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20 Best Graduation Crafts for Preschoolers

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Preschool graduation is a special time for the children, their parents, and the teachers. It’s a time to celebrate a year of learning and all the hard work that the children have put in. There are many ways to commemorate this milestone, and one popular option is by hosting the best preschool graduation ceremony EVER! The kids can get in on the fun by making one or more of these graduation crafts for preschoolers.

Here, we explore several fun preschool graduation craft ideas that kids can make with help from their parents or teachers. We’ve also rounded up a few ideas that a preschool teacher or parents can make FOR their grads. 

Ready to commemorate this important milestone in your child’s life? Let’s dive in with these graduation arts and crafts for preschool.

collage of preschool graduation craft ideas

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Graduation Crafts Preschoolers Can Make

We’ll kick this list off with preschool graduation crafts that the kids can make to decorate the classroom bulletin board or take home to share with their families. They also make a wonderful keepsake to tuck away in their memory books. Many of the projects here come with templates or are simple enough that you can create a template yourself. Let’s get started!

1. Printable Graduate Craft

Our printable preschool graduation craft is easy to assemble and will make the CUTEST end of the year bulletin board in your classroom. The printable comes with a boy and a girl template that you can customize in your school colors. Add a cute tassel to the hat using a paper fastener or some glue! On the big day, let the children take their graduate crafts home.

graduation crafts for preschoolers

2. Graduation Cap Craft

Turn paper bowls, poster board, and yarn into a cute homemade graduation cap. It’s easy to make them in your school colors using a little paint and swapping out the blue paper for a different color.

The beads on the tassel are colorful and whimsical. We love every detail of this project from Stay at Home Educator.

graduation caps made out of paper bowls and poster board

3. Oh, the Places You’ll Go Craft

Although it isn’t graduation themed specifically, the Dr. Seuss book Oh, the Places You’ll Go is a popular gift for preschool graduations, so it follows that this hot air balloon craft from Our Kid Things is a terrific craft to make to decorate for their graduation ceremonies. 

oh the places you'll go craft

4. After I Graduate Craft

Looking at pictures of this “After I Graduate” craft from First and Kinder Blue Skies is sure to make you smile. Kids can model their paper figures after themselves, changing up their hair, skin color, and even the color of their caps, gowns, and shoes. Each one holds a sign that reads After I graduate, I want to… with a blank for the kids to fill in. Adorable!

preschool graduation crafts hanging up in classroom

5. Foam Graduation Cap

Powerful Mothering has a darling graduation cap craft that’s easy to replicate using craft foam, glue, scissors, and yarn.

graduation cap craft made with foam sheets

While you may not be able to find the black foam with the sparkly stars, you can always buy some glitter star stickers to add yourself to make it look like this version. Of course, plain black (or bright colors) will look fantastic, too. The caps are great for a photo booth idea at the party.

6. Printable Keepsake

Grab this printable keepsake from Fun Handprint Art. It’s one of the cutest end of the school year crafts we’ve seen, and it can be done with preschool graduates or even the younger children who aren’t ready for graduation yet.

One allows for the addition of the child’s portrait and is short and simple for kids to fill out. The other is a handprint craft where kids can fill in some of their favorite things at the bottom. Both are cute!

printable preschool keepsake

7. Paper Plate Grad Craft

Let the kids paint paper plates in the morning and then add facial features (eyes, cheeks, mouth) and hair in the afternoon.

Use the printable graduation cap outline to print off and cut out the caps, gluing yarn tassels on when everything is assembled. Each one is so stinking cute!

preschool graduate craft made with paper plates

Parents are sure to love them when they see these paper plate grad crafts from Eberhart’s Explorers.

8. Construction Paper Graduation Craft

This construction paper craft from Mrs. Williamson’s Kinders is definitely one for the scrapbook and will be a wonderful walk down memory lane later. Along with the self-portrait kids make of themselves in a cap and gown using construction paper, the craft also includes an actual photo of each child in the corner. Too cute!

girl graduate craft made with construction paper

9. Apple Tag Invitations

Make your child’s graduation invitations stand out with an apple tag like this one from Makes and Takes.

They’re super simple to make: slice an apple in half, dip it in red or green paint, and create a stamp on the paper. Cut it into a neat circle with a hole punched near the top for the ribbon. Tie it around the graduation invitations or the diplomas for a cute pop of color. 

diy diploma craft

10. Applesauce Graduation Treats

If you’re supposed to send something for the class to enjoy for their graduation, your preschooler can help put these adorable applesauce graduation treats together.

Add googly eyes, a paper cap, and a twine tassel. Glue a button or bead on top to wrap the tassel around. In just a few minutes each, you’re done.

graduation party snacks

11. Graduation Keepsake Poem

Make a cute keepsake that’ll bring smiles for years to come with this keepsake graduation poem from Fun Handprint Art. It’s a lovely way to remember those “sticky hands and big wet kisses” that disappear all too soon as kids get older. 

graduation poem handprint craft

12. Printable Graduation Bookmarks

Print out these animal themed graduation bookmarks from Handmade Charlotte for all the students in your class. Punch a hole in the top and let them use their fine motor skills to make tassels to add to complete the bookmark. 

printable grad bookmarks

13. Graduation Paper Craft

This simple graduation paper craft from Artsy Momma is a fun way for the kids to get in some scissor skills and use their creative thinking to create figures that look like themselves. The ribbon for a tassel is such a cute touch!  

paper graduate craft for kids

14. Graduation Picture Frames

Let the kids decorate some graduation picture frames like these from Design Improvised.

Provide glitter, confetti, glue, and pictures of the kids and their friends to make creative framed collages.

picture frames decorated by the graduates

Crafts to Make for Your Preschool Graduates

If you’re a teacher or a proud parent hosting a preschool graduation party, here are some super cute preschool graduation ideas that you can add to the party. From fun gifts to graduation themed snacks, the kids will love the cute details to make their end of the year party extra special.

15. Printable Preschool Graduation Certificate

Grab our free printable preschool graduation certificates to hand out to your preschool or kindergarten graduates. Personalize them with the child’s name, the name of the school, teacher’s name, and the date.

We have graduation diploma options for pre-K, preschool, prek 3, 4K, TK and kindergarten.

free printable preschool graduation certificates or diplomas

16. Class Rings Printable

Class rings are a big deal in high school, but you can do your own fun take on this for your preschooler children, too.

Use our class rings printable to add to individually wrapped ring pops for the entire class. It’s a sweet and simple way to mark the last day of school and celebrate those precious preschool days. 

printable class ring craft for graduation

17. Grinning Graduates Bulletin Board

We love this Grinning Graduates bulletin board idea from Lessons for Little Ones. Each grinning grad is holding up their favorite memory from the past year. The editable invitations are also adorable, leaving space at the bottom for kids to draw a picture of themselves inside the template.

preschool graduation bulletin board idea - grinning graduates

18. Graduation Cap Gift Card Holder

These grad cap gift card holders make a great preschool graduation gift! Follow the tutorial from Skip to My Lou to make one of your own.

Add a gift card to a local movie theater, bookstore, or ice cream shop to really make your little one’s day. 

gift card in diy graduation cap holder

19. Candy Cup Caps

Who wouldn’t enjoy one (or a few) of these cute and tasty candy cup caps from Bakerella at their big celebration on graduation day? It couldn’t be simpler.

Make the cap with a mini peanut butter cup and a square of chocolate. Then, add a candy tassel using a drop of melted chocolate to hold it on. Easy peasy. Your little graduates will love them.

graduation party snack idea

20. Graduation Jar

Upcycle any jar or bottle to make this graduation jar filled with money! This idea from Crafty Morning is too fun. The jar is filled with money rolled into tiny diplomas.

Any grad loves cash, even preschoolers, so this is a really fun gift for your own child, grandchild, niece, or nephew.

graduation gift idea

We hope that your child’s (or students’) pre-k graduation is a special moment filled with happiness and confidence in themselves and the new learning adventures that await them. Pin this post to come back to when you’re ready to make your end of preschool crafts.

collage of graduation crafts for preschoolers

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