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Preschool Farm Theme Lessons

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Guys! Summer is HERE! Can you believe it? The school year felt like it had JUST begun, and it’s already came and went. I must’ve blinked. This summer I’ll be staying at home with my two sweet peas and loving on them allllll dayyyyyy longgggg! 🙂 My oldest (10) is super independent now but my youngest (2 1/2) is extremely “busy” 😉 and definitely still needs structure. In order to keep us both sane, I buckled down and created some themed activities to do with her for a little bit each day!
My goal for my youngest is to set a solid foundation for number sense and phonological awareness, all while learning through play. I really like the idea of themed lessons for preschool and kindergarten aged kiddos, so this first set of lessons are a farm theme!

Preschool Farm Activities

This toddler or preschool themed unit is designed to introduce your child to academic skills and concepts in an exciting way! The lessons are easy enough for a parent to complete with their child or in a toddler/preschool classroom.
Each of the 5 daily lessons include a reading or writing component, a fine or gross motor activity, a math activity, and a craft.

Reading or Writing Activities:

Uppercase and lowercase letters, beginning sounds, syllables, spelling, rhyming, read alouds

Math Activities:

One-to-one correspondence, ten frames, counting, measuring, patterns, shapes

Fine Motor Activities:

Playdoh rolling, tracing, scissor work, building with blocks, shape dot marker

Gross Motor Activities:

Sorting relays, sherades, sensory boxes, “wrangling” farm animals

Preschool Farm Crafts:

Masks, handprint art, fingerprint art, “muddy” mixtures

Syllable Silos

I saved 2 coffee can “silos” and attached numbers to each one. With this activity, we worked on reading the word (or saying the object in the picture) and sorting between 1 and 2 syllable words!

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor activities are super important to toddlers and this is a FUN activity to enhance those skills. I simply cut up some animal pipe cleaners and laid child sized tweezers and a magnetic wand to let baby girl choose from. She loved identifying the number and feeding the animals the appropriate amount of food. You can purchase a child size set of tweezers HERE and a magnetic wand HERE. I’m all about saving money, so if you don’t have these items lying around, a spoon or ice cream scoop with marbles would also work just fine.

Measuring Activities

Does anyone else have these Unifix Cubes ALL over their house? No? Just me? HA! We use these ALL the time for patterns, building towers, and measuring. You could totally use a ruler but my toddler finds non standard measuring much funner. These cubes are our go to measuring tools. Who needs a ruler when you can use buttons, paper clips, cubes etc. Don’t already have Unifix Cubes? Get your preschooler some HERE.

Gross Motor Skills

This activity was seriously SO fun for my toddler and SUPER simple for me #winning! I blew up some pink balloons and drew pig faces on them. You could improvise and choose different color balloons you have lying around the house to have various farm animals to wrangle up!
Start off by blowing up the balloons, drawing an animal face on each one, and scattering them around the house.
Let your little one loose and watch her excitement as she gathers up the animals and puts them back into their pins. We sang Old McDonald Had a Farm during this and then practiced counting all the pigs when we were done. Seriously, SO MUCH FUN!

You can find all of these activities and much, MUCH more HERE on my TeachersPayTeachers site!

If you have any specific skills or themes you’re wanting to get your hands on, send me an email or comment below! 🙂

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