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Preschool Weather Activities

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I love teaching about the weather to kids because it’s a science concept that they already know SO much about. This makes it so much easier to build upon their knowledge and keep them engaged throughout the unit. This preschool weather activities themed unit is one of my favorites. I tend to put a heavier emphasis on reading and math throughout the year so it’s always fun to switch things up and add in some new subject areas, which is exactly what you get with these preschool weather lessons for kids.

weather lesson plan for preschoolers

Preschool Weather Activities

Now that you’ve seen the lesson plan that I use, let’s talk a little bit about the activities that you can do with your students. Here’s a few of my favorite ones:

Weather Syllable Activities

Preschool Weather Syllable Cut and Paste

Preschool syllable games are important in this age group because it helps build upon their phonemic awareness abilities. In this resource, I’ve included two ways to practice this skill. It includes a cut and paste activity as well as a clothes pin clip activity. Don’t have clothes pins? Have your kiddo circle the correct number of syllables or color in the circle with the right amount.

Weather Syllable Clothes Pin Clip

Weather Graph Activity

How fun is this weather graph? This is perfect for any primary classroom or for use at home. I love how you can use it to track the weather all week by simply observing the world around you and shading in the right box. Want to switch it up and turn it into a weather graph game? You’re in luck, this weather activity also comes with a dice so your little one can roll the dice and graph what they roll. Keep rolling and graphing until you have one entire row complete. Then extend your learning by discussing things like which row had more or less? Or how many more times you rolled the sun compared to the snow?

Weather Pattern Activities for Kids


Reading and creating patterns is so important for beginning mathematicians. This packet is wonderful because it allows you to differentiate between your kiddos who are just starting out with patterns, and those that are ready for trickier ones.

Preschool Weather Theme Ten Frames

Preschool ten frame. This comes with numbers 1-10

I try to incorporate a new set of ten frames in each of my units. Your students will love these specific ones because on top of using teeny tiny erasers, they’ll get to build the number with playdoh or pipe cleaners, and also practice their handwriting! I don’t know about you, but handwriting alone is a skill we will be working on for quite some time in my house hold. HA! Be sure you grab this free weather number mat activity today.

Preschool Name Activity

Every letter is included in this preschool name activity.

This weather name activity includes dotted tracing letters or blank raindrops to write your own letters on. Why stop at just your name though? This could be a great sight word activity to incorporate in your weather unit too!

Preschool Rhyming Activity

Phonemic awareness literacy center

This preschool rhyming activity is the perfect addition to any classroom literacy center. Simply match the rhyming picture cards together on the weather scene for tons of fun. For an added extension, you could have your students play this phonemic awareness game like a game of memory!

Preschool Counting Activity

Preschool counting activity to practice one-to-one correspondence

This is an easy way to assess counting with your preschoolers. Pull a random numbered card and see if your students can build it with the raindrops. Need more day to day practice? This is also perfect to laminate and throw in a center for daily use!


These are the perfect weather lessons and activities for preschool. We seriously have so much fun completing these each year, and now with the added science lessons I’ve added (not pictured here) they’re even better! Grab your copy of these Preschool Weather Activities HERE.

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