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Turkey animal report




Learn all about turkeys with this turkey animal report for kindergarten and first grade students. This is an easy informational writing unit for students to enhance their nonfiction reading and writing skills as they learn all about turkeys this Thanksgiving.

This nonfiction writing unit all about turkeys is simple enough for students to work independently on as they read a simple passage, collect facts, and complete their turkey animal reports.

What’s included in the Turkey Animal Report:

• A b/w cover students can decorate their turkey

• A simple passage with a photograph of the animal

• Fact collecting printable for students to draw or jot down facts they learned from the turkey passage

• Animal report worksheets (with and without sentence stems) students can practice writing their facts in complete sentences.

• Blank booklets with primary lines and space to draw for the turkey animal report

• Booklets with headings, primary lines, and space to draw for turkey research

• Map of the world students can color in to show where the turkey habitat is

Get the zoo animal bundle here with 6 animals included!

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