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A little Easter fun!

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There are so many fun Easter activities and crafts you can do with kids that make learning fun and engaging.

Preschool Easter Worksheets

These preschool Easter worksheets are jam packed with loads of fun Easter activities to keep your kids busy all week long.

Easter math worksheets

Your students will focus on skills such as sorting, counting, one-to-one correspondence, shapes, number recognition, ordering numbers, graphing, and patterns with these fun Easter math worksheets for kids.

Easter printables for reading

This bundle also comes with a ton of fun Easter printables that focus on literacy skills such as identifying capital and lower case letters, handwriting, beginning sounds, spelling, syllables, and an Easter name activity.

Easter fine motor activities

Fine motor activities are vital for preschool students to master in order to do simple things such as write their name or button their pants. This Easter themed pack of worksheets comes with Easter fine motor activities to help improve hand muscle strength and build upon their fine motor skills through tracing, Play Doh mats, and cut and paste activities.

Easter Sight Word Activity

Take this Easter egg hunt sight word activity for example. I get a little too Eggsited about this one each year because of how much my students always love it. To play, you will need to fill eggs with magnetic letters that your students will unscrambled to make the sight words you’ve been working on. As your students find each egg they will work together in small groups to unscramble each word and write it on their worksheet.

This activity can definitely be differentiated for beginning readers (or mathematicians) as well. You can add a single letter in each egg for your students to copy on the worksheet or they could write the matching lower case/capital that goes with it. You could also put an object in each egg and have your students identify the initial sound to write down. The sky is the limit.

Easter activity for kids to practice sight words

Need More Great Sight Word Resources?

Click HERE for TONS more sight word resources for your students! Freebies included 😉

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