28 Cutest Preschool Mothers Day Cards Ever

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Mother’s Day is an annual celebration honoring mothers and mother figures for all that they do for their families. Looking for a creative way to celebrate Mother’s Day with your preschoolers? Make one of these adorable preschool Mothers Day cards to shower her with love and show her how special she is. 

The cute homemade cards below are simple, easy, and oh so pretty. They’re perfect for kids from 3 to 5 years old, but kids of all ages can enjoy making special gifts for Mom.

From handprint crafts to flower cards, Mom will have a smile on her face when her little one presents her with a greeting card made just for her.

preschool mothers day cards

How Do You Explain Mother’s Day to Preschoolers?

Mother’s Day is a national holiday in many countries. In the United States, it’s always celebrated on the second Sunday of May. We use this holiday to celebrate and honor mothers and their role in our families. Moms work hard, nurture their children, and help hold the family together.

Consider showing a quick video explaining why we celebrate Mother’s Day before you begin your crafts.

What Do You Write in a Mother’s Day Card for Kids?

Keep the messages inside simple for preschoolers. They’re just learning to spell and form their thoughts into complete sentences, so short phrases are helpful. Here are a few examples for writing a special message to send along with the crafts below:

  • I love you, Mom!
  • You are the best.
  • Thank you for all you do.
  • Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Have a great day, Mom.
  • My Mom is #1.
homemade mothers day cards for kids to make

26 Easy Mother’s Day Cards for Preschoolers to Make

Are you ready to create the perfect card for mom? Here are some of our favorites. Flowers, hearts, and sunshine abound in these beautiful homemade preschool Mothers Day cards for younger kids and older kids alike.

1. You Are My Sunshine Noodle Card

Crafty Morning shows how to make this adorable sunshine card made with noodles. It reads, “Mom, you are my sunshine.” Isn’t that the sweetest sentiment? You could also teach your preschoolers the “You Are My Sunshine” song and Nursery Rhyme to go along with this cute craft.

noodle craft mothers day card

2. Flower Handprint Card

A beautiful card any mom will love, this handprint flower card from Simple Everyday Mom is easy for little hands to make.

mothers day handprint card

Trace the child’s handprints in Mom’s favorite colors to make the flowers, and cut the other pieces from the template. Paste the pieces together, and write a sweet message inside. Try flower-themed wording inside, like “If moms were flowers, I’d pick you.” It’s such a cute idea for your next preschool mothers day cards.

3. Egg Carton Tea Cup Cards

Make this tea cup card from In the Playroom for the tea-rific mom in your life. Not only is this Mother’s Day craft quick and easy, but it includes a handy front pocket that’s just the right size for a bag of her favorite tea. 

egg carton teacup cards with a bag of tea

4. Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards

Celebrate Mom and Grandma in a big way with these free printable Mother’s Day card templates. With this free download, you’ll get two printable versions for the special ladies in your life. Write and draw what you love about grandma and mom for a special treat that sure to be a hit.

free mothers day cards

5. Fingerprint Preschool Mothers Day Card

Make Mom’s Day with a bright and cheerful fingerprint heart flower card from The Crazy Outdoor Mama. Print out the templates (there’s one for Mom and Grandma), and paste the printout on pretty paper. Then, kids can dip their fingertips in paint to stamp over the hearts. They’re the cutest dandelions ever!

fingerprint mothers day card

6. Mother’s Day Handprint Card

This whimsical handprint card from Non-Toy Gifts is sure to make Mom smile. You’ll need paint, paper, flowers, and googly eyes to help young children make handprint mothers that look just like their own. The collection of mom-prints will look so adorable displayed in the preschool classroom before sending them home with the kids to give to their moms.

handprint cards made to look like mom

7. Printable Teapot Card

Grab your printer, some colorful paper, and the printable templates for these teapot printable cards from A+ Teaching Resources. Kids can choose from three different wording options to ensure their card fits their mother to a “tea.”

teapot card for mother's day

8. Q-Tip Flower Art

Introduce preschoolers to pointillism with this bold and beautiful Q-Tip flower art card from Artsy Craftsy Mom. A decorative paper cup cut in half serves as the vase, while flowers adorned with painted dots pour out the top. What a colorful and easy preschool Mother’s Day card!

q tip painting craft

9. Sticky Heart Card

Here’s a DIY Mother’s Day card from Finding Myself Young that’s perfect for younger children who love playing with sticky things. Using sticky contact paper inside a heart-shaped cutout, preschoolers can add tissue paper, stickers, sequins, and gems to make a sticky heart card that’ll make Grandma smile. Playing with all the textures and materials is fun for little hands, and you never know what sort of creative things kids will come up with.

mothers day card ideas

10. Pinecone Rose Cards

Painted pinecones become gorgeous rosebuds with a bit of imagination. These 3D pinecone rose cards from Rhythms of Play are an easy craft and are a wonderful way to incorporate items from nature into your crafting sessions. Besides pinecones, gather some small leaves and twigs to form the stem and leaves of the flower. 

nature mothers day card

11. Whaley Love You Card

Show Mom how much you “whaley” love her with a heartfelt message in a fun whale-themed card. The heart-shaped photo of the kids is a cute addition to this card from The Soccer Mom blog, as are the buttons coming out of its blowhole to form a heart shape. What an adorable ocean themed card!

whale themed card for mom

12. Sponge-Painted Cards

A creative use for inexpensive kitchen sponges, these sponge-stamped cards from The Best Ideas for Kids are sure to delight Mom on her special day.

First, cut the sponges into fun shapes—flowers, hearts, or the word “Mom” all work for this occasion. Then, let your preschoolers dip the sponges into paint and stamp the designs onto the front of their cards. They’ll look fantastic and kids can write their own message inside the cute little card.

cards made with sponge stamps

13. Handprint Sunshine Card

Try a weather theme this Mother’s Day with a handprint sunshine card that speaks to how brightly your mom shines in your life. Preschoolers will love adding the cheerful sunshine and a fluffy cloud to a card made from their tiny handprints. Moms are, indeed, the sunshine on a cloudy day. Grab the free template from Non-Toy Gifts.

you are my sunshine handprint card

14. Fingerprint Flowers Card

Create quaint flowers using fingerprints and buttons for a really special Mother’s Day card. Grab the template for these fingerprint cards from Messy Little Monster to get started right away. The grass, stems, leaves, and flower centers are already in place for you. The kids simply need to add their fingerprint flower petals to complete the scene.

fingerprint flowers card

More Mother’s Day Card Ideas

15. Free Mother’s Day Surveys

Have you tried these free Mother’s Day printable surveys yet? They’re perfect for our little ones to give something heartfelt and handmade to Mom or Grandma this May.

free mothers day surveys

This adorable survey not only has spots for kids to jot down their mom or grandma’s name, age, and favorite color, but it also includes space for a special drawing and a sweet note about their favorite activity together and why they cherish their mom or grandma so much.

It’s a wonderful way to capture those precious thoughts and create a keepsake that’ll be treasured forever!

16. Five Things I Love About My Mum Card

Nothing could be sweeter than this card about 5 Things I Love About My Mum from A+ Teaching Resources. Cutting around the flower petals gives those tiny hands plenty of scissors practice. Plus, they’ll delight in coming up with five traits they love best about their mothers. The templates include both a “mom” and a “mum” version.

5 Things I love about Mom card and craft

17. Dancing Mother’s Day Flower Card

This groovy dancing flower card from The Soccer Mom Blog is sure to be a hit. Use foam sheets to make the flowers and flower pots.

Add the child’s photo to the center of the flower for a personalized card Mom will remember forever. Add magnetic tape to the back so she can display it on the fridge this spring.

photo mothers day cards

I don’t know about you, but these types of preschool mothers day cards are always my favorite. Anything with my child’s picture on it is a definite preschool keepsake.

18. Cupcake Liner Flowers Card

If you’re not using cupcake liners in your crafts, you’re missing out. They help move projects along so quickly because you can make just about anything using these baking cups. This cupcake liner flower card from The Best Ideas for Kids is one of the cutest cards.

easy mothers day cards for kids

By layering a couple of different colors, you have a bright and cheery flower blossom that’s ready to put on a greeting card in seconds. Add popsicle stick stems and button centers to complete them. The cup card is a cute touch!

19. String Heart Yarn Cards

Show Mom your heart with a gorgeous string heart yarn card like this one from Hello Wonderful. This card encourages preschoolers’ fine motor skills with threading. If the small holes are too difficult for your child, make a larger version using a hole punch. This will allow them to thread the yarn through the hole using their fingers.

heart cards made with yarn

20. Turtle Card for Mother’s Day

You can’t go wrong with this adorable turtle card for pun-loving moms. The turtles are so simple to make using folded mini cupcake liners for the turtle shell. Make a whole family of turtles on the front of the card or just a mama turtle and her baby. What a cute idea from Coffee Cups and Crayons.

turtle themed mothers day card using cupcake liners

For more adorable animal activities, freebies, and craft ideas, check out my animal blog post!

21. Macaroni Art Cards

Designed for the artsy-craftsy mom, these macaroni art cards from Handmade Charlotte are full of wonder and whimsy. Who knew you could use various pasta shapes to make so many flower versions?

Using just cardboard, pasta, yarn, and glue, you’ll have a stunning piece of art to turn into a handmade card or to hang on the wall. These would be precious in a Spring theme or for your next preschool mothers day cards.

pasta art cards for mom

22. Handprint Cactus Card

Design a handprint cactus card that’s perfect for moms who love succulents, potted plants, or gardening. It’s a super cute card Mom will want to display all summer, long after Mother’s Day is done.

The child’s hand becomes a cute flowering cactus by drawing on spines with a marker and adding flower embellishments or flower stickers. This easy handprint craft from Simple Everyday Mom is a lovely option for grandmothers, too.

handprint cactus card for mom

Easy Homemade Mother’s Day Cards

23. Tissue Paper Flower Card

Turn sheets of tissue paper into delightful flowers that are ideal for adorning the front of a card. Buggy and Buddy also offers a printable worksheet that prompts kids to draw a picture of Mom and talk about their favorite memories with her. Cut out the boxes to put inside the tissue paper flower card.

tissue paper flower card

24. Stamped Flower Card

Bottle-stamped flowers decorate the front of this lovely card from Rainy Day Mum. Dip the bottom of a bottle into paint and start stamping! Add button centers, cut around the flower shapes and use them to decorate the front of a card. It’s an easy preschool Mothers Day card for preschoolers that incorporates stamping, cutting, and other fine motor skills.

card with bottle stamped flowers

25. Footprint Flower Card

Remember how small those feet are with a footprint flower card. Non-Toy Gifts shows how to make these darling preschool mothers day cards step by step. You’ll need a couple of flower punches to make quick work of the flower shapes.

Alternatively, you can always print out some flower outlines or draw them and cut them out instead. The footprint serves as the flower vase and opens up to reveal a heartfelt note inside. 

footprint flower card for mother's day

26. String Art Flower Cards

Hello Wonderful’s string art flower cards are a fantastic way to introduce kids to sewing. Large plastic sewing needles may be most suitable for preschoolers to use. An adult can provide a little help by poking the holes in the flower template first using a metal needle. Then, let the child work the plastic needle and yarn through the template.

string arts and crafts

27. Mom Photo Card

Nothing is more endearing to a mother than a photo of her child. Preschoolers can make these gorgeous Mom photo cards in minutes. The “Mom” template from Our Kid Things is easy to cut out and trace onto colorful construction paper. The flower shape serves as the frame for the photo, which makes it all the sweeter.

photo card for Mother's Day

28. Button Flower Art Card

Finally, this button flower art card from The Best Ideas for Kids is terrific for practicing pincer grasp. You can also work on color identification as the buttons are placed on the card. It’s a lovely choice for any mom in your kids’ lives, from Grandma to an auntie or friend who’s like a second Mom.

flower art made with buttons

In Conclusion

We hope you’ve found the perfect handmade preschool Mothers Day cards to make. A sweet, handmade card will surely hold a special place in Mom’s heart. Pin this list to come back to it year after year.

Be sure to also check out my newest Fathers Day crafts for kids to get a head start on cute gift ideas for dad.

collage of preschool mother's day cards kids can make

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