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4 Easy Elf Crafts for Preschoolers to Make This Christmas

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Elf crafts for preschoolers make learning a lot more fun this December! Discover all my favorite printable paper elf craft ideas below. These easy elf crafts will help your preschoolers practice critical fine motor skills, build name recognition, and more.

Whether you’re looking for adorable elf crafts for preschoolers to decorate your classroom during the holiday season or festive keepsake elf crafts you can send home, you’re in the right place. I can’t wait to share all my favorite easy elf crafts with you!

Keep reading to discover opportunities for name practice with paper elf craft printables, adorable elf hats for preschool centers, and fun elf jobs kids can do in the classroom. You won’t want to miss all these easy elf crafts for preschoolers!

elf crafts for preschoolers

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Easy Elf Crafts for Name Practice

Learning to recognize, spell, and write names is one of children’s most important early lessons. When you learned to recognize your own name, you were catapulted into a world of literacy.

A child’s name is the most important word to them and learning it is the beginning of so many new and amazing academic skills.

When your preschoolers can recognize their written names, that’s amazing! Soon they’ll be ready to copy the letters in their names, scribble them out, and eventually write their names.

These easy elf crafts will help your preschoolers learn their names and get lots of practice writing and spelling them.

Christmas Light Elf Name Craft

Kids of all ages can have a great time creating these little elves! Included in my printable Christmas Light Elf Name Craft, you’ll get templates to make your very own elves for the Christmas season. 

elf name craft

Each boy or girl elf in this fun Christmas craft holds a strand of holiday lights featuring the letters of their names. These fun elf crafts are sure to get your preschoolers in the holiday spirit just before Christmas break!

Free Elf Legs Name Craft

Need another fun idea for teaching name recognition to your preschool students this winter? My adorable Elf Legs Name Craft comes with a free printable template students can use to make their own festive red and green elf stockings.

Then, preschoolers can use construction paper, crayons, and a glue stick to attach the letters of their own names in the correct order. 

easy elf crafts

Then, they’ll have their very own personalized stockings for Christmas elves! This free printable elf craft idea makes an excellent bulletin board or classroom decoration too.

Elf Name Craft Bookmark

I love reading aloud to my preschool students. That’s why one of my favorite Christmas crafts involves creating festive bookmarks we can use to mark our holiday read-aloud books. This Elf Name Craft Bookmark is so much fun for younger and older kids too!

paper elf craft

You’ll get a cute elf character printable you can attach to construction paper to form your own elf bookmarks. Then, use your new paper elf craft to mark your page in one of these festive holiday read-alouds:

Memoirs of an Elf by Devin Scillian

Elves are the Worst by Alex Willan

Mrs. Claus and the Evil Elves by Liz Ireland

Clarice Bean, Think Like an Elf by Lauren Child

Elf on the Shelf In Case of Elftastrophe by Chanda Bell

Fun Paper Elf Craft Hat for Preschoolers

One fun way to add Santa’s little helpers to your classroom at this time of year is to adopt an elf holiday preschool theme. The paper elf crafts above are some of the best elf crafts you can use to build name recognition, but there are lots of other cute little elf ideas you can add to your lesson plans for festive learning opportunities this December. 

elf crafts for preschoolers

Help each of your preschoolers make their very own elf hats to wear with my fun craft template. With my Elf Hat Craft, you’ll get the top of the hat and adorable elf ears to print.

You can print these pieces on colored paper and attach them to sentence strips to form easy elf hats kids can wear at the classroom Christmas party or as part of Santa’s Workshop role-play center in your classroom.

The best part is that preschoolers can personalize their elf hats with pom poms, candy canes, pipe cleaners, jingle bells, and other craft supplies. Then, have students take these cute elf hats home to wear for Christmas Eve with family and friends!

Extend the Lesson with Elf Jobs

Santa gets lots of help with all his Christmas chores from the elves at the North Pole. This holiday season, engage your preschool students with fun lessons that ask them to do the jobs of Santa’s elves.

These fun printable elf activities will encourage your preschoolers to practice literacy, numeracy, and fine motor skills all month long! 

This fun little project is filled with Christmas activities you can print and use in the classroom with very little prep time. Check out my favorite elf job worksheets for your classroom centers:

elf jobs for kids
Counting Christmas lights
Sensory bin idea for winter

Decorating Christmas Sweaters

Counting Christmas Lights

Jingle Bell Letter Sounds

Measuring Christmas Gifts

christmas math activities for preschool

What’s your favorite adorable elf craft to get in the Christmas spirit with your preschool students? Do you have any easy elf crafts I didn’t mention? 

Share your favorite elf crafts for preschoolers and great ideas in the comments. I can’t wait to read about your cute elf crafts and classroom activity ideas! 

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