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St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Hunt Math Fun

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St. Patrick’s Day math activities can be a fun and easy way to engage reluctant learners this March. Embrace the magic and whimsy of the holiday with your little learners as you focus on all kinds of fun St. Patrick’s Day counting activities! 

I’ve got the perfect FREE printable activity for teachers and parents who want to practice fine motor skills, number recognition, and counting with their preschoolers this St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t miss the opportunity to go on a shamrock hunt with your preschool students!

This fun shamrock math activity is a great way to get kids up and moving around the room while practicing critical early math skills and developing fine motor skills they’ll need for handwriting too. Keep reading to discover how you can have a shamrock math hunt for St. Patrick’s Day and get the scoop on more St. Patrick’s Day counting activities for kids too.

St Patricks Day math activities

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FREE Shamrock Math Hunt Printable Activity

If you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate gross motor skills with St. Patrick’s Day math activities, this shamrock math hunt is the perfect activity for you! This FREE printable shamrock math activity will be a quick favorite with your students. 

st. patrick's day math activities

The best part is that it won’t require lots of teacher prep before class. Simply hang the included shamrock cards around your room and send the kids off on a shamrock hunt! As they find each card, your students will count the number of shamrocks and color in the correct number on the worksheet. 

Hands-On St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities for Kids

Embrace the spirit of the holiday with hands-on St. Patrick’s Day math activities that bring a little leprechaun magic to your lesson plans! I’ll share a few of my favorite engaging and educational math activities designed especially for little learners to help you get started. These St. Patrick’s Day counting activities will help your preschoolers develop a love for numbers and make lots of fun memories!

Lucky Charms Sorting

Each student will need a box of Lucky Charms marshmallows and small cups. Give each student a small cup filled with marshmallows. Then, have preschoolers sort the marshmallows by shape and color. 

Learning to group objects based on their properties is an important developmental milestone for preschool learners. Mastering this skill helps preschoolers learn problem-solving skills, and develop visual perceptual skills and memory skills. 

You can compare each student’s results on the whiteboard and use the information to create a class graph. Plus, this St. Patrick’s Day math activity makes a fun snack for the holiday too!

Rainbow Patterns

Kids love rainbows! They also love finding patterns in the world around them. Patterns help children understand change because they repeat logically. 

You can practice patterns with a fun hands-on St. Patrick’s Day rainbow pattern activity. First, create rainbow strips with construction paper. You can even engage your students in cutting out the rainbow strips to practice fine motor skills. 

Then, ask preschool students to continue the pattern by placing colored objects in the order of the rainbow. Rainbow counting bears are perfect for this St. Patrick’s Day math activity.

Numbered Leprechaun Footprints

Another one of my favorite hands-on St. Patrick’s Day math activities is all about leprechauns. Create leprechaun footprints with numbers on them. Then, place them around the room in random order and ask kids to hop from one footprint to the next in numerical sequence. 

This is the perfect math activity for encouraging healthy physical activity, practicing gross motor skills, and getting extra practice counting as well. 

Rainbow Number Line

Learning to use a number line can help preschoolers understand the relationship between numbers and make it easier to master skills like skip counting. This St. Patrick’s Day, create a rainbow on the floor with tape. Then, place numbered shamrocks along the rainbow and have students jump or walk to the correct shamrock. 

More St. Patrick’s Day Counting Activities for Kids

Need more fun St. Patrick’s Day counting activities for kids to enjoy this March? Check out more of my favorite no-prep printables for teachers and parents:

St. Patrick’s Day counting activities
shamrock math

St. Patrick’s Day Count and Cover

Shamrock Stack Roll & Cover

What are some of your favorite St. Patrick’s Day counting activities? Are you planning any shamrock math fun for your preschoolers this March? 

Share your favorite math activity ideas in the comments. I can’t wait to read them and try a few of your favorites with my preschool students too!

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