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Christmas Light Christmas Counting Activity for Preschoolers

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I’m really excited about my latest Christmas counting activity! This Winter math activity is perfect for exploring counting skills and number recognition with your preschoolers this winter. Keep reading to get my new Christmas light winter number activities for preschool students and more awesome holiday light themed activities too.

Plus, I’ve got tips on how to teach counting skills and numeracy to your preschool students at home and in the classroom this winter. From silly math songs to crafts and great books to read aloud, you’re sure to find the perfect way to explore numbers and counting skills with your preschool learners.

Christmas counting activity

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Teaching Counting Skills this Christmas

Get your preschoolers ready for kindergarten math and beyond by teaching counting skills in your preschool classroom this Christmas. You can get started with some fun counting toys. Learning through play is a great way to introduce all kinds of numeracy concepts!

Playing games together, exploring toys like blocks, and using fun counters are all great ways to explore counting with students at home and in the classroom. Since young children learn best through play, adding numbers and counting to their toys is an easy way to introduce these skills.

Another fun way to explore counting with preschoolers is by counting every chance you get. There are so many things to count! I like to encourage my preschoolers to count objects we see every day like stairs, fruit snacks, and windows.

You can explore numbers and counting with great books this Christmas too. Some of my favorite counting picture books for Christmas include:

Ten Little Reindeer by Jonny Lambert

I Can Count to Christmas from B&H Kids

The 12 Bugs of Christmas by David A. Carter

Finally, try doing math-related crafts and Christmas counting activities together. I’ve got printable low-prep holiday math activities to help your preschoolers learn about numbers this winter.

Christmas Light Winter Math Activity

My newest Christmas counting activity is the perfect way to get creative as you learn about numbers and counting with your preschoolers this Christmas.

You’ll get printable Christmas light counters, a winter-themed holiday background printable, and number cards you can use to practice number identification and counting along with this fun activity.

Christmas counting activity

To increase the opportunities to build fine motor skills (and to make it more fun!) I like to swap out the printable Christmas light counters for holiday themed Candy Corn. They make this winter math activity so much more fun and tactile for preschoolers!

Plus, it gives your preschoolers a sweet treat to enjoy when they’re done.

More Christmas Light Activities 

Along with this Christmas counting activity, I’ve got a FREE Printable Christmas Light I-Spy Activity you can use to explore letters and letter sounds with your preschoolers. Plus, it makes a really cute craft for decorating your holiday tree this year!

christmas match activity

What’s your favorite way to teach counting skills to preschoolers this winter? Share your favorite winter math activities in the comment section. I can’t wait to read them and try some of your favorites in my classroom too!

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