to fall in love with learning in kindergarten.

Keep reading to get the scoop on the best Montessori toys for 5-year-olds including which types of toys will work best and where to get them.

Montessori toys for five year olds

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What Are Montessori Toys?

So what are Montessori toys? How do you know if a toy is a good fit for your Montessori classroom? What sort of toys and tools for learning are suited to this method? 

Fortunately, there are lots of toys that work well with the Montessori method.

It’s really easy to introduce your kindergarten learners to the Montessori method through play. When you’re searching for toys that will work well in your Montessori classroom, look for these kinds of toys:

  • Natural materials. Montessori toys are made with natural materials like wood, cotton, metal, or rock. Toys made from natural materials can be safer for younger children who might be inclined to explore toys by tasting them.
  • Toys that don’t move or make sounds independently. Montessori toys for 5 year olds encourage them to interact by requiring physical manipulation. 
  • Toys are rooted in reality. Montessori toys tend to focus on animals your child might see at the farm or zoo rather than cartoon figures and mythological creatures. 

When choosing Montessori toys for 5 year olds, look for toys that teach one skill at a time. Maria Montessori believed that these types of toys help children to practice a single skill and learn it properly before moving on to more complex skills.

Another important tip is to choose simple toys that are the right size and serve a purpose. 

The Best Montessori Toys for Five-Year-Olds

It’s easier than you think to find Montessori toys! It can be tempting to stuff your classroom full of beautiful wooden toys, but be careful. Too many toys can make it difficult for kindergartners to engage in open-ended play.

Small hands often benefit more from a few of the best educational toys for Montessori kids thoughtfully strewn throughout the room.

When you’re developing a Montessori classroom, less really is more. Giving your kindergarten students a few choices at a time will give them the opportunity to focus on meaningful experiences and developmental activities without being overwhelmed. 

Toys that line up with the Montessori philosophy are toys that encourage kids to participate in hands-on activities and teach appropriate skills. In the kindergarten classroom, toys that help children develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, busy board toys, and musical instruments are all great ways to add Montessori play to your lessons and activities.

Check out some of my favorite toys for Montessori school below.

Sensory Toys

Little hands love sensory toys and musical instruments like wooden rattles. A pull-string sensory toy is a great way for kindergarteners to get real world practice with fine motor skills and problem solving. 

Music Sets

Musical instruments are toys that offer children the chance to learn about music, art, and build important brain-body connections. Try adding a wooden music set to your classroom for a fun way for kindergarteners to explore creating their own music this school year with different instruments they might not encounter on a regular basis. 

Gross Motor Toys

Build gross motor skills with a Pickler Triangle Set or balance bike for young kids. These toys offer opportunities for kids to practice gross motor skills and get their wiggles out to increase attention when doing lessons that require greater concentration. 

Imagination Toys

The Melissa & Doug toy company offers some of the best toys made with natural wood for kindergarten students and older kids too. Some of my favorite Montessori toys for five year olds from Melissa & Doug include the wooden scoop and serve ice cream counter and the cutting fruit set.

If you’re searching for the perfect Montessori toy, you’ll definitely want to check out this company.

Board Games

Board games can be great Montessori toys for 5 year olds too. A Montessori carrot harvest game gives kindergartners a chance to explore farming, counting, and build fine motor skills too.

Other favorites include the Crocodile Montessori Busy Board because it’s a great addition to any classroom!

Are Montessori Toys Better?

Montessori toys have natural elements that appeal to children, Montessori parents, and Montessori teachers.

This method encourages kindergarteners to seek a deeper understanding of the world around them and fall in love with learning. If you’re curious about how to incorporate the Montessori method in your classroom, beginning with these toys is a great way to get started. 

I recommend reading about Maria Montessori and her theories before getting started. The toys are beautiful and filled with opportunities for your child’s development this school year.

Practicing the Montessori method with toys designed just for this education style is a great way to successfully explore all kinds of important learning concepts with your kindergartners. 

Meanwhile, remember, Montessori toys encourage kids to learn through experimentation. These are tangible toys they can experience, manipulate, and use to develop important motor skills and master early learning concepts in kindergarten.

Montessori toys have the ability to prepare your students for a lifetime of learning. 

Do you have a favorite Montessori toy or board game I forgot to mention? Share your favorite Montessori toys for five year olds and older children in the comments.

I can’t wait to read about your favorite educational, fun little toys and Montessori gifts in the comments!

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