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Preschool Learning Activities You Can Do At Home

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Recently, many of us have been pushed to learn how to do more from home. This trend has led us to think more about what we are capable of and how we do things. We have learned to work from home, attend classes at home, and so much more. 

This year, preschool teachers and parents of kids getting ready for preschool are thinking more about what can be done at home too. Can you do preschool at home? What do preschool activities at home look like? Keep reading to learn more about how you can do preschool learning activities at home.

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School at Home During the Pandemic

Preschool, like lots of other things, has changed a lot in the last two years. Many preschoolers are attending remotely. Remote learning has forced teachers to get really creative, especially when it comes to teaching wiggly preschoolers. 

Remote learning has affected parents too. Parents are taking a more hands-on approach to teaching their preschoolers all kinds of important early learning skills. All these changes are creating new questions for parents and teachers. More parents are thinking about how they can do preschool activities at home.

What Can You Teach Your Preschooler At Home?

The answer is everything. You can teach your preschoolers all kinds of things at home. Preschoolers learn best through play, so hands on activities are a great way to teach all kinds of important early learning skills. 

Before you know it, your preschoolers will be ready for kindergarten! Keep reading to discover all kinds of fun preschool learning activities you can do at home with your little learners.

Best Preschool Activities At Home

All day long your preschoolers are learning new things. There are lots of fun hands-on ways you can help your preschoolers learn the alphabet, handwriting, literacy, numeracy, and fine motor skills at home. Get ready to help your preschoolers use their imagination, creativity, and curiosity to learn new things with some of the best preschool activities you can do at home:

Fun Ways to Learn the Alphabet

Teaching the alphabet to preschoolers can feel like a challenge but there are so many fun ways to get the job done. Try a few of these preschool activities at home to teach your kids the alphabet in no time:

  • The ABC Song – teach your preschoolers to sing the alphabet song.
  • ABC Parking Lot – mark toy cars with alphabet letters and have your preschoolers park them in the correctly marked spots.
  • Magnetic Letters – magnetic alphabet letters are a fun way to explore letters through play.
  • Alphabet Letter Crafts – check out my fun uppercase letter crafts and lowercase letter crafts for another fun way to learn the alphabet.
uppercase alphabet crafts for kids

Hands-on Handwriting Practice

Check out some of the best preschool activities for building proper pencil grip and learning to write letters. My favorite way to begin is by teaching preschoolers to write their own names. Check out these fun ways to teach your preschoolers how to write:

my editable name book name tracing pages for kids
  • Preschool Name Book – check out my editable name book for lots of handwriting practice with your preschoolers.
  • Wikki Stix Letters – these bendable wax creations are perfect for forming letters.
  • Sidewalk Chalk Names – get kids outdoors for handwriting practice with chalk.
  • Sand Writing – writing letters in sand or salt is a fun sensory way to practice handwriting.

Numeracy Preschool Activities

Encouraging your kids to learn counting skills is an important part of early numeracy for preschoolers. There are lots of fun preschool activities you can use to teach early math skills at home. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Shape Activities – check out my favorite ways to teach shapes to preschoolers.
  • Sing Counting Songs – sing classics like One, Two, Buckle My Shoes to learn counting.
  • Playdough Number Mats – playdough counting mats are a fun hands on way to explore numbers and counting.
  • Roll and Cover Activities – a fun way to explore number identification and counting with dice and these cute printables.
teach your toddler shapes with these easy shape activities and printables

Literacy Preschool Activities

The best way you can encourage your preschoolers to be successful readers is by reading aloud to them every day. There are lots of great picture books you can read with your preschoolers at home this year. Check out the 25 Best Children’s Books of 2020 from The New York Times for some awesome suggestions. 

There are lots of fun hands-on preschool activities you can use to build literacy skills with your wiggly preschoolers too. Check out some of my favorite preschool learning activities for early literacy:

  • Alphabet Sign Game – point out letters of the alphabet on signs you see in your community. 
  • Parent Resource Guide to Reading – tips for building fluency, comprehension, and more preschool activities at home.
  • Beginning Sounds Stamp Activity – match stamp pictures to the beginning letter sounds on each envelope.
  • Songs and Nursery Rhymes – explore rhyming and build phonemic awareness with silly songs and classic nursery rhymes like Down By the Bay.

Preschool Activities for Science Learning Fun

There are so many fun science lessons you can teach your preschoolers with indoor activities and outdoor activities. Preschool is the perfect time to explore and investigate nature. Encourage your preschoolers to be curious and learn with these fun preschool activities at home:

Color mixing activity melting colored ice cubes. Fun way to teach colors.
  • Color Mixing Activity – learn about different states of matter and color mixing with this fun ice cube experiment and printable.
  • Bubble Making – make your own bubbles with water, dish soap, and corn syrup for some bubble blowing fun.
  • Nature Walks – go on a nature walk or mini-hike where your preschoolers lead the way.
  • Pumpkin Patch Dramatic Play – teach preschoolers about the pumpkin life cycle with this fun dramatic play center you can do at home.

Sensory Play Activities for Preschool Learners

Preschoolers learn best when they can use a combination of visual, auditory, and hands-on learning to master important skills. That’s why sensory play is a perfect preschool learning activity to do at home. Check out some of our favorite sensory preschool activities:

at home sensory bin ideas for kids
  • DIY Sensory Bin Ideas – including ideas for holidays and an awesome ocean inspired sensory play activity too.

Outdoor Preschool Learning Activities

I’ve already shared tons of preschool activities you can do at home with your kids this year. Many of the ideas are perfect for indoor or outdoor learning. Outdoor learning activities are important for preschoolers because they can help children to develop early motor skills, creativity, confidence, independence, and problem solving skills. Check out some of our favorite preschool activities for learning outside this year:

Nature Journaling

I promise, your kids are not too young to discover the wonders of nature. Take a trip to a local park, explore the woods, or just get out in your backyard. You’ll be surprised what your preschoolers can find as they explore nature with a magnifying glass or a set of binoculars. 

preschool activities at home

Take the time to hunt for mushrooms, watch a caterpillar, or note the colors of the local wildflowers. Then, encourage your preschoolers to draw what they find on your nature walk preschool activity. 

Mud Kitchen

Who doesn’t love a good mud pie? Making mud pies is a preschool activity that’s filled with learning and lots of messy fun too. Mud kitchens help kids develop social skills, learn to express themselves, and they’re great for building finger strength your preschoolers can use for handwriting later on.

You can create your very own DIY mud kitchen with found and recycled materials . Gather old pots, containers, and measuring cups for a fun outdoor preschool learning activity your kids will enjoy all year long! 

Not looking for a DIY option? Check out this wooden junior chef mud kitchen from TP Toys available on Amazon for an easy option your preschoolers can have lots of fun learning with this year.

DIY Obstacle Course

Get ready to bring out the inner ninja, superhero, or future olympian in your preschoolers with a backyard obstacle course. A few cones, hula hoops, jump ropes, and cardboard boxes can make for a really exciting DIY obstacle course. Completing an obstacle course will help your preschoolers develop gross motor skills while practicing balance and coordination too. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun!

preschool activities at home

If you don’t have a backyard space big enough for your obstacle course, consider taking your games to the local park or use sidewalk chalk to create an obstacle course in an empty parking lot or on the sidewalk in front of your home.

Classic Outdoor Play

Outdoor preschool learning activities are a fun way to encourage your preschoolers to get up and moving while learning all kinds of important skills too. There are so many fun ways to have fun outdoors with your preschoolers! Check out some of our favorite simple preschool activities for learning and playing outdoors this Spring and Summer:

  • Jump Rope
  • Riding a Bicycle or Tricycle
  • Playing Catch
  • Kickball
  • Relay Races
  • Scavenger Hunts

I hope all these great activity ideas have helped you think of fun preschool learning activities you can do with your little ones at home this year. There are so many ways to have fun learning through play! I’m sure you have even more fantastic preschool activity ideas I didn’t mention. Share your favorites in the comment section. I can’t wait to read them and try a few with my own preschoolers this year!

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