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Easy Reader Biography

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Do your students enjoy biographies as much as mine do? Each year I get so giddy when the biography unit is approaching. I love teaching my Littles about the struggles and achievements that occurred with some of our nations most historic figures. Since Amelia Earhart is apart of our TEKS here in Texas (plus she’s so gosh darn fun to learn about) I tend to start with her by using my easy reader biography.

We start off by activating our schema with a Brainpopjr video and then dive into this adorable easy reader biography. Each page is engulfed in facts along with kid friendly pictures that your students can later color. 

After learning all there is to know about Amelia, you can quiz your kiddos with these comprehension questions! Hellooooo easy grade!

Main idea can be a tricky topic to master so a main idea passage is also included in this set! Lucky you. 😉 Simply read the text, discuss the details, and identify the main idea. Easy peasy!


You can find all this and more HERE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!


Looking for Biography Lesson Plans?

Click here to get scripted biography lesson plans to launch your biography unit perfectly and seamlessly. These can be used with any person history!


  These lessons are based on a Readers Workshop type of lesson format. Guys, if you don’t live and breathe Readers Workshop day in and day out, you’re missing out! More importantly… YOUR STUDENTS are missing out! I can go on and on about this, but that’s for another post… 

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