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Celebrate With The Best Preschool Graduation Program Ideas

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There are so many ways to celebrate your upcoming preschool graduation ceremony with my preschool graduation program ideas!

Creating a preschool graduation invitation is a beautiful keepsake you can use to invite family members and friends to join you for the big day. I like to use graduation caps and preschool graduation program ideas to help my little graduates celebrate on the big day too.

After all, preschool graduation ceremonies aren’t just important for parents and teachers, they’re extra special for all the children involved too!

The preschool years are a very important start to a child’s formal education. These years are filled with excitement and important cognitive developments your students will use for the rest of their academic careers. 

Finishing preschool is a big deal! Let’s celebrate this special moment in a child’s life with all kinds of fun ideas including special preschool graduation program ideas, personalized graduation caps, and photo opportunities for this important milestone.

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Preschool Graduation Program Ideas

Celebrating the end of preschool with a graduation ceremony is a wonderful way to help build your students’ confidence, mark their achievements, and encourage them to keep learning. There are so many fun ways to host a preschool graduation ceremony this year!

Check out my favorite printable preschool graduation program ideas to help you get started.

Little Graduate Crafts

Your preschoolers will love these Little Graduate Crafts! These printable crafts feature boys and girls with graduation caps and gowns your students can personalize for the occasion.

little graduates

Print these craft templates in your school’s colors or have your students design their paper preschool graduate cap and gown in their favorite color. 

These adorable preschool graduate crafts are cute cut-and-paste crafts that will help your students practice fine motor skills, get creative, and celebrate the big day. Plus, they make a wonderful keepsake for parents and grandparents too!

Preschool Diplomas

A diploma is a keepsake your preschool students and their families will treasure for years to come. Printing a Preschool Diploma with each student’s name is a special way to honor their achievements this year and encourage them to keep learning in the future too.

preschool graduation program ideas

My graduation certificates make it easy to create lasting memories for your students and add something extra special to your preschool graduation ceremony this year.

Preschool Graduation Ceremony Activities

There are so many ways to make your preschool graduation special! Check out some of my favorite preschool graduation ceremony activities to get a great idea that will make your celebration memorable for everyone!


Decorations are important for even the most formal ceremony. Preschoolers will love helping to create simple decorations for their own celebration. Plus, it’s an easy way to make your classroom look extra special for the big day!

Make graduation decorations extra special by adding your class year and individual student names or pictures to them.

Then, cut down on clean up by letting your preschoolers take home the decorations they have crafted as a keepsake. My printable little graduate crafts are the perfect way to get started decorating the preschool classroom.

Whether you’re celebrating with an official graduation ceremony or a classroom graduation program, decorations are a preschool graduation program idea we can all use to highlight our students’ achievements. Let’s make it fun and memorable for everyone!

Another preschool graduation program idea I really love is to decorate the room with your student’s favorite things. Let each child create their own poster of favorite things they’ve learned about this year and memories they want to share with everyone. Then celebrate and honor all those little moments on the big day.

Preschool Graduation Invitation Ideas

Sending out invitations to parents, grandparents, and friends is a great way to get everyone excited about the upcoming special event! Plus, you can practice handwriting and fine motor skills in the classroom with your preschoolers as you create these special preschool graduation invitation letters. 

Parents love handprint keepsakes and preschoolers love getting messy with fingerpaint. Creating adorable handprint keepsake invitations for each student’s parents and grandparents is an easy way to incorporate art, sensory play, and fine motor skill building in your graduation celebration this year.

The Best Preschool Graduation Song

Teaching your preschoolers to sing a song at your preschool graduation program is a beautiful way to showcase some of the things you’ve learned this year. Plus, it’s a lot of fun for kids and parents! Get everyone singing along and having fun with a few of my favorite preschool graduation songs! 

Let’s Graduate by The Kiboomers

We’re Moving Up To Kindergarten by Kindergarten Graduation

Boom Chicka Boom Graduation by The Learning Station

A Little Treat for Your Preschool Graduates

Finally, you’ll want to present your preschool students with a sweet treat to help them remember the day. I love the idea of giving preschoolers a class ring.

preschool graduation ceremony

Ring pops with a class year printable added to the packaging are a very cute way to reward your students for all their accomplishments this school year. They make awesome party favors for young children during this special time.

Graduation Day Speeches

Speeches are a big part of any graduation celebration. During your preschool graduation program there are opportunities to add speeches that will make the day more memorable for everyone. One idea is to have parents get up and say a few words about their preschooler before they receive their graduation certificate.

A preschool teacher can speak to their students and parents about all the memorable events in their preschool classroom and share their hearts during the graduation ceremony. Alternatively, teachers can work with preschoolers to help them prepare a few sweet words to say to everyone during the program.

Personalized Graduation Caps & Class Shirts

Are you looking for more preschool graduation program ideas to make the whole thing even more memorable and special for years to come? Try adding class memorabilia your students can keep. 

Have fun decorating graduation caps together! Then check out these DIY Preschool Graduation Caps for your big day. If your school is purchasing actual mortarboards, consider spending class time decorating them with fun personal touches for every student.

Another fun idea is to help your preschool students make their own class shirts. You can tie dye shirts or decorate with fabric markers. Let friends sign each others shirts or add each child’s name and the graduation year to make it extra special for them.

Consider setting up a photo booth with fun selfie props to make it easy for your preschool class to take photos with their friends. These photos will make great decorations for your celebration and special keepsakes for everyone to take home too.

So what do you think is the best way to celebrate a preschool graduation? Do you have any favorite preschool graduation program ideas I forgot to mention? Tell me all about it in the comments, I can’t wait to read them!

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